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It's Time for the 18th Annual
Philadelphia International Children's Festival

Exclusively for Penn Faculty, Staff and Their Families: A Special Children's Festival Event--Wednesday, May 1 from 5:30 to 8 p.m.

The Drummers of Brazza: Emile Biayenda and his troupe of drummers and dancers from the
Republic of the Congo weave the traditional rhythms of their ethnic heritage with American jazz, rap and hip-hop into an energetic show of explosive percussion, passionate song and acrobatic dance. They are part of the Philadelphia International Children’s Festival Opening Night show.

You and your family are invited to the fourth annual Philadelphia International Children's Festival Opening Night Picnic and Performance for Penn Faculty and Staff. On Wednesday, May 1, enjoy a picnic beginning at 5:30 p.m. with the Phillie Phanatic on the Annenberg Center's Outdoor Plaza, followed by the 7 p.m. Opening Night Performance hosted by NBC 10's Renee Chenualt-Fattah and featuring performances by a variety of Festival artists.

Tickets for both the picnic and performance are only $6, and are limited. So call (215) 898-3900 or stop by the Annenberg Center Box Office and purchase your tickets today. When you purchase Opening Night tickets, you'll receive a special 2-for-1 ticket voucher good for free tickets to performances by Tomas Kubinek and The Drummers of Brazza on Sunday, May 5.

At this year's Children's Fesitval, you'll see the wacky duo Smythe & Saucier in Circo Comedia; the magical lunacy of Tomás Kubínek; The Drummers of Brazza from the Republic of the Congo; Emmy Award-winning children's folk singer Tom Chapin; the amazing Cashore Marionettes; Matthias Kuchta and his puppets in Snow White; captivating theatre for children, including Walking the Tightrope, Martha, and Matthew & Stephen; Philly's favorite team of Give & Take Jugglers, musical duo Ernie & Neal; the charming storytelling of Cynthia Joba; plus international craft-making, food and much more!

For more information, visit If you would like a brochure, please e-mail your campus address with your mail code, to Roy A. Wilbur at

Special thanks to University Square, Penn Business Services, ARAMARK, Krispy Kreme, White Dog Cafe, McDonald's, and The Phillies for helping to make the Festival's Opening Night events possible.

--Michael Rose, Managing Director, Annenberg Center/PENN Presents

Almanac, Vol. 48, No. 31, April 23, 2002


April 23, 2002
Volume 48 Number 31

James Wilson, director of IHGT, is stepping down as institute broadens it focus.
The School of Dental Medicine and the School of Nursing each recognize four of their finest for excellence in teaching.
The guidelines for faculty and staff salary increases for 2002-2003 stress merit and performance as the basis for any increases.
An invitation to commencement is extended to the University community.
The deaths of two former deans (Wharton & GSFA), an emeritus professor and an emeritus trustee.
University Council committee reports on the agenda for Wednesday's meeting include: Personnel Benefits, Recreation and Intercollegiate Athletics, and International Programs.
The Penn Reading Project has chosen the text for the incoming freshmen class; faculty members are encouraged to lead a small discussion group in September.
The A-3 Assembly seeks volunteers (weekly-paid employees) to serve on the Executive Board; 20 positions are available.
Penn faculty and staff are invited to the Children's Festival Opening Night Picnic and Performance, as well as a lunchtime party at the Museum to celebrate its new wing and courtyard garden.
The schools announce their graduation ceremonies and speakers.