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A-3 Assembly

Call for Nominations: Board Members and Officers for 2002-2003

The A-3 Assembly is the representational body for all full-time, weekly-paid (non-exempt) employees. The A-3 Assembly's primary goal is to represent the interests of its membership throughout all segments of the University of Pennsylvania community. In addition to inviting nominations for the positions named below, the A-3 Assembly seeks volunteers to serve on the Executive Board. The Executive Board consists of 20 weekly-paid employees and serves as the elected official voice of the A-3 Assembly. The A-3 Assembly accomplishes its mission by:

1. Establishing a non-exempt employee-based support mechanism to help employees with job-related issues and provide appropriate resources to assist,

2. Create a supportive network to work toward achieving the University's goals and objectives and enhance the status of all staff.

3. Provide speakers from the University community to provide information to address the needs and concerns of non-exempt employees.

4. Offer programs to enhance non-exempt employees' skills and development.

All weekly-paid employees are invited to self-nominate or submit names for consideration to Troy Odom; e-mail: or phone:( 215) 573-9235 no later than Monday, May 6, 2002.

Executive Board Members: 20 positions are available. The Executive Board Members participate in Executive Board meetings, and can serve on other University committees. From the membership of the Executive Board: the following positions will be elected for the coming year 2002-2003:

Chair: The Chairperson is the principal executive officer, who calls meetings, prepares agendas, presides over meetings, and provides leadership and representation at the University Council and other meetings.

Vice-Chair: The Vice-Chairperson is the second executive officer of the A-3 Assembly. The Vice-Chairperson shall be the primary advisor to the Chairperson in University matters. In the temporary absence of the Chairperson, the Vice-Chairperson shall assume all duties and responsibilities otherwise handled by the Chairperson.

Secretary: The Secretary is the third executive officer of the A-3 Assembly. The Secretary is responsible for all routine correspondence of the Board. The Secretary acts as Chief communications officer for the A-3 Assembly.

Treasurer: The Treasurer is the fourth executive officer of the A-3 Assembly. The Treasurer shall be held accountable and responsible for handling the finances and maintaining all financial records of the Board. Such records should be made available for audit upon request from the Board.

The home department and campus extension of the nominee should be included along with a brief bio (position, length of service, etc). A supporting statement can be included, if desired. The current Executive Board will compile the names and contact the nominees. A list of candidates will be prepared and distributed to the A-3 Assembly membership prior to the election to be held on May 22, 2002 from noon-1p.m. in the Bishop White Room, 2nd Floor Houston Hall.

Questions on the nominating and election process can be directed to Troy Odom at e-mail: or phone: (215) 573-9235.

--Troy Odom, Chair, A-3 Assembly

Almanac, Vol. 48, No. 31, April 23, 2002


April 23, 2002
Volume 48 Number 31

James Wilson, director of IHGT, is stepping down as institute broadens it focus.
The School of Dental Medicine and the School of Nursing each recognize four of their finest for excellence in teaching.
The guidelines for faculty and staff salary increases for 2002-2003 stress merit and performance as the basis for any increases.
An invitation to commencement is extended to the University community.
The deaths of two former deans (Wharton & GSFA), an emeritus professor and an emeritus trustee.
University Council committee reports on the agenda for Wednesday's meeting include: Personnel Benefits, Recreation and Intercollegiate Athletics, and International Programs.
The Penn Reading Project has chosen the text for the incoming freshmen class; faculty members are encouraged to lead a small discussion group in September.
The A-3 Assembly seeks volunteers (weekly-paid employees) to serve on the Executive Board; 20 positions are available.
Penn faculty and staff are invited to the Children's Festival Opening Night Picnic and Performance, as well as a lunchtime party at the Museum to celebrate its new wing and courtyard garden.
The schools announce their graduation ceremonies and speakers.