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Speaking Out

Regarding National Security

In response to President Judith Rodin's letter to United States Senator Diane Feinstein concerning student visas, it is time to restrict, to investigate those students from abroad who choose to attend a college or a university in the United States. The United States government, via the INS, and the FBI should be able to investigate and deny those potential students who are found with questionable backgrounds. Remember several students who are Middle-Eastern descent or other South Asian individuals were linked to the highjackers at the University of San Diego under the guise of students.

It is time for the INS and the FBI to institute a foreign student tracking system and put in place the necessary infrastructure to detect foreign students who have violated the terms of their visas. Furthermore national security in the wake of what happened on September 11, 2001, should take a front row seat instead of the concern of attracting students and to disregard the law. Too many times--universities and colleges thumb their noses at the law concerning students of foreign backgrounds. Too many times these students decide to slip into society. It is time to stop it!

--Charles P. King, Jr., Facilities Services, Environmental Services

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Almanac, Vol. 48, No. 8, October 16, 2001


October 16, 2001
Volume 48 Number8

The grand old Quad will have three new College Houses when renovations are complete next fall.
Getting around University City will be easier for pedestrians and motorists thanks to new signage.
A $6.7 million NIH grant has been awarded to the Institute for Medicine and Engineering.
President Rodin will receive the Beacon Award at the upcoming celebration of 125 Years of Women at Penn.
Professor Peter Stallybrass will receive the MLA's Lowell Prize for most outstanding literary or linguistic study.
La Casa Latina: the Center for Hispanic Excellence has a new director.
The ICA has a new director of marketing and communications.
A new Entrepreneur in Residence program gives students a chance to meet and mingle with experienced entrepreneurs.
Research in the social and behavioral sciences involving human subjects must be reviewed by Penn's Institutional Review Board.