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More College House Appointments

Just as fall signals both tradition and change on campus, the College Houses undergo their annual ritual of renewing commitments and creating new ones. According to Director David B. Brownlee, 10 of the 12 current Faculty Masters and House Deans are returning.

Dr. Dennis DeTurck, chair of the math department, will serve for one year as interim Faculty Master of Stouffer College House for Dr. Philip Nichols who is on academic leave. Dr. DeTurck is a nationally recognized leader in interdisciplinary math/science programs with an integrated calculus/physics course to his credit in addition to being the principal investigator of the major NSF-funded project, the Middle Atlantic Consortium of Mathematics and its Applications throughout the Curriculum, which EPADEL featured at its 1998 spring meeting at Villanova. In addition to his traditional teaching responsibilities, Dr. DeTurck has taught in the pre-freshman Penn Summer Science Academy, he has been a pioneer in web-based distance learning, and he has spearheaded two major partnerships with public schools in West Philadelphia. He completed his undergraduate degree at Drexel and his Ph.D. at Penn.

Dr. Srilata Gangulee, currently an Assistant Dean for Academic Advising in the College of Arts and Sciences, is appointed to Harrison College House as a Senior Fellow. Dr. Brownlee also noted the addition of Alton C. Strange, a longtime graduate associate in Du Bois. Mr. Strange is now the House Dean of Spruce College House.

Dr. Srilata Gangulee has been at Penn since 1994, serving first as an advisor in the Office of International Programs and then as an Assistant Dean for Advising in the College of Arts and Sciences. Before coming to Penn, she was a financial program coordinator at Bryn Mawr College (1985-1994). Dr. Gangulee holds an M.A. in economics from the Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy, Tufts University, and a Ph.D. in economics from New York University. She has taught economics at the Ecole Active Bi-langue in Paris and New York University, and served as a reader for a research project on international communism at MIT. Her academic interests focus on welfare economics and sustainable development. Each fall for the last six years at Penn, she has taught a course on the economics of immigration that analyzes the impact of transnational Asians on the economies of their home/old and host/new countries. Her publications include articles in the Tata Energy Research Institute (TERI) Journal and Journal of Comparative Economics. She has participated in several conferences, among them the TERI Conference on Sustainable Development in February, 2001 in New Delhi, India; the 1999 Conference of the Association for Asian American Studies in Philadelphia; and one at the United Nations on economic development in New York in 1997. She works closely with Penn's Puente Group for Crossing the Digital Divide, and she is a founder of The Bengali School of Philadelphia.

Alton C. Strange has been a member of the Penn community since 1994. He received a B.A. in history from Morehouse College in 1991 and is currently a doctoral candidate at GSE where his primary research focus is in career development for non-college-bound high school students. Most recently, Mr. Strange has coordinated the Penn Pre-Freshman summer program within the Department of Academic and Support Services. He has also been a Graduate Associate at the W.E.B. Du Bois College House since 1997. Mr. Strange has taught under many programs and served as a presenter at the 1999-2000 Urban Ethnography Conference at Penn. For the past three years, he has been a co-coordinator of the Coca-Cola Mentorship Project which assists University City High School seniors in developing career and educational goals after graduation. Also at Penn, Mr. Strange was a facilitator for the Coping Skills program at Shaw Middle School (1998); for the Multicultural Project on Diversity and Race Relations (1996); and a career consultant for the Center for Community Partnerships from 1996-97. In 1994, he taught for Project C.A.R.E.S. at Georgia State University and the Clifton Child Care Center at Emory University's Center for Disease Control. Mr. Strange also served as a student leader in GSE's Association of African-American Graduate Students from 1994-96.

Almanac, Vol. 48, No. 6, October 2, 2001


October 2, 2001
Volume 48 Number 6

Dr. Lerman appointed associate director for Cancer Control and Population Science and director of the Tobacco Research program at the Leonard & Madlyn Abramson Family Cancer Research Institute
$2.1 million grant to introduce advanced security features into standard office PCs.
Dennis DeTurck, Srilata Gangulee and Alton Strange will serve the Colleges Houses this year.
The new director for public serves at the Library is Sandra Kerbel.
Wharton as appointed Steven Oliveira as associate dean for External Affairs.
UCD has announced it's new executive director.
Deadlines are announced for Pilot and Feasibility Grants, Trustees' Council Grants, Robert Bosch Fellowships and Luce Scholars Program
Year-end Council reports: Community Relations; Facilities; Personnel Benefits; Pluralism; Quality of Student Life; and Safety and Security.
A new Temporary Staffing Services has a new vendor; EHRS has Training for October and Annual Tuberculosis Screening is now available.
Steinhardt Hall, the new Hillel Center breaks ground.