COUNCIL Coverage

At the February 21 University Council meeting, President Judith Rodin referred to the outcome of the previous week's Trustees' meeting and said Penn will "forge a new direction" for the Health System, consistent with the University's mission. She also thanked the Council Facilities Committee and everyone who helped to shape the Campus Development Plan (IN THIS ISSUE) which will guide Penn in the coming decades. President Rodin praised benefactors George Weiss (Almanac February 6) and Charles Williams (Almanac February 20) for their latest generosity. She also noted that the Left Bank's recent dedication and the Penn Children's Center exemplify a "wonderful reuse of an old warehouse" and is a reanimation toward the east.

Provost Robert Barchi said that his Fireside Chats in Houston Hall, with students have raised provocative issues and he anticipates more such gatherings. He mentioned the Provost's Council on Arts and Culture as well as the recently formed Committee on Music to enhance the cultural life on campus.

Steering Chair Larry Gross said that the five finalists for the Vice President for Safety and Security will soon meet with the Faculty Senate Chairs and many others as the selection process is narrowed down. He said that as of the next Council meeting, the Status Reports will be distributed to Council members via e-mail, on an experimental basis, rather than having them presented at the start of the meeting. This would allow more time for presentations and discussion.

GAPSA Chair Kyle Farley said they will be participating in the March 24 UC Green tree-planting project and Christmas in April.

UA Chair Michael Bassik said they too are participating in the UC Green project, as well as a Blood Drive, a PACE Race to support the Drew School, UniversityDays, and a Town Hall, February 28 on the state of minority affairs at Penn.

Adam Sherr reported that PPSA will have a session on April 4 concerning fire and safety tips. Regina Cantave reported that the A-3 Assembly's next brown bag lunch will deal with self-evaluation.

The UA's Report on the allocation of their Council membership indicated that they will retain 11 of their 15 seats and relinquish the other four--with one to the chair of NEC and the remaining three to undergraduate organizations that apply. Will Harris called the plan a creative and constructive approach to fostering diverse representation.

Laurie Olin presented a visual tour of the Green Space component of the Campus Development Plan. He said that it was 25 years ago next month that landscape architects became involved in Penn's campus planning, which is built from the center outwards. He said that the new plan intends to increase the amount, quality and access to green spaces such as recreation areas, gardens and courtyards.

The University Committee on Changes to the Family Education and Privacy Act (Almanac November 2, 1999), led by Dr. Richard Beeman, discussed the FERPA changes and will issue a report later, after more analysis of the options available to the University. They presented some of the considerations in determining how much information, if any, to release about students in certain cases.

Almanac, Vol. 47, No. 24, February 27, 2001