2001 Models of Excellence Awards


Dear Members of the Penn Community,

We are pleased to announce the 2001 Models of Excellence award winners. The Models of Excellence program, introduced last year by Human Resources, is designed to support the values of the University; to provide models of outstanding accomplishment for emulation; and to offer an opportunity to honor, award, and celebrate outstanding staff member achievements.

A committee of Penn leaders selected the award winners from among 142 staff members nominated for recognition by their peers, colleagues, and managers. Selections were based on significant contribution to the University, above and beyond job expectations, which embodied the excellence criteria for this program:

  • Development and implementation of practices, procedures and policies that creatively support and further the University's mission;
  • Application of innovative and proactive leadership in challenging circumstances;
  • Extraordinary service to key constituencies;
  • Substantial cost-savings, and;
  • Establishment of relationships within and/or outside of the immediate organization which enable goals to be met that would be impossible otherwise.

In April, we will distribute a publication providing more information about these achievements. Please take careful note of these achievements. Many can be replicated and we encourage you to consider their applicability in your work area. At the very least, we hope that the creativity, proactive leadership, service, cost-savings and relationship building demonstrated by these staff members will serve as models for your actions at Penn.

On April 3, an award ceremony and reception will be held in honor of the award winners. The Models award winners will receive a symbol of appreciation and a $500 monetary gift. Individuals identified for Honorable Mention will receive a symbol of appreciation and a $250 monetary gift.

Please join us in congratulating your colleagues.

Judith Rodin, President  Robert Barchi, Provost  John Fry, Executive Vice President 


Models of Excellence Award Winners

1. For initiating and supporting physics and astronomy outreach educational activities for high school students and teachers, on a local and national level:

  • Bill Berner, Lab Services Assistant, Department of Physics and Astronomy.

2. For utilizing customized listserv and e-mail communications to provide a proactive round-the-clock, immediate-response source of career support for Penn undergraduates, graduate students, and alumni, the members of the Career Services Office:

  • Patricia Rose, Director;
  • Chandlee Bryan, College Counselor;
  • Andy Coopersmith, Pre-Med Counselor;
  • Peggy Curchack, Associate Director;
  • Genny Dunne, Associate Director of Nursing, Education, and Social Work;
  • Christiana Fitzpatrick, Counselor;
  • Sharon Fleshman, Wharton Counselor;
  • Mary Morris Heiberger, Associate Director;
  • Barbara Hewitt, Associate Director for Wharton;
  • Rosette Pyne, Associate Director;
  • Julie Schutzman, Counselor;
  • Leslie Trimble, Engineering Counselor;
  • Michele Taylor, Associate Director;
  • Julie Miller Vick, Graduate Counselor.

3. For increasing the effectiveness, financial viability, and competitiveness of the Combined Degree and Physician Scholar Program of the School of Medicine:

  • Maggie Krall, Associate Director, Combined Degree and Physician Scholar Program; and
  • Nam Narain, Associate Director for Finance and Data Management, School of Medicine.

4. For initiating innovative public safety programs and proactive activities to enhance relations between the Penn campus and the surrounding community, the following members of the Division of Public Safety:

  • Margaret O'Malley, Patrol Sergeant, University of Pennsylvania Police;
  • Joseph Fischer, Corporal, University of Pennsylvania Police;
  • Stacey Livingston, Police Officer, University of Pennsylvania Police.

5. For applying innovative and extraordinary leadership and service for the many central and auxiliary functions of Campus Services and its associated units:

  • Nancy McCue, Project Manager, Campus Services, Business Services.

6. For extraordinary health advocacy and service as a key link between the Southwest Philadelphia community and the School of Nursing's Health Annex:

  • Lorraine Thomas, Outreach Coordinator, Health Annex of the School of Nursing, Penn Nursing Network.

7. For extraordinarily innovative and impacting leadership in meeting the academic computing needs of the GSFA, the SAS, and the SEAS:

  • Ira Winston, Information Technology Executive Director, GFSA, SAS, SEAS.

Honorable Mention

1. For contributing to the development of BEN Reports, a web-based reporting environment that enables quick, self-service access to financial information, salary, protocol and grant status reports, members of the BEN Reports Team:

  • Marianne Achenbach, Director, Office of Research Support Svcs., Med. School;
  • Kelly Ardis, Administrative & Financial Officer, Vet. School;
  • Evelyn Balabis, Associate Director, Research Svcs.;
  • Roxanne Bataitis, Associate Director, Financial Systems, Office of the Comptroller;
  • Lloyd Bowman, Programmer Analyst, Med. School;
  • Suzanne Burke, System Administrator, Office of the Comptroller;
  • Marion Campbell, Senior Project Leader, ISC;
  • Anne Campbell, Director, Budget & Decision Support, SAS;
  • Jeanne Curtis, Executive Director, Data Administration, ISC;
  • Tad Davis, Senior Systems Analyst, ISC;
  • Mary DeSalvo, Manager, Finance & Administration, Med. School;
  • James Hull, Database Administrator, ISC;
  • Anita Juni, Senior Programmer Analyst, ISC;
  • Edda Katz, Director, ISC;
  • Victoria Kostinsky, Programmer Analyst, ISC;
  • Jay S. Levin, Manager of Systems Development, Med. School;
  • Trevor Lewis, Controller, Wharton School;
  • Janet Lind, Manager, Med. School;
  • Sophie Luzecky, Senior Business Administrator, SAS;
  • Vicki McGarvey, Administrative & Financial Officer, School of Social Work;
  • Lynn Meaney, Director, Planning & Reporting, Med. School;
  • Amy Miller, Data Analyst, ISC;
  • Jim Moran, Director, Office of Compliance, Med. School;
  • Barbara Murray, Manager, Financial Training, Division of Finance;
  • George Musonge, Financial Analyst, Senior, Office of the Vice Provost for University Life;
  • Rosey Nissley, Senior Systems Analyst, ISC;
  • Steven Novkovic, Programmer Analyst, ISC;
  • Robert O'Malley, Senior Systems Analyst, ISC;
  • Susan Passante, Director, Sponsored Program Svcs., Med. School;
  • William Ramirez, IT Director, ISC;
  • Jim Riley, Senior Training Specialist, Division of Finance;
  • Robert Sadoff, Financial Analyst, Vet. School;
  • Steven Semenuk, Senior Budget Analyst, Office of Budget & Management Analysis;
  • Daniel Sheehan, Information Technology Director, ISC;
  • Stephen Stines, Director, Financial Systems, Office of the Comptroller;
  • Todd Swavely, Project Leader & Associate Director, Research Svcs.;
  • Michael Trout, Systems Programmer, ISC;
  • Stuart Watson, Assistant Director, Data Administration, Research Svcs.;
  • Paul Weidner, Director, Financial Training, Division of Finance;
  • Jennifer Yuan, Penn Public Talk Project, Med. School.

2. For creating Campus Express, a web-based, real-time one-stop shopping approach for delivering student administrative services such as housing assignments, parking information, meal contracts, and communication systems, the members of the Campus Express Team:

  • Humsini Arakali, Project Coordinator, Business Svcs.;
  • Christopher Bradie, Director, Information Technology Svcs., Business Svcs.;
  • Peggy Butterworth, Data Analyst, ISC;
  • F. David Carroll, Senior IT Support Specialist, Business Svcs.;
  • Damone Clayter, Supervisor, Mail Svcs.;
  • Joanne Confalone, Senior Accounting Clerk, Transportation & Parking;
  • Chris Cook, Assistant Director, Student Telephone Svcs.;
  • Mihaela Farcas, Director, Off-Campus Living;
  • John Gustafson, Assistant Manager, Transportation & Parking;
  • Lynn Horner, Director, Campus Card Svcs., Campus Svcs.;
  • Amy Johnson, Director, External Relations, Business Svcs.;
  • Eileen Joseph, Coordinator, Penntrex Student Telephone Service;
  • Nancy McCue, Project Manager, Campus Svcs.;
  • Ellen Rosenblatt, Data Analyst, ISC;
  • Lynn Rotoli, Marketing Manager, Housing & Conference Svcs.;
  • Adam Sherr, Associate Director, Graduate Academic Affairs, School of Nursing;
  • Ed Smith, Senior Systems Analyst, ISC;
  • Celeste Stewart, Senior Electronic Publications Specialist, ISC;
  • Amilynn Swantkowski, Project Coordinator, Campus Card Svcs.;
  • Sugirtha Vivekananthan, Meal Plan Administrator, Campus Dining.

3. For facilitating the development of "PlantGenix," an innovative model for faculty and alumni cooperation for identifying technology transfer opportunities for natural and social sciences:

  • Jean-Marie Kneeley, Vice Dean for External Affairs, SAS.

Models of Excellence Selection Committee

Robert L. Barchi, Provost
John A. Fry, Executive Vice President
Regina Cantave, Administrative Assistant, ISC; Chair, A-3 Assembly
Kurt Conklin, 2000 Models of Excellence Winner; Health Educator, Office of Health Education, VPUL
Susan Croll, Executive Director, Med School Administration
Siddharth M. Deliwala, 2000 Models of Excellence Winner; Manager, Electrical Engineering Instructional Lab., SEAS
Larry Gross, Professor, Communications, Annenberg School for Communication; Chair, Faculty Senate
Beth Hagovsky, Vice Chair, PPSA; Assoc. Director, Student Affairs, Wharton Undergrad. Division
Valerie Hayes, Executive Director, Office of Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Programs
Jack Heuer, Vice President, Human Resources
Serita Lewis, 2000 Models of Excellence Honorable Mention; Administrative Assistant, The MBA Admissions and Financial Aid Team, Wharton School
Harbir Singh, Edward H. Bowman Professor of Management; Chair, Management Department, Wharton School
Marie Witt, Assoc. Vice President, Business Svcs.
Ex Officio: Marilyn Kraut, Manager, Quality of Worklife Programs, Human Resources

For more information about the Models of Excellence Program, see www.hr.upenn.edu/quality/models/default.htm.

Almanac, Vol. 47, No. 24, February 27, 2001