May 18/25, 1999
Volume 45
Number 33


Antillean Couple

Coming to campus this summer as the first outdoor art in Sansom Common is Antillean Couple (above), a 15-foot-tall cast bronze created in 1957 by Agustin Cárdenas, a Cuban sculptor whose work is found in many major museums.

It will stand atop a 36"x 48" granite base at 36th and Sansom Streets.

The work is a gift of GSFA Overseer Jeffrey H. Loria and his wife, Sivia. Mr. and Mrs. Loria are also giving Penn a Robert Indiana LOVE sculpture in polychrome red, blue and green, to stand where Tony Smith's We Lost is now located. We Lost will be removed for restoration and will have a new site on its return.

 New Parking Rates for FY2000-and Tax Relief Options

A comprehensive report on parking and transportation at Penn shows parking rate increases starting September 1, but outlines ways to offset the increases through tax relief in parking--and announces the advent of a service called LUCY.

Outsourcing the Management of Dining Services

Effective June 10, twenty managerial/support positions of the Penn Dining Services will be transferred from the University rolls to Bon Appétit, the California-based firm designated last year to develop food services for Perelman Quad and more generally to consult on the restructuring of campus dining.

Three managers are to be retained on the Penn staff: Peg Lacey as Managing Director, Pam Lampitt as Director of Administrative Services, and Adam Sherr as Meal Contract Coordinator. The other twenty are being interviewed for positions with Bon Appétit, said Dr. Larry Moneta, the Associate Vice President for Business Services where Dining Services are lodged. Some 130 food service workers who are members of AFSCME Local 54 will also continue as University employees, under the supervision of Bon Appétit managers.

" The primary reason for contracting with Bon Appétit for dining management is to improve the quality of our board dining program," said Dr. Moneta. "While in the long run, we may experience cost reductions and new revenues--from increased board sales--our current motivation for working with Bon Appétit is to experience improved food preparation and service."

A statement from Dr. Moneta gives additional details of the transfer.

Monitoring the Use of CCTV

Vice President Tom Seamon of Public Safety has forwarded the membership of the first CCTV Panel set up to monitor the implementation of the Closed Circuit Television Policy discussed at University Council in January and published Of Record in Almanac April 13. As provided in the policy, members are chosen by constituencies. They are:

  • Dr. Sean Kennedy, Associate Professor of Anesthesia/Med, Chair
  • Dr. Paul J. Korshin, Professor of English
  • Dr. Martin Pring, Associate Professor of Physiology/Med
  • Mr. Robert Terrell, Associate General Counsel
  • Ms. Deborah James, Chair of the Graduate and Professional Students Assembly
  • Mr. James Bean, Director of Operations, Facilities Services
  • Mr. Odell Guyton, Corporate Compliance Officer

 Charitable Giving is reorganized for the coming year; [more].

School Teaching Awards in Education, Fine Arts, Law and Social Work [more].

 Honoris Causa

At the May 17 Commencement ceremony, the Trustees surprised the Chair of the Board with an honorary doctorate.

See his citation, and this year's addresses.

Almanac, Vol. 45, No. 33, May 18/25, 1999