To the University Community:

A Statement on Dining Services

Bon Appétit, our current food services partner, will extend its existing role at Penn by assuming management responsibility for residential dining at the University effective June 10, 1999. With direct control over the purchase of food, hiring and training of staff, and implementation of Bon Appétit's national model for service delivery, the residential dining system will institute the type of changes required to enhance the program. This change will ensure that Penn's food service is an integrated program with a consistently high level of quality and customer service across its catering, retail, and campus dining areas.

Bon Appétit has proven itself to be a responsive partner committed to excellence in food service, as evidenced by Café Bon Appétit, and a highly successful catering service. The decision to expand Bon Appétit's role relative to residential dining operations is consistent with the master plan recommendations to improve the program by using more fresh versus pre-packaged ingredients, implementing exhibition and made-to-order cooking in each unit, and introducing some a la carte, flexible options for meal plans.

There are currently 20 management and support staff in Campus Dining. Bon Appétit will interview and evaluate those who seek positions with Bon Appétit Management Company (BAMCO) at Penn. Staff will know by May 24 whether or not they will be offered employment. Those individuals who are not offered a position will be eligible for Penn's Position Discontinuations and Staff Transition benefits.

Bon Appétit will assume authority for managing employees who are responsible for food production and service. The University will continue its obligations under the labor contract while assigning to Bon Appétit managerial oversight and the responsibility for day to day supervision in the workplace.

--Larry Moneta, Associate Vice President for Campus Services

Almanac, Vol. 45, No. 33, May 18/25, 1999