Council's April 28 Topics

In their opening reports at Wednesday's meeting of the University Council--the last for this academic year--the President and the Provost highlighted two topics that are presented For Comment in this issue. President Rodin asks for comment by June 30 on the recommendations of the Working Group on Alcohol Abuse , and Provost Robert Barchi asks for comment by June 4 on the proposal for a Center for Cognitive Neuroscience .

PPSA Chair Terri White announced that the May 20 election meeting will also feature a presentation on professional development.

The A-3 Assembly's Chair Donna Arthur announced forthcoming elections [here].

Penn's Way: In response to query, President Rodin outlined the administration's decision on the conduct of next year's workplace campaign, Penn's Way. There will be a combined campaign with one tear-apart form for channeling donations to United Way and/or non-United Way groups, the latter presumably through the Center for Responsible Giving. And, in a return to "the spirit of the April 1991 referendum," the University will again create a network of school and center volunteers to help conduct the campaign, she said. (More on this in a future issue.)

Budget Report: In her report on the budget, President Rodin used 1998-99 operating figures to show the shape of the budget in relation to priorities it is designed to support. The text of her slide presentation, and most of the graphics used in the presentation, appear in this issue [here].

Campus Planning: Provost Robert Barchi's slide presentation fleshed out recently published reports (Almanac April 6 and 13) on the formation of a campus development plan and committee, reminding that they will not commit specific sites or assign building use but will provide the framework for such decisions. In response to query, he noted that safety and security are among the planning considerations. He said the plan will apply to the work of the Olin firm and it sets the context for visiting architects invited to submit plans for Hamilton Village [here].

1999-2000 Agenda: Among topics proposed for next year's Council are follow-up reports stemming from two March 24 discussions: issues in personal safety raised by women students in the fall Forum Meeting; and topics in minority presence not yet addressed but pointed out on March 24--notably financial aid; Latino presence; and continuing study of Asian issues.

Server Disconnection: Although Council did not have a quorum, Dr. Martin Pring asked the Provost to act soon on the proposal of the Communications Committee for a University policy that specifies conditions for the disconnection of servers found to have been invaded by hackers (Almanac April 20). From the floor, a member suggested promulgation of the safeguards recommended in a companion piece by David Millar of ISC.

International Programs: Dr. Eric Weinberg reiterited a plea to improve amenities for foreign students and scholars, one of the recommendations in the year-end report (Almanac April 20).

Safety and Security: City delays in building bike paths that were approved some time ago was a highlight as Dr. Sean Kennedy summarized his year-end report (Almanac April 20.)

Almanac, Vol. 45, No. 31, May 4, 1999


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