Auntie Anne's, University Jewelers

As Houston Hall closes for renovation in the continuing construction of the Perelman Quad, one of the longtime retailers in the Houston Hall mall has announced its relocation while another's plans are pending:

Auntie Anne's, the pretzel outlet, has announced that it will move to 3401 Walnut Street, taking the former Cinnabon site east of the entrance to the Food Court.

Roses Florist is in negotiation for space in the University-owned Sheraton Hotel, where renovations are in progress at the former deli site on the corner of 36th and Chestnut. (Also announced for that complex in a poster in the lobby are a Shula's Steak 2, an Enterprise Rent-a-Car, a Pulse Copy & Technology Center, and the Computer Connection, which is scheduled for relocation to Sansom Common.)

With the impending demolition of the wrap-around shopping area known as University Plaza (38th and Walnut Streets), in addition to the announced move of the Penn Bookstore to Sansom Common, one firm has announced its plans to stay at Penn and another continues in negotiation:

University Jewelers will move to 3401 Walnut, in the space west of the Food Court formerly occupied by Metro Hair.

The Penn Book Center is still in talks for possible move to the former Sam Goody site in 3401Walnut (see the Speaking Out exchange).

Almanac, Vol. 44, No. 35, June 16, 1998