June 16, 1998
Volume 44 Number 35

Trustees: Voting on a V.P. in Public Safety

On the agenda for Friday's stated meeting of the full board of trustees is the nomination of Tom Seamon, now managing director of public safety, to the new post of Vice President for Public Safety.

"The importance of Public Safety cannot be overstated," said President Judith Rodin of the nomination. "The Division has grown significantly over the past several years, and the services it provides are critical to the wellbeing of the University. It fully merits leadership at the vice-presidential level. Tom Seamon's expertise in police work and strategic planning, and his superior leadership of the Division of Public Safety, have made Penn and our community much safer. I am pleased to recommend Tom's promotion to the Trustees."

Mr. Seamon joined Penn in September 1995 after serving for three years as deputy commissioner of the Philadelphia Police Department. Starting as a patrol officer there in 1969 he had moved through the ranks to inspector, chief inspector, acting commissioner and then deputy commissioner of the fourth largest police department in the nation. Described by Executive Vice President John Fry as "one of the best police executives in the country," he had participated in the development of community policing and the establishment of a career services division there.

Mr. Seamon holds a B.S. in history and an M.S. in public safety from St. Joseph's University, where he was an adjunct professor teaching law enforcement management in the Graduate School until last year. He won a Fulbright Fellowship in police studies in 1990.

Naming Murray's Way

The Trustees will present a memorial tribute to Steve Murray, the late vice president for business services, in which it is...

"Further Resolved, that the Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania approve the name 'Steve Murray's Way' for the new street to be constructed from Chestnut to Sansom. This will be a fitting tribute to a man whose contribution to the University was enormous." (See drawing above.)

Adopting FY1999 Budgets

The Trustees will adopt both operating budgets and capital budgets for the University and for the Health System/Health Services component. The University Operating Budget is expected for publication in an early fall issue of Almanac.

Alumni Reunion Gifts: Setting New Records

Eight of the 16 reunion classes that presented their checks to the University on Alumni Day 1998 set new records for their respective reunion years, according to Andrew J. Condon of the Penn Fund- and many designated all or part of their contributions to the endowment of scholarships. This year's gifts and givers, with record-setters marked [*], are:






 1933*  65th  81  $1,580,250  Endowed Scholarships
 1938  60th  133  $ 359,886  Endowed Scholarships
 1943*  55th  201  $ 700,144  Endowed Scholarships; War Memorial Restoration
 1948*  50th  375  $1,611,611  Endowed Scholarships
 1953  45th  225  $2,211,725  Undergrad Research and Book Fund Endowment
 1958  40th  251  $3,092,877  Endowed Scholarships; Cafe 58, Irvine Auditorium
 1963*  35th  302  $1,650,743  Library Study Suite; Endowed Scholarships; Term Chair
 1968*  30th  310  $2,968,641  Bishop White Rm. Renovation; Endowed Scholarships
 1973*  25th  335  $1,666,173  HH Game Room Renovation; Endowed Scholarships
 1978*  20th  445  $ 786,236  Unrestricted
 1983*  15th  402  $1,077,021  Unrestricted
 1988  10th  449  $ 185,722  Unrestricted
 1993  5th  453  $ 30,236  Unrestricted
 1998    233  $ 17,851 Emily Sachs Memorial Rehearsal Room, Irvine

Art in Venues New & Old

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Almanac, Vol. 44, No. 35, June 16, 1998