Revisions Made to

Human Resources Policies

To ensure consistency with changes that have been made to other University policies and/or practices, changes have been made to 11 Human Resources policies effective June 1, 1998, except Policy 410 which becomes effective July 1, 1998.

Policy 101 Staff Requisitioning, Recruitment, Selection, Reference Checks, Employment Offer, and Offer Letters--Significant changes to the requirements for reference checks, employment offers and offer letters for all types of staff members including temporaries.

Policy 114 Temporary Extra Persons--Clarification on University policy.

Policy 302 Overtime Compensation and/or Compensatory Time--Clarification of the administration of overtime and compensatory time for weekly paid staff. Inclusion of the requirement that timesheets be maintained for all weekly-paid staff members.

Policy 404 Short Term Disability--Updated to insure consistency with the Family Medical Leave (FML) Policy (H.R. Policy 631), Paid Time Off (PTO) Policy (H.R. Policy 607) and changes in position classification system.

Policy 410 Bridging of Service Periods (Effective July 1, 1998)--Updated to reflect consistency with the PTO and changes made in Benefits Redesign impacting Long Term Disability.

Policy 412 Maternity/Childrearing--Updated to insure consistency with the FML Policy.

Policy 611 Military Leave--Merges the Time Off with Pay for Miliary Duty (H.R. Policy 611) and Time Off without Pay for Military Duty (H.R. Policy 617) into one policy reflecting both paid and unpaid leaves for military leave as well as impact on benefits.

Policy 612 Sick Leave--Updated to insure consistency with the FML Policy, PTO Policy, and changes made to the position classification system.

Policy 613 Sick Leave and Short Term Disability for Employees at or above Position Grade 29--Updated for consistency with FML, PTO and changes in position classification system.

Policy 616 Leave of Absence without Pay--Updated to insure consistency with FML Policy and PTO.

Policy 628 Position Discontinuation and Staff Transition--Updated because of enhancements to the Career Transition Services component of the program and changes made to the position classification system.

--Division of Human Resources

To get a printed version of the revised policies, please see www.hr.upenn.edu/

Almanac, Vol. 44, No. 35, June 16, 1998