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October 7 Corrections... Almanac

The item Of Record, "Use of the Universitys Name," is riddled with typos because it is the wrong file. To incorporate the good news of Dr. Prusiners Nobel Prize, I completely remade the first three pages of the issue in great haste after presstime. A long item on page 3 had to be replaced with a short one, so I took from the electronic cutting board what appeared to be the finished policy. Unfortunately I had grabbed a "dummy" that had been roughly typed-up manually for spacing purposes only. It had not been proofread because it was to have been replaced wholesale by an electronic file from the General Counsels Office. My special thanks to Dr. Andrew McGhie of LRSM, and Bonnie Clause of PennMed, the two members of the University courteous enough to identify themselves in calling this mistake to our attention. The corrected file appears in this issue.

In the announcement of Jack Shannons appointment, it should have been noted that his position is a joint appointment between the Office of Government, Community and Public Affairs and the Office of the Executive Vice President. In his capacity as Director of Economic Development, Mr. Shannon will work with the Vice President for Government, Community and Public Affairs and members of the West Philadelphia community to foster economic development.

--K.C.G. Compass Faculty Profiles

In the SAS section, p.S-1, a photograph of Dr. Stephen Coate of Economics mistakenly appears alongside the biographical information on Dr. Randall Collins of Sociology. Here is a likeness of Dr. Collins. The correct image has been placed in the Adobe Acrobat edition, located at www.upenn. edu/almanac/v44pdf/oct7 compass.pdf.

On p. S-4, GSEs Dr. Kath-erine Schultz is assistant professor not of language arts but of literacy and teacher education; and, the passage referring to her research "....on literacy learning and issues of identity and discourse in multiracial educational settings" should have read "...on literacy learning and issues of identity and disclosure in multiracial settings."

Some faculty photographs that were not available at the time of this publication will be publishedin a coming issue.


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