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Executive Vice President John Fry has announced the appointment of two key staff members whose work will impact the University's planning and economic development activities in the neighborhood.

Economic Development: Mr. Shannon

John Shannon, Jr. (Jack) has been named director of economic development. A LaSalle University alumnus who took a master's in public policy from Harvard's JFK School of Government, Mr. Shannon subsequently attended Penn Law and received his Juris Doctorate in Government and Public Interest Law in 1989.

Since last year Mr. Shannon had served the City of Philadelphia as first deputy director of the Commerce Department, overseeing the work of the Mayor's Business Action Team and special economic development zones. Prior to that he was the inaugural director of the Mayor's Business Action Team, which designed and executed a targeted marketing plan to attract new businesses, created a city-wide on-line system for tracking economic development projects. Earlier in his career, he served as the business administrator for the City of Camden, administering a $100 million operating budget, and was executive vice president/CEO of the Cooper's Ferry Development Association in Camden.


Institutional Real Estate: Mr. Lussenhop

Newly appointed managing director for Institutional Real Estate, is Tom Lussenhop, who received his undergraduate degree in French at the University of Minnesota in 1985 and holds a master's degree in public affairs from the Woodrow Wilson School at Princeton, with a concentration in finance and urban planning.

The ten years' experience in planning, finance and development in several non-profit and public sector settings saw Mr. Lussenhop through community development corporation work in Minneapolis; the renovation of Carnegie Hall and development of its real estate assets in New York City; the development of low-income housing for the City of New York; and, most recently, the development of the New Jersey Performing Arts Center, a mixed-use cultural center, which opened on August 16, in Newark, New Jersey.



Mike Eleey, Associate Vice Provost for Computing, announces two key management changes in Information Sciences and Computing.

ISC Planning: Ms. Milici

Donna Milici, who has been director of Academic Computing Services, moves to the position of Director of Planning, reporting to Vice Provost Jim O'Donnell with responsibility for cross-ISC planning, and for leading and coordinating technology standards across campus. "Donna is an ISC veteran who is thoroughly familiar with the Penn IT landscape, and has the mix of technology and people skills to lead in innovative ways," Mr. Eleey said. The ISC Site License Program, under Erica Garriest's management, will continue to report to Ms. Milici as an extension of her technology standards role.


Director of Provider Services: Mr. Aseltine

Ms. Milici's former position of Director of Academic Computing Services has been reinvented as Director of Provider Support Services, Mr. Eleey said. "Supporting providers has become a key mission focus for ISC as schools, administrative units, and VPUL have assumed 'primary support' roles." In the position he named Mark Aseltine, who has been director of computing in GSFA for many years " a valued colleague to many of us," Mr. Eleey said. Mr. Aseltine has responsibility for Classroom Technology Services, New Media Center activities, facilitation and coordination of the various campus provider interest groups, development of a new LAN support program, as well as coordinating support for providers across the whole of ISC. He will continue to teach part-time in GSFA.


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