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Benefits: SEC March 19

The Senate Executive Committee's ad hoc committee examining the redesign of benefits will report to SEC at its meeting tomorrow afternoon (March 19), Dr. Peter Kuriloff told Council earlier this month.

"After consideration of those recommendations, we will forward our final recommendations to the President, Provost, and Executive Vice President," the co-chairs of the redesign team say in a progress report in this issue.

Elsewhere in this issue: Highlights of the March 5 Council discussion are in this issue, and Speaking Out takes up the topic, in this issue.

Hi-Tech Safety: March 26-27

In a two-day exposition sponsored by the Residential Advisory Board, Penn Public Safety will set up and demonstrate some of the existing and proposed safety devices that are called for in the master plan. The program will be of special interest to those in the schools and centers who have responsibility for the security of the buildings and laboratories, or who have budgetary responsibility for providing such security, according to Security Director Chris Algard, who has co-authored a guide in this issue.

The fair is open 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Wednesday and Thursday, March 26-27, in Bodek Lounge at Houston Hall. All members of the University are invited; for guided group tours, call 573-7800 to arrange in advance.

Wharton's Even Higher Up...

In last week's summary of Penn graduate schools' and departments' positions in the 1997 U.S. News rankings, we regrettably stopped short of the departmental level when it came to business schools.* Not only was Wharton in the top three schools in the nation, but eight of its disciplines ranked in the top five--and two of those were in the Number One slot. The exact positions:
1st: Finance; Real Estate.
2nd: Entrepreneurship (after Babson); Marketing (after Northwestern).
4th: Accounting (Stanford is 1st); International Business (Thunderbird is 1st); Quantiative Analysis (MIT's Sloan is 1st).
5th: General Management (Harvard is 1st).


* We used the Web version, which did not match the printed magazine in that the departments were on the Web, but titled as undergraduate rather than graduate. We regret the incomplete research and are grateful to Dr. Susan Wachter of Real Estate and Finance for her exuberant correction. --K.C.G.

Job Opps: 300 Are On-Line

Human Resources now lists some 300 unfilled positions at its Web site, and all unfilled jobs, both old and new, can be found there at

In addition, new positions are posted daily on the Web and in hard copy at HR's kiosks (see locations, on the Human Resources web page). To mesh with this sytstem, and with a new search mechanism that is being developed at HR, Almanac expects to give first claim for space to newly listed positions and their descriptions.--Ed.


Volume 43 Number 26
March 18, 1997

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