November 19/26, 1996
Volume 43 Number 13

Glimpses of a Wanted Man

Philadelphia Police are seeking this man at left (photographed by a surveillance camera at an ATM site in West Philadelphia) for fraudulent use of ATM and credit cards belonging to Dr. Cecilia Hagerhall, whose fiancee Dr. Vladimir Sled was killed trying to protect her during the robbery near 43rd and Larchwood Ave. on Halloween night.

The car photographed by the same surveillance camera matches the description published in Almanac last week when the University of Pennsylvania Division of Public Safety offered a $10,000 reward for information which results in the arrest of the offenders.

The Penn reward is being handled through the Citizens Crime Comission of the Delaware Valley. Tips are accepted anonymously over the phone at (215) 546-8477. Those who recognize or have information about persons photographed or described in these notices are warned NOT TO APPROACH THEM, but to telephone the Crime Commission or:

Philadelphia Police
Homicide Division at (215) 686-3334;

Penn Police campus hotline 511
(from campus exchanges 898, 573 or 417); or

Penn Police hotline from off-campus exchanges,
(215) 573-3333.


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