Snowcare for Children in '97

Human Resources' Quality of Worklife program is offering an extension of last year's Snow Day Child Care (SDCC) pilot. It provides full and part -time Penn faculty and staff with temporary child care services for their children (ages 12 weeks through 12 years).

SDCC is available:

... December 2, 1996 - April 15, 1997...

... Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m....

... when Philadelphia County public schools are closed all day due to weather, and...

... the University is open.

Children attending other schools are welcome.

The University has arranged for two nearby, high-quality child care centers to provide these services. The Center used is determined by the age of the child:

This program is focused on school age care where the greatest need is expected. Schools are more likely to be closed for inclement weather than day care centers because of school reliance on bus service.


The University has paid for all set up costs and is subsidizing the cost of care on a sliding scale based on the faculty or staff member's Penn salary:


Salary		<$50,000	>$50,000

School Age Care $10 $18

Pre-School Care * $15 $25

* Pre-school costs are more expensive due to the lower ratio of children to caregivers for the age group.

Payment is made directly to the Center at the end of each day of care.

To sign up, faculty and staff complete and return all enrollment forms to the child care center they will use, based on the age of the child(ren) being enrolled. All enrollment forms must be in hand at the child care center before care can be provided.

On the day that care is needed, a procedure is followed for registering for space, on a first come/first served basis.

For more information, please call the Human Resources' Quality of Worklife Program Coordinator at 898-0380.

The Division of Human Resources Quality of Worklife (QOWL) program supports faculty and staff efforts to manage the competing demands of work and personal life needs.

Other QOWL programs include: programs for child care and elder care responsibilities, such as child care resource and referral Services (Child Care Choices: 985-2929), health promotion programs, such as Discount Fitness Club Memberships (Globalfit: 790-7859), alternative work schedule and worklife balance consultation and workshops, and faculty and staff recognition and appreciation programs.

Watch Almanac for announcements of new QOWL initiatives.

-- Marilyn Kraut, Quality of Worklife Program Coordinator, Division of Human Resources


Volume 43 Number 13
November 19/26, 1996

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