An Undergraduate Advisory Board for the 21st Century Project

Provost Stanley Chodorow has announced the formation of an Undergraduate Advisory Board (UAB) to the 21st Century Project, modeled after highly successful UABs in College departments.

On it are Hillary Aisenstein, Laura Cobey, Sarah Federman, Jamie Feiner, David Futer, Tal Golomb, Chienshen Steven Huang, Margaret Jones, Robb LeMasters, Ben Nelson, Mark Saget, Laura Schulman, Ari Silverman, Roshini Thayaparan and Ann Wang--students nominated by students, including those selected by the Nominations and Elections Committee (NEC), the Student Committee on Undergraduate Education (SCUE) and the Undergraduate Assembly (UA). It also includes representatives of each of the four undergraduate schools.

The 21st Century Project for the Undergraduate Experience is a major strategic initiative of President Judith Rodin and Provost Chodorow's Agenda for Excellence and, he said, "The success of the 21st Century Project relies on student involvement and ownership of the project. The UABs have a proven track record at Penn. They provide an excellent opportunity for students to engage in creative discussions with faculty, administrators and other students. Ultimately, the 21st Century Project UAB will help shape the future of undergraduate education at Penn and we want students to become involved and work with their peers to make every aspect of the project a success."

The UAB will work collaboratively with the Council of Undergraduate Deans, who have oversight for the 21st Century Project, soliciting opinions and suggestions from other students, student groups, faculty and staff to seek "the broadest possible consultation on the 21st Century Project goals and projects," Dr. Chodorow said.

The UAB is expected to hold its first meeting before Thanksgiving break. Among its first agenda items, it will determine its own governance and adopt a formal charge for the committee. It is expected to create a listserv, engage newsgroups, and create a Web site to invite participation in its work. Students interested in the project should contact the 21st Century Project Coordinator Dr. Susan Albertine at century@pobox or 898-8516.


Volume 43 Number 13
November 19/26, 1996

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