University of Pennsylvania


Tuesday, October 3, 1995
Volume 42 Number 6


News in Brief: Mayor's Scholars; U.S. Graduate Deans at Penn
SAS Term Chairs: Wm. Smith Chair to Randall Wright; Scheerr Chair to Michael Katz
New Faces

Council: Disciplinary Charter Issues

Speaking Out: Compliants on Advising? (Dr. Kelley); Health Care in Retirement (Dr. Crockett);
Seminar: Getting Federal Funding
Death of Dr. Bonner

Of Record: Desktop Hardware Standards for Penn (Vice Provost's Annual Update)

Relative Investment Performance on Tax-Deferred Annuities: 403(b) Update


Workplace Events: Reception for Penn Women Who Went to Beijing; Seminar: Women and Investment Planning

Benchmarks: Distancing Doctoral Education from Faculty Research? (Dr. Madden)

Pullout: A Compass Supplement Introducing the New Faculty

Greeting the Newcomers

At left and on page 2 are photographs from the reception given last Wednesday at Eisenlohr Hall-the home of President Judith Rodin and her husband, Paul Verkuil (far left in this photo). Over a hundred new faculty and companions were escorted by their Deans and/or colleagues to the gathering, where many also met Provost Stanley Chodorow and Trustees Chair Roy Vagelos for the first time (page 2).

New Faces of 1995

In the center of this issue is a 12-page supplement produced by The Compass, introducing new faculty across the University with a few words from the Deans about their schools' newest members.

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