Stanley I. Sheerr Chair: Michael Katz, History

Dr. Michael B. Katz has been reappointed as the Stanley I. Sheerr Endowed Term Professor in History at SAS, Dean Rosemary Stevens also announced this summer.

The Harvard-educated Dr. Katz, co-director of Penn's Urban Studies Program, is "one of the most distinguished and best-known historians of American education in the country," the Dean said. Among his eight major books are the 1975 Albert C. Corey Prize winner, The People of Hamilton, Canada West: Family and Class in a Mid-Nineteenth Century City; the finalist for the American Sociological Assocation's 1990 book award, The Undeserving Poor: From the War on Poverty to the War on Welfare; and most recently, Improving Poor People: the Welfare State, the "underclass," and Urban Schools as History. A Guggenheim Fellow and fellow of the the Institute for Advanced Study, the Shelby Cullom Davis Center for Historical Studies at Princeton, and the Russell Sage Foundation, Dr. Katz has also served as chair of the history department at SAS.

Also reappointed to SAS term chairs are Dr. Marina Brownlee of Romance Languages, in the College for Women Class of 1963 Chair in Humanities, and Dr. William LaFleur of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, as Joseph B. Glossberg Professor of Humanities (both announced in Almanac December 18, 1990.)

Photo by Sarah Katz