Speaking Out

Complaints/Ideas on Advising?

Dear Colleagues:

During the past two weeks I have been carrying updated Faculty Resource Guides door-to-door, distributing them to all academic departments on campus to be delivered to all who have regular contact with students. If you did not get a copy and would like me to send you one, just e-mail me at akelley@dept.english.upenn. edu and I shall quickly oblige.

I know that some of them have arrived because I have received acknowledgments from several of you; but one response, offered anonymously, causes me concern and I hope that the writer thereof will be willing to contact me and provide more specifics. One of my jobs as Liaison to Student Services is to convey suggestions to these services about ways to improve. In several cases in the past, input from the community has been very helpful in making assistance more accessible or more effective. If any of you has particular complaints or suggestions about a service, gleaned from your own experience or the experience of your students, I shall be glad to act as a transmitter of that news if, for some reason, you do not wish to contact the service directly. I can then arrange for you to meet with appropriate people to discuss your concerns or shall act as a go-between if that is more comfortable for you. Unfortunately, a general note that simply describes a service as unhelpful doesn't allow me to understand exactly what sorts of problems may have arisen or to imagine ways to effect a suitable change.

--Alice Kelley, Faculty Liaison to Student Services