Tuesday, September 5, 1995

Volume 42 Number 2

On page 2,Penn announces a VPUL, a VP for Human Resources, and a Managing Director for Public Safety. On page 4 are the new Director of the University Press and new Managing Director of the Office of Technology Transfer.

Ben Would Be Proud

For a look at ENIAC's 50th birthday plans, please turn to The Birth of ENIAC. Copyrighted photo by Candace di Carlo.


The Summer of '95 (roundup); Appointments (see above)

President's Welcome: On Renewing Research

Senate Chair's Welcome;
Death of Una Deutsch

SENATE: Academic Freedom Committee's 1994-5 Report

Of Record: Handbook Changes on Closing of Departments, Removal of Deans, and Moving to Research Track

Speaking Out

Map: PennTransit:1995-96

The Birth of ENIAC

Answers to College Search Questions

Into the Streets; National Youth Sports Program; CRC's 50,000th Customer

Summer English Language Programs

Technological Tools for Teaching Literacy

Resistance and Rescue at Ross Gallery

Southwestern Native Americans' Traditions

Nursing Partnership with Ukraine

Penn Personalities

Changes in Systems and Services: PennNet; Academic Support Services; Counseling/Student Mental Health

Bulletins: On Towing Policy; Signing up for a Space at Van Pelt; Joining a Humanities Seminar; Opening a Bank Account,AWFA meeting

CrimeStats; Auditioning for a Choir; ICA Volunteers needed; Deadlines; Corrections

On Job Opportunities; This issue of Almanac personally addressed

Centerspread: September at Penn

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