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Why is this issue of Almanac individually addressed?

Since personalized addressing delays the delivery of the issue by several days, we do it only once a year--to let faculty and staff know their journal of record, opinion and news is back in weekly production, and to tell you how to find it the rest of the year. This is more critical than ever now that Opportunities and features of The Compass are included in each issue.

Our printer delivers issues to the mailrooms of the University, the Medical School and HUP. From these locations, bundles are distributed to departments in the buildings throughout campus. Each department has its own internal system for further dissemination.

To find out how the system works in your building, try your departmental secretary first, or the head of your school/building mailroom if you have one. If all else fails, send or fax (898-9137) us the label at right, adding your campus phone number, so we can direct you to the person in your department who should be able to help.

Almanac is also available electronically via Penn's Home Page.

-- Karen Gaines, Marguerite Miller, and Mary Scholl for Almanac
Martha Jablow and Jerry Janda for The Compass