Changes in Academic Support

A Host of Services Under One Roof

Most of the merged academic support services are now in

Harnwell House, where a reception September 27 is open to all.

The Department of Academic Support Programs is pleased to announce a consolidation of services, effective Tuesday, September 5. We have merged offices and streamlined procedures to create a new "center" for academic support. Academic support services offered by our Department will now be housed on the first floor of Harnwell House. Also, assessment and referral services will be centralized so that students will be able to receive all necessary information from their initial contact.

Below is a brief description of our Department, including new names, locations, and revised referral procedures:

The Department of Academic Support Programs, in collaboration with faculty, students and administrators, serves to promote the intellectual development of students, from pre-college through graduate/professional school, by providing services and programs that complement classroom instruction. The Department is also committed to supporting the personal and social development of students through formal and informal educational and cultural activities. Services offered include:

* Tutoring in most undergraduate lower division courses, and

Individual instruction in all aspects of academic learning, including reading, studying, exam preparation and time- management. Tutoring and Learning Resources, 3820 Locust Walk, Suite 109, 573-9235 or 898-8596.

* Orientation programs to introduce undergraduate and graduate/professional students to the academic and social aspects of campus life, as well as important resources at the University. Student Orientation Programs, 3820 Locust Walk, Suite 103, 898-4276.

* College preparatory programs for qualified local high school students and veterans. Upward Bound Program and Veterans Upward Bound Program, 3933 Walnut Street, 898-3185.

* Program for introducing selected incoming undergraduate students into the intellectual and social life at the University through a four-week academically rigorous summer program. Pre-Freshman Program, 3820 Locust Walk, Suite 103, 898-4763.

* Comprehensive educational/advising services to students identified by faculty and/or academic advisors as needing academic support supplemental to that provided by their Schools. PENNCAP (Act 101 and Student Support Services), 3820 Locust Walk, Suite 103, 898-6440.

* Informal support network for first-year undergraduate African American, Asian American, Latino/Chicano, and Native American students who are matched with peer mentors and/or faculty/staff mentors with similar academic interests. Mentor Programs, 3820 Locust Walk, Suite 103, 898-9516.

For general information call 898-0809.

Finally, all members of the University community are cordially invited to attend our Open House on Wednesday, September 27, 1995, from 3-5 p.m., on the first floor of Harnwell House, 3820 Locust Walk. I look forward to seeing you then.

-- Terri White, Director, Department of Academic Support Programs