University of Pennsylvania


December 12, 1995
Volume 42 Number 15


SENATE: New Nominating Committee
MLK Memorial Set
New Faculty Club Director
In Memory of Margaret Allan

Selling a 'Final Exam' for $79,000
A-3 Assembly: Invitation
25-Year Club Alert for '96
Correction to Council Steering Committee
Penn's Way Report

Speaking Out: Statements from
Council Speakers on Firing/Layoffs,
Part-Time Benefits, Affirmative Action

Council: Summary of Public Forum

Safety Advisory: Winter Break

Naming an Award for John Chancellor

Innovation Corner: Energy Savings

PennVIPS as Santa's Helpers

Penn in the News

AIDS, Grantsmanship and
Penn's 'Great for Debate' Bid

January at Penn

Holiday Shopping,
Plain and Fancy

IIE Fellowships in Eastern Europe,
MRI Study of Heart Cases

Hansel and Gretel;

Talk About Teaching: Will Harris
on Teaching in the Constitutional

'Tis the Season

...for giving, especially through PennVIPS' annual drive to bring toys and food to children including 600 with HIV/AIDS. At right, in the Police MiniStation that is one of 11 drop-off points for donations, No. 1 VIP Bonnie Ragsdale is flanked by Bob Zarazowski of Wharton and Trish diPietrae of Vet Medicine (see the Compass Feature).

It's countdown time for Penn's Way, and for campus shopping.

'Tis also the season for a short break in publication: from now to January 9,
watch the Web for breaking bulletins.

Photograph by Mark Garvin.

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