Senate: Nominations for Offices Requested


Under the Faculty Senate Rules formal notification to members may be accomplished by publication in Almanac. The following is published under that rule:

To: Members of the Standing Faculty
From: William L. Kissick, Chair

Nominations for Offices Requested

In accordance with the Rules of the Faculty Senate you are invited to suggest candidates for the posts and terms stated below, with supporting letters if desired. Candidates' names should be submitted promptly to the Chair of the Faculty Senate, 15 College Hall/6303, who will transmit replies to the Nominating Committee.

The following posts are to be filled for 1996-97:

Chair-elect of the Senate (1-yr term)
(Incumbent: Peter J. Kuriloff)

Secretary-elect of the Senate (1-yr term)
(Incumbent: David B. Hackney)

Four At-large Members of the Senate Executive Committee (3-yr term)
Louis A. Girifalco
Mitchell Marcus
Martin Pring
Vivian Seltzer)

Two Assistant Professor Members of the Senate Executive Committee (2-yr term)
(Incumbent: Kathleen McCauley)

Three Members of the Senate Committee on Academic Freedom and Responsibility (3-yr term)
Frank I. Goodman
Robert F. Lucid
Iraj Zandi)

Three Members of the Senate Committee on Conduct (2-yr term)
John A. Lepore
Sally H. Zigmond
One to be named)

Two Members of the Senate Committee on the Economic Status of the Faculty (3-yr term)
Charles E. Dwyer
Jerry S. Rosenbloom)

Nominating Committee Elected

The Senate Executive Committee's slate of nominees for the Senate Nominating Committee was circulated to the Senate Membership on November 14, 1995. No additional nominations by petition have been received within the prescribed time. Therefore, according to the Senate Rules, the Executive Committee's slate is declared elected. Those elected are:
F. Gerard Adams (prof economics)
Rebecca Bushnell (prof English)
Robert F. Giegengack (prof geology)
Louis A. Girifalco (prof mat sci & engr)
Nancy Hornberger (assoc prof educ)
Abba Krieger (prof statistics)
Phoebe S. Leboy (prof biochem/dental)
Margaret M. Mahon (asst prof nursing)
Yvonne Paterson (prof microbiol/med)

Note: The committee chair will be selected by the Senate Executive Committee at its meeting December 13, 1995. The next Almanac will be published January 9, 1996. To obtain the name of the Nominating Committee chair immediately after December 13, please contact Carolyn P. Burdon either by telephone at 898-6943 or by e-mail at

Ed. Note: Almanac will also post this information electronically upon receipt; open


Tuesday, December 12, 1995
Volume 42 Number 15

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