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Tuesday, July 18, 1995
Volume 42 Number 1

Pictured below:
A sketch by Jim Mann of library renovations. Library

In this Issue

NEWS IN BRIEF; SENATE: Mail Ballot Results on Just Cause and Consensual Sex; Formation of the Honors Council; Harrisburg: Okay for FY96 Funding

Associate Provost: Barbara Lowery; Mr. Wynn's $7.5 Million Gift; Transition at JIO and Greek Affairs

Deaths: Drs. Flower, Gupta, and Sapienza, Mr. Angeloff

SPEAKING OUT: Affirmative Action; Research Foundation Policies: Dr. Cnaan, Dr. Cooperman

Fall Opening: Invitation to Grad and Undergrad Exercises

FOR COMMENT: Research Policy Proposal for Postdocs and RAs

Music at the Museum

Compass (Web pages to come. See story list below.)

OF RECORD: Policy on Position Discontinuation and Staff Transition

Opportunities at Penn

New Parking Rates; Summer Schedules for PennBUS; Infant Taste Study; Recycling/Requesting Old Issues

OEHS Safety Seminars; 1-800-BIOMED; Update; Crimestats

Benchmarks: Dr. Rodin on Thinking; A Citation to Stanley Johnson

The Compass

(Web pages to come.)

The Libraries' Face Lift Begins

The A-3s of May and June; A Student Prize in Organic Chemistry

A Cross-Country Adventure for the Lus

The McDowell Medal for Dr. Crumb

An Alliance for Minority Participation in Engineering Research

Summer in the City: Camps, Computers, Milkshakes and More

Photo Caption

Home Stretch... After five years in the planning, Van Pelt-Dietrich has begun the refurbishment that will change the Libraries' interior from the barnlike atmosphere shown in the "fish-eye" photo above, to a warmer one as in the two watercolors of architects Bower Lewis Thrower, above and left. This summer, to make room for work starting in the Lippincott area, student aides Nancy Reiley and Brian Bodner (top) helped move Periodicals to its temporary quarters on the first floor West, in Dietrich Wing.

See The Compass story, pp. 9-10.

Photograph by Candace DiCarlo

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