Associate Provost: Barbara Lowery

Dr. Barbara Lowery, the former Ombudsman and last year's Faculty Senate Chair, was named Associate Provost last week by Provost Stanley Chodorow.

Dr. Lowery, a member of the faculty since 1970 and holder of the Independence Foundation Professorship of Nursing since 1991, took up her new post on July 10. As she automatically stepped down as Past Chair of the Senate, the 1992-93 Senate Chair, Dr. David Hildebrand, agreed to serve in the past-chair role; thus the three-member Senate leadership known as the Consultative Committee now consists of Dr. William Kissick as chair, Dr. Peter Kuriloff as chair-elect, and Dr. Hildebrand.

As Associate Provost, Dr. Lowery takes responsibility for overseeing the academic personnel process at the Provost's level, dealing with such matters as faculty appointments and promotions and grievances, and managing the faculty affirmative action program.

She reports directly to the Provost but will work closely with the Deputy Provost, Dr. Michael Wachter--who also took office this summer--in developing information relating to recruitment, retention, promotion, compensation and affirmative action and will be expected to help develop and implement policies in these and other areas pertaining to the faculty.

A magna cum laude alumna of Villanova who took her M.S.N. at Penn and her Ph.D. in educational psychology at Temple, Dr. Lowery won the Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching here in 1979.

Dr. Lowery was the University Ombudsman from 1984-1986. She has also served as chair of Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing (1978-1984), Director of the Center for Nursing Research (1986-1994), Director of the Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Nurse Scholars Program (1986-1991) and, most recently, as Associate Dean for Research in the School (from 1990-1993).

The position of Associate Provost is not a new one, although it has not been filled in recent years, Dr. Chodorow noted. Its re-establishment was recommended by the faculty search committee charged with finding a Deputy Provost.

"Because the Deputy Provost was to assume major responsibilities for academic planning for the University--previously carried out through the President's office," the Provost said, "the search committee indicated that it thought the job had become too big for one individual to assume and advised separating out the faculty personnel functions from the planning functions."

He cited Dr. Lowery's service as Senate Chair and Ombudsman, her "reputation for fairness and good judgment, and her wide knowledge of the campus, the faculty and the regulations of the University" as major factors in her selection as associate provost.


Tuesday, July 18, 1995
Volume 42 Number 1

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