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New Commuting Options Available to Penn Employees

September 13, 2011, Volume 58, No. 03

As part of the Sustainable Transportation Initiative, Penn Transportation and Parking has developed several new commuting options employees may want to consider to make their daily travel more economical and less stressful. 

Penn has joined with ADP Commuter Services, which currently manages Penn’s health benefits, and developed an on-line commuter program that employees will use for SEPTA TransPasses and TrailPasses, PATCO Freedom Cards, TransitCheks or N.J. Transit commuter passes. 

For employees using these public transportation options, Passes and TransitCheks will be sent directly to their homes. The University is also expanding the discount it provides for commuters who use public transit. Penn currently provides employees who commute via SEPTA a 5 percent discount on their monthly passes (which is matched by SEPTA for a total discount of 10 percent). Penn now extends its 5 percent discount to riders of N.J. Transit, PATCO and to purchase TransitCheks. Discounts are available to full-time faculty and staff not participating in the parking permit program and payments are made pre-tax up to $230 per month. The new program allows for direct purchase from N.J. Transit and PATCO as well as 10-trip tickets for SEPTA so participants no longer need to purchase TransitCheks to acquire these passes. Only Amtrak riders, SEPTA token and weekly pass users need to order TransitCheks.

All employees receiving pre-tax Commuter Passes or TransitCheks were required to enroll in the new online system by August, 20, 2011 in order to continue participation in these programs. We have extended a one-month courtesy to existing commuter patrons who were unable to enroll online by August 20, to pick up October Commuter Passes or TransitCheks that employees regularly receive at the Parking Office and the cost will be retroactively charged to the participants via payroll deduction. However, current or new employees must enroll by September 20, 2011 in order to participate in their commuter program. Anyone not enrolling by that date will be discontinued from the program, although they can re-enroll at any time. To enroll visit www.upenn.edu/parking

—Business Services

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Almanac - September 13, 2011, Volume 58, No. 03