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Honors and Other Things
March 30, 2010, Volume 56, No. 27

Drexel Medal: Dr. Bass


Underwater archaeologist Dr. George Fletcher Bass, professor emeritus, Nautical Archaeology Program, Texas A&M University, and former curator, Penn Museum Mediterranean Section, was awarded the Museum’s Lucy Wharton Drexel Medal honoring exceptional achievement in excavation or publication of archaeological work. Dr. Bass is the 30th recipient of the award, established in 1889 and given by the Museum Director in consultation with past medal recipients and archaeological curators of the Museum.

After receiving the award, Dr. Bass gave the Museum’s annual Petersen Lecture, “The Million Piece Jigsaw Puzzle: Excavating a Cargo of Medieval Glass.”

Dr. Bass received his PhD at Penn in 1964, staying on as professor until 1972. While at Penn, he developed techniques for underwater research while excavating Byzantine, Late Roman and Ottoman shipwrecks off the coast of Turkey.

George Gerbner Postdoctoral Fellow: Dr. Berger

Dr. Dan Berger has been named the George Gerbner Postdoctoral fellow for 2010-2012. The fellowship is named in honor of the late George Gerbner, dean emeritus of the Annenberg School for Communication (Almanac January 10, 2006).

Dr. Berger will spend the fellowship at Annenberg engaged in teaching and research designed to further his professional development. His dissertation studies the ways black and Puerto Rican prisoners in the 1970s used media to target their confinement and to craft racial meanings. Dr. Berger will extend this study of race, media, and prisons as a Gerbner Fellow. He will examine grassroots organizing for greater law and order as a parallel but conservative counterpart to the prison radicalism he explores in his dissertation.

Gesu Spirit Medal: Dr. DiIulio

Dr. John J. DiIulio, Jr., Frederic Fox Leadership Professor of Politics, Religion, and Civil Society, and professor of political science, has been named the 2010 Gesu Spirit Medal honoree. The award will be formally presented to Dr. DiIulio in April. Gesu, is an independent Catholic school in North Philadelphia. “For the past 12 years, John has put his strong beliefs in what we do here on the line,” said Gesu President and CEO Christine S. Beck. “That selfless service has brought invaluable benefits to the children of Gesu and everyone who supports them.” Dr. DiIulio has been involved with Gesu since 1997, when he joined their Board of Trustees.

Award for Research in Psychiatry: Dr. Evans

The American Psychiatric Association selected Dr. Dwight L. Evans as its 2009 Award for Research in Psychiatry which, according to the APA, is its “most significant award given for research.” As the award recipient, he delivered an honorary lecture on “Mood Disorders and Medical Illness, a Major Public Health Problem” in New York City back in the fall. Dr. Evans is the Ruth Meltzer Professor and chair of the department of psychiatry and professor of psychiatry, medicine, and neuroscience at the School of Medicine.

Best Paper Award: Dr. Guerin

Dr. Roch Guerin, the Alfred Fitler Moore Professor ofTelecommunications Networks, in SEAS, was one of the collaborators to receive the Best Paper Award for “On the Feasibility and Efficacy of Protection Routing in IP Networks” at the IEEE INFOCOM 2010 Conference in San Diego, California, this month.

Outstanding Contribution: Dr. Harper


Dr. Shaun Harper, an assistant professor in the Graduate School of Education, has been honored with the Outstanding Contribution to Research Award by the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators at its annual conference. The award recognizes an individual’s professional commitment to student-affairs administration. Nominees for the award are judged on how well student-affairs practitioners use their literature or research, which must be applicable to national use.

Education Research Officer: Dr. Gasman


Dr. Marybeth Gasman, associate professor of higher education in the Graduate School of Education, was elected vice president of the American Education Research Association (AERA) for the history division. Officers serve on the AERA council and its legislative and policy-determining body.


AERA Fellows

Dr. Nancy Hornberger and Dr. Yasmin Kafai from the Graduate School of Education have been named Fellows of the American Educational Research Association for their contributions to education research.

Internationally known for her work in bilingualism and biliteracy, ethnography and language policy, Dr. Hornberger researches, lectures and consults on multi-lingual education policy and practice in the US and around the globe. Dr. Hornberger is the Goldie Anna Professor of Education.

Dr. Kafai is a learning scientist who studies the role of technology in education and social development. She has studied learning through game design and in virtual worlds, paying particular attention to issues of gender equity in science education interventions and in gaming. Dr. Kafai is a professor of education.

Cabrini College Honor: Ms. Golden

Jane Golden, a lecturer in the School of Design and the founder and director of the Mural Arts Program, received the 2010 Ivy Young Willis Award from Cabrini College. The Award recognizes women who have made outstanding contributions in the field of public affairs; it was presented by Marie Angelella George, president of Cabrini College.

Service to Humanity: Dr. Gutmann

Amy Gutmann, President of the University of Pennsylvania

President Amy Gutmann was awarded the 2010 Service to Humanity Award from the March of Dimes at this year’s Transportation, Building & Construction Awards Luncheon last week.

“I am honored to be recognized with these outstanding individuals,” said Dr. Gutmann.  “It is especially gratifying to receive this recognition from my peers.”

Honorees are selected by a committee of their peers and honored for their achievements and leadership in their respective professions, as well as their efforts to promote economic development within Southeastern PA.


Microbiology Fellow: Dr. Roos

Dr. David S. Roos, the E. Otis Kendall Professor of Biology, is among 78 microbiologists elected to fellowship in the American Academy of Microbiology. During the past two decades, his laboratory has focused on harnessing modern techniques in cell biology and molecular genetics to investigate parasites’ biology and interactions with their hosts. Dr. Roos has also been a leader in computational biology research, working with international genome projects to develop a variety of bioinformatics resources.

Visualization Challenge Award: LabStudio

The Branching Morphogenesis installation, designed and produced by the Sabin+Jones LabStudio at Penn, has won the 2010 International Science & Engineering Visualization Challenge Award, co-sponsored by the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the National Science Foundation. The installation, made from 75,000 interconnected cable zip-ties, simulates the predicted network generated by human lung cells as they interact with an extracellular matrix in three-dimensional space and time. It also allows visitors to walk through a giant three-dimensional “datascape.” An image of Branching Morphogenesis is on the cover of the February 19 issue of Science. For a slide show of Branching Morphogenesis, visit www.sabin-jones.com. LabStudio is a research and design unit based within Penn’s Institute for Medicine and Engineering and the School of Design.

Favorite Site: FactCheck.org

FactCheck.org made American Mensa’s top 50 Web sites 2010 list. Each year Mensa members select winners in nine categories, including “News and Politics,” which featured FactCheck.org, calling it “The ultimate source for truth in politics.” FactCheck.org is a project of the Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University.

New London Embassy Design Competition: PennDesign Faculty

KieranTimberlake of Philadelphia has won the design competition for the new US Embassy in London. Stephen Kieran, MArch’76 and James Timberlake, MArch’77, are adjunct professors of architecture at PennDesign. The proposal also includes an innovative landscape design by Laurie Olin, practice professor of landscape architecture at PennDesign, and Hallie Boyce of the Olin Studio.

The US State Department press release stated that, “The concept holds the greatest potential for developing a truly iconic embassy and is on the leading edge of sustainable design.”

The anticipated ground breaking on the embassy will be in 2013.

For details about the design, please see http://kierantimberlake.com.


2010 Commitment to Excellence: Pandemic Incident Management Team

Penn’s Commitment to Excellence Program, introduced in 2004 as a component of the Models of Excellence Program, is designed to recognize outstanding commitment and effort in the face of unusual and extremely challenging circumstances at Penn.

Over the last year, many areas of the University were asked to address difficult public health issues across campus, including a local meningitis outbreak and the H1N1 influenza virus. Last spring, a Penn Pandemic Incident Management Team (IMT) comprised of members from the Provost’s Office, Office of University Life, Human Resources, Student Health, UPHS, Environmental Health and Radiation Safety (EHRS) and other departments gathered in order to tackle these problems. They responded to a cluster of suspected meningitis cases among students on campus by ensuring the effective treatment of individuals with suspected or confirmed meningitis and arranged extraordinary mass preventative antibiotic clinics for nearly 4,000 Penn students.

In response to the spread of the H1N1 flu virus, the Pandemic IMT was asked to expand to include various Penn administrators and faculty members and challenged to develop a plan to respond to a flu pandemic should circumstances warrant University action. This cross-campus group used their experience from the meningitis outbreak to develop a comprehensive plan. Many aspects of this plan have already been implemented, including education, treatment, surveillance, and communication initiatives. The strategic efforts of the Pandemic IMT also allowed for the execution of mass vaccination clinics for faculty, staff and students. More than 10,000 members of the Penn community were vaccinated in accordance with the priority guidelines established by the Centers for Disease Control and the Philadelphia Department of Health.

In acknowledgement of the Pandemic IMT’s exceptional leadership throughout their pandemic planning efforts and their outstanding commitment to excellence and public health in the face of extraordinary, unprecedented conditions, we are very pleased to award these staff members with Commitment to Excellence recognition. They will be recognized at the Models of Excellence Ceremony on April 6 and honored at a separate event in mid-April.

Dr. Amy Behrman, Penn Medicine

Douglas Berger, Business Services

Dr. P. J. Brennan, Penn Medicine

Leo Charney, Provost’s Office

Jeanne F. Curtis, ISC

Dr. Betsy Datner, Penn Medicine

Benjamin Evans, Finance

Michael Fink, Public Safety

Matthew Finucane, EHRS

Dr. Neil Fishman, Penn Medicine

Dr. Anita Gelburd, ISC

Mary Guagenti, University Life

Tom Hauber, University Life

Phyllis Holtzman, University Communications

Lisa Keogh, University Life

Dr. Max King, University Life

Marilyn Kraut, Human Resources

Trevor Lewis, Office of the Provost

Kevin Mahoney, Penn Medicine

Sharon McMullen, University Life

Steve Minicola, University Communications

Dr. Ajay Nair, University Life

Dr. Rob Nelson, Office of the Provost

Kenneth Ogawa, FRES

Dr. Nicole Otto, University Life

Lisa Payakovich, University Life

Janet Plantan, Office of the EVP

Dr. Thomas Reda, University Life

Terri Ryan, Human Resources

Sharon Smith, University Life

Suzanne M. Smith, Human Resources

Mary Spada, University Life

Gary Truhlar, Human Resources

Matt Waller, University Life

Dr. Evelyn Wiener, University Life

—Division of Human Resources

2010 Women of Color Day at Penn Awards

For the 23rd consecutive year, Penn and UPHS presented Women of Color Day at Penn (WOCAP), an effort to increase awareness of the concerns, talents and achievements of women of color. The accomplishments of these women were recognized at the Annual Women of Color at Penn Awards Luncheon on March 5.

Awardees (left to right): Jettie Newkirk, Gabrielle Banks, Wendy De La Rosa, Valerie Johnson

Faculty/Staff Award

Being on campus for over 20 years, Valerie Johnson, coordinator in the President’s Office, has contributed to the betterment of the community by consistently greeting the community at events hosted by the University. She assists the Office of Government and Community Affairs (OGCA) with maximizing Penn’s efforts to engage locally with West/Southwest/Center city communities by coordinating a monthly meeting of nearly 100 community, civic, and organizational leaders, fostering collaborative relationships and sharing information and resources between the University and local communities.  She is a member of the Child Placement Review Board for the Camden County Superior Court. She is also a long-time supporter of the Penn Workplace Mentoring Program, the Penn Shadowing Day Program, and a committed member of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemorative Symposium Planning Committee at Penn.

Outstanding Community Member Award

Jettie Newkirk is an attorney as well as a leader in the West Philadelphia community. Ms. Newkirk has chaired several boards and has a long history of working to improve the plight of others. She currently chairs the Center for Community Partnerships’ Community Advisory Board at Penn. Ms. Newkirk is also a former board member of SEPTA. Having practiced law for 25 years, Ms. Newkirk’s honest reputation was gained due to her recognizing the importance of providing a voice for the community in the practices of the University of Pennsylvania. She encourages the University to address issues of education, employment and health of the surrounding community.

Undergraduate Awards

Gabrielle Banks is a senior in the College, majoring in psychology. Ms. Banks is the former president of The Inspiration, a co-ed a cappella group that honors and celebrates the legacy of black music. Knowing that students are not apt to being immediately engaged in academic concerns, she uses music and performance to connect with local students. Ms. Banks took the initiative to instill a community service focus into the group’s mission. As a result, the group performs at least twice a semester for local community groups and has partnered with various other community service organizations on campus. Ms. Banks is also an active member of UMOJA, The Performing Arts Council, Sphinx Senior Society, and volunteers her time with the West Philadelphia Tutoring Project.

Wendy De La Rosa, a junior at the Wharton School, concentrating in finance, holds leadership positions in various organizations including Wharton Ambassadors, Onda Latina Dance Troupe, Latino Coalition and Students on Ice. She is also a LEAD Scholar and has participated in many professional development and leadership programs. She is a student ambassador whose work greatly assisted three student centers housed in the ARCH building in gaining needed funds for new technology. She was also instrumental in petitioning the University to make the Latin American and Latino Studies Program a full department.

Penn-Made Presidents

Mr. John Fry, Penn’s executive vice president  from 1995 to 2001, was named the 14th president of Drexel University. He will assume office August 1.

Dr. Christopher Hopey, GrEd’98 and former vice dean for Graduate Admissions & Executive Education at the Graduate School of Education, was named president of Merrimack College in Massachusetts. He will start July 1.

Dr. Raynard Kington, WG’88, Gr’91, was named the 13th president of Grinnell College in Iowa. He will assume office August 1.

See Almanac November 18, 2008 for many more Penn-Made Presidents.

JCS Prize: Mr. Desai

Mr. Ravi Desai, a bioengineering doctoral student in the School of Engineering and Applied Science, is the winner of the 2009 JCS Prize for his paper, “Cell polarity triggered by cell-cell contact via E-cadherin.” The $1,000 prize is awarded annually to the author of the paper judged by the editors and editorial board of the Journal of Cell Science to be the best it has published that year. Authors must be students or postdoctoral researchers to be considered for the prize.

Kuwait Prize: Dr. El-Deiry

Dr. Wafik S. El-Deiry, professor of medicine, genetics and pharmacology, was awarded the 2009 Kuwait Prize in the area of “Applied Sciences in Cancerous Diseases” by the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences. The prize supports scientific research by scholars in Kuwait and other Arab countries and includes $100,000.

Leadership Award: Dr. Ludwig

Dr. Stephen Ludwig, professor of pediatrics in the department of pediatrics in the School of Medicine and senior advisor for medical education and DIO at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, has been selected as the recipient of the 2010 Joseph W. St. Geme, Jr. Leadership Award. This award, from the Federation of Pediatric Organizations, recognizes an individual who is a leader in the field of pediatrics, a role model, and one who has contributed broadly to the field.  

Umhoefer Prize: Dr. Murnaghan

Dr. Sheila Murnaghan, Alfred Reginald Allen Memorial Professor of Greek in the department of classical studies, is a recipient of the 2010 Umhoefer Prize for Achievement in Humanities. This prize was awarded for introductions that Dr. Murnaghan wrote for new translations of Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey by Stanley Lombardo.

Kappa Delta Award: Dr. Soslowsky


Dr. Louis J. Soslowsky, Fairhill Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery and professor of bioengineering, director of the McKay Orthopaedic Research Laboratory and Penn Center for Musculoskeletal Disorders at the School of Medicine, was named the 2010 winner of the Ann Doner Vaughan Kappa Delta Award by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgery.

Dr. Soslowsky recently presented his award-winning paper, “Understanding the Etiology, Pathogenesis, and Repair Response of Rotator Cuff Injuries:  A Series of Interconnected Studies Developing and Using an Animal Model,” at the annual meeting of the Orthopaedic Research Society in New Orleans.


Culinary Competition: Chef Watkin

Chef Eileen Watkin of the University Club at Penn is the winner of the first Pennsylvania Chef Palate culinary competition. The competing eight chefs had three hours to plan and prepare a dish for 100 people. Attendees voted for the winner. Chef Watkin was awarded Best of Show.

Sloan Fellowships

Five young scientists at Penn have been named Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellows for 2010.

Dr. Iwan Barankay, an associate professor of management at the Wharton School, studies personnel economics and political economy.

Dr. Justin Khoury, an assistant professor of physics in the School of Arts and Sciences, researches theoretical particle cosmology.

Dr. Elliot Lipeles, also an assistant professor of physics in SAS, researches experimental particle physics.

Dr. Nicole Rust, an assistant professor in psychology in SAS, researches behavioral neuroscience.

Dr. Ben Taskar, Magerman Term Assistant Professor in Computer and Information Science in SEAS, researches machine learning and applications to computational linguistics and computer vision.

The Sloan Research Fellowships’ $50,000 grants will allow the recipients to continue their research for the next two years.

Additional information about the Sloan Fellowships is available at www.sloan.org.

Award for Best Show: ICA

The International Art Critics Association (AICA/USA) awarded the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) at the University of Pennsylvania the First Place Award for Best Show in a University Gallery for Dirt on Delight: Impulses that Form Clay, organized by curators Ingrid Schaffner and Jenelle Porter, with art historian Glenn Adamson. ICA accepted this honor at the AICA/USA awards ceremony on February 16, 2010 at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York.

The exhibition at ICA (January 15–June 21, 2009) which included the work of 22 artists, is documented in a fully-illustrated, 120-page catalogue with essays, and traveled to the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota (July 11-November 29, 2009).

Arts Grant for Penn Alexander

The Penn Alexander School is one of the Philadelphia public schools chosen to receive an arts grant from the Public Citizens for Children and Youth (PCCY). They were honored at the 2010 Picasso Project Grant Awards Ceremony in February. The Picasso Project was created by PCCY in 2002 to increase arts education opportunities for students in the School District of Philadelphia and improve the capacity of schools to provide arts education experiences. Grants of up to $5,000 are awarded yearly for projects that enhance and enrich the integration of the arts into the curriculum and classroom, often in partnership between school teachers, artists from the community and local arts organizations.

Striving for Excellence Award: MERT

The Medical Emergency Response Team (MERT), Penn’s student-run squad that delivers emergency medical care to students and faculty, was one of the recipients of the national Striving for Excellence Award presented at the National Collegiate EMS Foundation Conference in February.

Left to right: Jonna Heldrich (MERT Operations Captain), Sourav Bose (MERT Chief), Eugene Janda (Chief of Fire and Emergency Services, DPS), Anita Deshpande (MERT Administrative Director)

RealArts@PENN Interns 2010

RealArts is a program for all Penn students,  sponsored by the College of Arts & Sciences. It was created in 2007 to integrate art-world practice into the intellectual life of the University. The interns for this summer are:

The intern at MTV Networks, in the creative services department, will be Hannah McDonnell. A creative writing student with a minor in French, Ms. McDonnell is active in the Student Committee of the Rotunda and a variety of student publications.

The Rolling Stone magazine intern will be Lauren Lipsay. Ms. Lipsay is a junior majoring in English, with a concentration in creative writing. She is currently the music editor of 34th Street Magazine, and also DJs in local clubs in Philadelphia and New York.

Working at Brooklyn Films in L.A. with producer/director Jon Avnet, C’71 (Risky Business, Uprising, etc.), and Overseer in the School of Arts and Sciences, will be Sarah Stoeker. A junior, Ms. Stoeker is majoring in cinema studies, and has also taken screenwriting seminars at Penn. Last summer she worked as a production assistant for an independent film that was shown at Sundance this year.

Interning in the editorial department of the Philadelphia Inquirer will be Naomi Tarnow. Ms. Tarnow is a creative writing student and is completing a minor in Near Eastern languages and civilizations. She is currently a features writer for the Daily Pennsylvanian, and has interned in the past at Time Out New York and Jewish Telegraphic Agency.

At Shore Fire Media in NYC, a standard-setting public relations and marketing group, will be Chris Milione. Mr. Milione is a junior, interested in writing and music. He was the CURF intern at the Kelly Writers House last summer.

Working with screen and stage writers, David Stern, C/EAS’90, and Stuart Gibbs, C’91, will be Emily Mullin. Ms. Mullin, a junior, is a creative writing student, minoring in theatre arts and French. She has studied screenwriting at Penn and is the co-founder of the Student Film Production group, Bent Button Productions.

Penn: A Top Philadelphia Workplace

The University of Pennsylvania has been named a 2010 Top Workplace by The Philadelphia Inquirer/Daily News. Penn was ranked number three among large employers (those with over 500 employees) in the Philadelphia region, based on survey responses that were submitted by Penn employees themselves. The University was the top-ranked workplace in the education and healthcare industry.

The survey asked employees to rate their workplaces on a number of factors, including confidence in their organizations, the fairness of their pay, and the competitiveness of their benefits package. The results from Penn’s employees cited a number of attributes that make Penn a great place to work, including strong leadership, competitive benefits, career mobility and more. Penn’s wealth of cultural and recreational amenities, including museums, and the Morris Arboretum (all free with a PennCard), as well as the Penn Ice Rink (discounted with a PennCard), were highlighted as perks that keep faculty and staff happy.

A total of 170 companies employing 131,384 people in the Philadelphia area were surveyed. Visit the Philadelphia Inquirer at www.philly.com/philly/business/workplaces/ for a complete list of winners.

Almanac - March 30, 2010, Volume 56, No. 27