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Penn-Made Presidents
November 18, 2008, Volume 55, No. 13

Provost Ronald Daniels is the latest in a long line of faculty, deans, provosts, administrators and alumni who have spent their formative years here before becoming president or chancellor of another institution, or, in some cases, institutions. Over the past 60 years, dozens of Penn-affiliated people have gone on to head other institutions of higher education—some directly from Penn, others later in their careers after having left Penn.

Earlier provosts who left Penn: Dr. Robert Barchi when he became president of Thomas Jefferson University; Dr. Stanley Chodorow who headed the California Virtual University; Dr. Michael Aiken who became chancellor of University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Thomas Ehrlich who became president of Indiana University; and Dr. Vartan Gregorian who became president of Brown University.
Provosts are not the only ones who have gone from Penn to a presidency.

A similar list, Penn-Trained Presidents: A Selected Roster of Alumni, Faculty, Staff and Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania Who Have Served As Chief Executive Officers of Institutions of Higher Education, arranged alphabetically by surname, was compiled and presented by the University Archives in 2003. That list goes from Aiken—Zingg and spans centuries as well as all over the country and beyond.

It is on their website: www.archives.upenn.edu/people/notables/highered/pennhighered.html.

The following list shows many of those who became president in recent decades, starting with the year their presidency began, and their Penn connection(s).  Almanac regrets any omissions to this list but welcomes the help of the Penn community in discovering any others who should be included.

2015: Alan W. Cramb, (EAS '79) Illinois Institute of Technology

2014: Michael A. Fitts, dean of the Law School, 2000-2014, president of Tulane University

2013: Dr. Alison R. Byerly, G'84, Gr '89, president of Lafayette College.

2012: Dr. Robert Barchi, provost of the University, 1999-2004, President of Rutgers

2012: Dr. Helen F. Giles-Gee, CW'72 GEd'73 Gr'83, President of the University of the Sciences, Philadelphia.

2009: Dr. Dennis Ahlburg, President of Trinity University

2009: Dr. Jo Ellen Johnson Parker, President of Sweet Briar College in Virginia effective July 1, 2009. Dr. Parker earned her doctorate in English literature from Penn in 1987.

2008:  Dr. Larry Kaiser, John Rhea Barton Professor and chairman, surgery, School of Medicine; president of University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston.

2007: Dr. Stephen G. Emerson, Francis C. Wood Professor of Medicine; president of Haverford College.

2007: Dr. Drew Gilpin Faust, PhD’75, Annenberg Professor of History, director of Women’s Studies Program; president of Harvard.

2007: Dr. Patrick Harker, BSE/MSE’81, PhD’83; Wharton Dean, president of University of Delaware.

2006: Dr. Susan Fuhrman, GSE Dean,president of Teachers College, Columbia University.

2005: Dr. Lawrence M. Schall, JD’78, EdD ’03, co-director of Penn’s Executive Doctorate Program and adjunct GSE faculty; president of Oglethorpe University, Atlanta, GA.

2004: Dr. Robert L. Barchi, Provost; president of Thomas Jefferson University.

2004: Dr. Paul Zingg, Assistant to President Hackney and Vice Dean of the College; president of California State University, Chico, CA.

2003: Dr. Peyton ‘Randy’ Helm, PhD’80, director of SAS Development and Coordinator of the College House Programs; president of Muhlenberg College, Allentown, PA.

2003: Dr. Anthony W. Marx, Special Assistant to President Hackney; president of Amherst College.

2003: Dr. Steven Poskanzer, Associate General Counsel; president of the State University of New York, New Paltz.

2002: Colin Diver, Law School Dean; president of Reed College in Portland, Oregon.

2002: John Fry, EVP; president of Franklin and Marshall College, Lancaster, PA.

2002: Frederick S. Osborne, Assistant Professor and chair of undergraduate sculpture; president of Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts, Old Lyme, Connecticut.

2001: Dr. Stephen D. Schutt, Vice President and Chief of Staff; president of Lake Forest College, Lake Forest, Illinois.

2001: Dr. Shirley M. Caldwell Tilghman; Adjunct Associate Professor of Human Genetics and Biochemistry; president of Princeton.

1999: Dr. Janice Bellace, Wharton Deputy Dean, L’74, CW’71; first president of Singapore Management University; returned to Penn.

1998: Dr. Gregory C. Farrington, SEAS Dean; president of Lehigh University (1998-2005).

1997: Dr. Stanley Chodorow, Provost; California Virtual University, an Internet-based venture (1997-1998).

1996: Dr. Patricia P. Cormier, Associate Professor of Periodontics; president of Longwood University, Farmville, VA.

1993: Dr. Hugo Sonnenschein, SAS Dean; president of the University of Chicago (1993-2000).

1993: Dr. D. Walter Cohen, Emeritus Dean of the Dental School; president of Medical College of Pennsylvania (1993-98).

1993: Dr. Nannerl Overholser Keohane, visiting lecturer, political science; president of  Wellesley College; president of Duke (1993-2004).

1993: Dr. Michael Aiken, Provost; chancellor of University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (1993-2001).

1993: Frederick Nahm, Senior Vice President of Development; president of Knox College in Illinois (1993-98).

1991: Dr. Valarie Swain-Cade McCoullum, assistant provost and assistant to the president; interim president of Cheyney University of Pennsylvania; returned to Penn.

1991: Dr. Samuel O. Thier; Professor of Medicine (72-75); president of Brandeis University (1991-94).

1989: Dr. Baruch Blumberg, medicine; master of Bailliol College, Oxford (1989-94).

1989: Dr. Vartan Gregorian, Provost; president of Brown University (1989-97).

1988: Dr. Neil Grabois, mathematics, Phd. 1963; president of Colgate University (1988-99).

1988: Dr. Claire Gaudiani, acting associate director of the Lauder Institute and a fellow in Romance languages; president of Connecticut College.

1987: Dr. Arthur Green, Professor of religious thought; president of the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College in Wyncote, PA.

1987: Thomas Ehrlich, provost, president of Indiana University (1987-94).

1983: Dr. Donald N. Langenberg, Vice Provost for Research; chancellor of University of Illinois at Chicago (1983-90), chancellor of the University System of Maryland (1990-2002).

1983: Dr. Humphrey Tonkin, Stouffer House Master and Vice Provost of Undergraduate Studies; president of Potsdam College of SUNY (1983-89); University of Hartford (1989-99).

1983: Dr. Robert F. Duvall, development officer; president of Pacific University, Oregon.

1982: James O. Freedman, Law School Dean; president of the University of Iowa (1982-87) and Dartmouth College (1987-98).

1981: George Kidd, Jr., auxiliary services; president of Tiffin University, Ohio.

1980: Dr. Jon Strauss, Vice President for Finance and Master of Stouffer House; president of Worcester Polytechnic Institute (1986-94); president of Harvey Mudd College (1997)

1979: Dr. D. Bruce Johnstone,Vice President for Administration;president of Buffalo State College (1979-88); chancellor of the State University of New York (1988-94). 

1978: Dr. John Lott Brown, Associate Professor of Physiology; president of the University of South Florida (1978-88).

1975: Dr. Alice Emerson, acting vice provost for student life; president of Wheaton College, Massachusetts.

1975: Dr. Thomas Schutte, Assistant Dean of Wharton; president of the Philadelphia College of Art (1975-83); Rhode Island School of Design (1983-92); Pratt Institute (1993-). 

1972: Dr. Donald Stewart, Executive Assistant to the President;president of Spelman College (1976-87).  

1971: Dr. Claude Welch, founder of Penn’s department of religious thought; president of Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley.

1971: Dr. Richard J. Stonesifer, director of CGS; president of Monmouth College, Long Branch, New Jersey (1971-79).

1971: Dr. Norman Hawes Topping; Vice President of Medical Affairs; chancellor of the University of Southern California (1971-80).

1970: Dr. Richard Stine, Director of Medical Development; president of Monmouth College in Illinois (1970-74).

1968: Dr. Lewis (Bill) Bluemle, Associate Dean of Medicine; president of the Upstate Medical Center, Syracuse, NY (1968-74);  University of Oregon Health Sciences Center, Portland, Oregon (1974-77); Thomas Jefferson University (1977-90).

1960: Dr. John (Jack) Howard, Business Officer and Political Science Lecturer; president of Lewis and Clark University in Oregon (1960-81).

1954: Dr. Merle M. Odgers, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts for Women; president of Bucknell University (1954-64). 

1950: Dr. Detlev Bronk, Professor of Biophysics and Trustee; president of Johns Hopkins University (1950-53) and Rockefeller University (1953-68).

Some Alumni

2008:  Dr. Robert C. Holub, C’71; chancellor of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

2008: Dr. Elaine P. Maimon, BA, MA and PhD in English; chancellor at the University of Alaska at Anchorage (2004-2007), president of Governors State University in University Park, IL, (2007-).

2008: Dr. Marie George, Gr’85; president of Cabrini College.

2008: Mark Yudof, C’65, L’68, president of University of California system.

2007: Dr. Daniel Martin, GSE’06, president of Mount Vernon Nazarene University, OH.

2007: Dr. Michele Perkins, GSE’07, interim president of New England College, Henniker, NH.

2006: Dr. Paul Hennigan, GSE’05, president of Point Park University, Pittsburgh, PA.

2005: Vincent M. Maniaci, GrEd; president of American International College, in Springfield, MA.

2004: Dr. Al-Hassan Conteh, PhD’93 in demography and regional science; president of the University of Liberia, Monrovia, Liberia, West Africa.

2002: Dr. Jo Ann Rooney, GSE’05, president of Spalding University, Louisville, KY.

2001: Dr. Tim Ryan, GSE ’03, president of the Culinary Institute of America, Hyde Park, NY.

1993: Dr. Irving P. McPhail, EdD’76,president of Lemoyne-Owen College (1993-95), St. Louis Community College at Florissant Valley (1995-98); chancellor of the Community College of Baltimore County (1998-).

1991: Dr. Orvill Kean, PhD’71, in math; president of the University of the Virgin Islands.

Addendum: Penn-Made Presidents (December 9, 2008)

In the long list of Penn-Made Presidents that appeared in the November 18 issue, two alumni who are currently presidents at institutions were omitted. Dr. Morton Schapiro, who received his doctorate from Penn in ‘79 and since 2000 has presided as president of Williams College; and Jared Cohon, a Penn Civil Engineering BS in ’69, who has been president of Carnegie Mellon since ’97. We regret the omissions.   




Almanac - November 18, 2008, Volume 55, No. 13