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February AT PENNExtras!

Almanac - January 27, 2009, Volume 55 No. 19

Morris Arboretum
Andrea Baldeck: The Texture of Trees
Through September


Penn Museum
Surviving: The Body of Evidence
Through May 2009


Above: Dr. Alan Mann, co-curated the exhibit


Above: Dr. Janet Monge, Acting Curator of the Physical Anthropology at the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology co-curated Surviving: The Body of Evidence.


Penn Museum
Fulfilling a Prophecy: the Past and Present of the Lenape in PennsylvaniaThrough September 2009

lenape 1 Lenape2

Lenape Meesing Candle holder made of metal and paint. Each year, the Lenape of Pennsylvania honor Meesing, the protector of the woodlands, with a fall Meesing ceremony. At the ceremony, a member of the Medicine Society, a group of men responsible for organizing and performing the Meesing ceremony, represents Meesing as a dancer. The Meesing dancer prepares for his task during the year preceding the ceremony by meditating on Meesing and making objects with Meesing’s image, which are given to the Medicine Society.  One year, the Meesing dancer made a series of Meesing candleholders.

A Lenape fan made of beads, deerskin and feathers rests in the hands of Shelley DePaul, director of the Lenape Nation of Pennsylvania and co-curator of Penn Museum’s new exhibition, Fulfilling a Prophecy: the Past and Present of the Lenape in Pennsylvania.

Photos: Lauren Hansen-Flaschen.

Penn Museum
Himalaya: Land of the Snow Lion

Through March 2009

Himalaya1 Himalaya2

Temple Dancer, Bhutan, 2003. Photograph by Andrea Baldeck.

“Om Mani” engraved in stone, Sikkim (India), 2003. Photograph by Andrea Baldeck.

Penn Presents

Montreal Subcircle
Les Ballets Jazz de Montrèal; Zellerbach Theatre, Annenberg Center; 7:30 p.m.; tickets $38-$48; also February 20, 8 p.m. and February 21, 2 & 8 p.m.
Subcircle; Harold Prince Theatre, Annenberg Center; 8 p.m.; tickets $25.


Batsheva Dance Company performs at the Zellerbach Theatre, Annenberg Center on February 3; 7:30 p.m.; tickets $38-$48; click here to buy.

Arthur Ross Gallery

Louis I. Kahn: The Making of a Room

Through March 29


Radbill Oil Company, Philadelphia, PA, 1944-47; Elevation study of Boardroom Interior.
Pencil, colored pencil and printed materials on vellum. Image courtesy of the University of Pennsylvania Archives.

Burrison Gallery

Contemplative Spaces: Works on Paper by James Fuhrman


Through February 20.

Slought Foundation

Peter Weibel, Rewriter

Through March 11, 2009

Rewriter Retrospective of the work of media and conceptual artist, Peter Weibel, including photos, films and other works, 1964-1975.

Institute of Contemporary Art

Through March 29


Top: Touch Sensitive: Anthony Campuzano; witty snatches of phrases from the internet, television, the radio, signs, and personal notes are set against intensely worked backgrounds.

Bottom left: Joshua Mosley: Dread; six-minute animated video and five related bronze sculptures; the video presents an imagined conversation between the philosophers Blaise Pascal and Jean-Jacques Rousseau on the difficulty of resolving the human relationship to nature while also accepting God as the creator.

Bottom right: Dirt on Delight: Impulses That Form Clay; presentation of the work of twenty-two artists who have created significant work in clay, all of which appear to be in some state of flux or growth.

dread Dirt

Wistar Institute

Nikon Small World

Fluorescent magnification turns a common thrips (Thripidae) into an otherworldly, yet seemingly friendly, creature. The image produced by microscopist James Hayden at the Wistar Institute earned an Image of Distinction honor in the 34th Nikon Small World photomicrography contest and exhibit, on display at Wistar through March 13.


Van Pelt-Dietrich Library

October 27, 2008 - March 22, 2009

Kamin Gallery, 1st floor,
Van Pelt-Dietrich Library Center


Life in Boxes: Comic Art and Artifacts

Boxes are the ruled surroundings of every comic strip and comic book panel, and even constitute the twenty-four frames per second of the animated film. This exhibition reflects the history and development of these various genres and includes original art, comic books, graphic novels, volumes of single panel cartoons, histories, and criticism drawn from the collection of more than 5,000 books and over 20,000 comic books recently donated to the Penn Libraries by alumnus Steven Rothman. (above) Featured are editorial cartoons; superheroes; underground comix; Terry and the Pirates, Peanuts, and Pogo, Donald Duck and Dirty Duck, Little Lulu, Little Orphan Annie and Little Annie Fanny, Superman and Super Goof.

Emma Johnson
George Romney's Lady Hamilton as Sensibility

Emma Hamilton's Path to Fame; Exhibition features items from the collections of Jean Kislak and Penn's Rare Book and Manuscript Library

Image courtesy of the Historical Society of PA

Francis Johnson: Early Music Master of Philadelphia; Celebrating the acquisition of Francis Johnson sheet music from the collection of Kurt Stein.

Eugene Ormandy Gallery through Fall 2009.

meta Metasequoia
Morris Arboretum

Morris Morris 2
Nestled within the dawn redwood grove, meta Metasequoia will provide a fresh perspective of these wonderful trees. The exhibit will elevate visitors up into the tree canopy of the dawn redwoods by means of an artistic structure with stairs leading to the "basket," an open-air room whose floor is 12 feet above grade. Climbing up into the structure, nicknamed the "Grasshopper," visitors will be able to revisit the childhood feeling of being in a tree house, enjoy the views and relax in unusual intimacy with these majestic trees.

Lobby, GSE
A Wonderful Life:
A Daughter's Tribute to a Family of Educators

Pennsylvania Daughter

Pennsylvania Daughter by Joan Myerson. Digital "painting" of the artist's mother as Penn student.

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