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Honors & Other Things
May 27, 2008, Volume 54, No. 34

Dr. Kaiser: Penn-made President


Dr. Larry Kaiser, John Rhea Barton Professor and chairman of surgery in the School of Medicine, has been named the president of the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston, Texas. Dr. Kaiser joined the department of surgery at Penn in 1991 and became head of the department in 2001. The UT Health Science Center in Houston is one of six health institutions and nine academic institutions that make the University of Texas System.

See www.upenn.edu/almanac/pennpres.html for other ‘Penn-made’ presidents.

Hon. Silverstein: US Delegation
Honorable Martin J. Silverstein, L ’08, overseer for Penn Nursing, was selected as a member of the official United States Honorary Delegation, that recently traveled to Jerusalem to join the President of the United States in commemorating the 60th anniversary of Israel’s statehood. Mr. Silverstein is also a senior counsel for Greenberg Traurig and former US Ambassador to Uruguay.

Dr. Turner: Board of Regents
Dr. Barbara J. Turner, professor of medicine and director of the Primary-Care Physician-Scientist Fellowship, has been elected to the Board of Regents of the American College of Physicians, the national organization of internists. The Board of Regents serves as the College’s main policy-making body. Dr. Turner is Board-certified in internal medicine and has been a Fellow of the American College of Physicians since 1991. Her research specializes in quality of care.

Penn Women’s Center Awards
The Penn Women’s Center (PWC) honored individuals at their fourth annual awards luncheon earlier this month for their dedication to the PWC, leadership in the community and for promoting and empowering women and people of color.

Meritorious Man Awards: Steve McCann and Matty Lehman, Office of Health Education—for their “advocacy and commitment to the PWC, their work as educators at Penn and beyond, their dedication to serving the LGBT community, and their tireless promotion of social justice for all;” Andrew Lounder, GSE graduate student—for his “advocacy and commitment to the PWC, in particular his dedicated work as an advisor to Penn’s chapter of One in Four, a national rape prevention group whose slogan ‘Statistics can change, men can help’ perfectly captures the vital role of men in combating sexual violence.”

Partnership Awards: Penn Consortium of Undergraduate Women—Lauren Lorberbaum, C ’08; Taryn Davis, E ’09; Arushi Sharma, C ’08; Lindsay Eierman, C ’08; Jessica Zestar-Postrk, E ’08, W ’08. “For their collaboration with the PWC in the struggle for equality for all women especially undergraduate women, and for all their dedicated programming and activism.”

Leadership Award: Gloria Gay, Penn Women’s Center—was recognized “for her dedication to the PWC and her ongoing efforts on behalf of women both here and across the globe. She has contributed to bettering the lives of women in immeasurable ways.”

Wharton Business Plan Competition

Wharton Winners

The Wharton Business Plan Competition has announced that student team Solixia won the $20,000 grand prize as part of the annual Wharton Venture Finals. Solixia co-founders Brian Smith, PhD and Irene Susantio, Wharton MBA second year student, created a “Hot Dot” cancer treatment that they say is 20 times more powerful in diagnosing and treating cancer than present treatments. 

$10,000 was awarded to second place winner Innova Materials, for creating a spray process for embedding anti-microbial particles into plastic (such as water-carrying pipes). Their invention was inspired by a trip to Honduras. This team also received the Frederick H. Gloeckner Award and the People’s Choice Award.

The third place team, Proteza, was awarded  $5,000 for the “SmartSock,” a pain-alleviating prosthetic liner for below-knee amputees.

Webby Awards
Two websites that are projects of the Annenberg Public Policy Center at Penn—Annenberg Political Fact Check (www.FactCheck.org) and its offspring, FactCheckED (www.FactCheckED.org)—have been named winners in the 12th Annual Webby Awards competition. FactCheck.org was named the best political website, and also garnered a People’s Voice Webby, which is awarded based on voting by web users worldwide. FactCheckED.org received a People’s Voice Webby in the education category.

FactCheck.org is a nonpartisan, nonprofit “consumer advocate” for voters that aims to reduce the level of deception and confusion in US politics.

FactCheckED.org is an educational resource for high school and college teachers and students. It’s designed to help students learn to think logically as they field the misinformation and deception that bombards them every day.

The Webby Awards have been described by The New York Times as “the Oscars of the Internet.” They are presented by The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences.

UCD: Awards for Tourism Video
University City District (UCD) and The Philadelphia Visitors Channel have been awarded a Bronze Telly for the production of their “Left of Center” tourism video. The video, which plays in 14,000 hotel rooms in 46 area hotels, can be viewed online at www.ucityphila.org/video. The Telly Awards’ mission is to strengthen the visual arts community by inspiring, promoting, and supporting creativity.

The Summit International Awards organization also honored UCDalong with the production company VATv, that created the video for UCD, as best of show bronze winners in the 2008 Summit Creative Awards competition in the category, Travel/Tourism/Nature Video.

The 2008 Newly-Retired Faculty

The following faculty members were accorded emeritus status during the 2007-08 academic year. Those marked with asterisks (*) have elected not to use the emeritus title modifier.

*Elijah Anderson, Charles & William L. Day Distinguished Professor of Social Sciences, SAS (’76)

Paul E. Atkins, professor emeritus of medicine, SOM (’74)

Murray K. Dalinka, professor emeritus of radiology, SOM (’76)—accorded status in 2006-07

Barry L. Eichler, associate professor emeritus of Near Eastern languages and civilizations, SAS (’68)

Gerald Faulhaber, professor emeritus of business and public policy, Wharton (’84)

John E. Fischer, professor emeritus of materials science and engineering, SEAS (’73)

Clara Franzini-Armstrong, professor emerita of cell and developmental biology, SOM (’75)

Robert F. Giegengack, professor emeritus of earth and environmental science, SAS (’68)

*Rodolfo Godinez, associate professor emeritus of anesthesiology and critical care, SOM (’78)— accorded status in 2006-07

DuPont Guerry IV, professor emeritus of medicine, SOM (’75)

*Melvyn Hammarberg, associate professor of anthropology, SAS (’80)

*Alan M. Klide, professor of anesthesiology, VET (’69)

Igor Kopytoff, professor emeritus of anthropology, SAS (’62)

Donato Larossa, professor emeritus of surgery, SOM (’77)—accorded status in 2006-07

Vicki L. Mahaffey, professor emerita of English, SAS (’80)

*Peter McCleary, professor or architecture, Design (’74)

Eugene Narmour, Edmund J. Kahn Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Music, SAS (’71)

Gilberto Pereira, professor emeritus of pediatrics, SOM (’78)

Gregory L. Possehl, professor emeritus of anthropology, SAS (’75)

Curtis Reitz, professor emeritus of law, Law (’05)

John J. Richetti, A.M. Rosenthal Professor Emeritus of English, SAS (’87)

John Rombeau, professor emeritus of surgery, SOM (’79)

Gino C. Segre, professor emeritus of physics and astronomy, SAS (’67)

Frank Trommler, professor emeritus of Germanic languages and literatures, SAS (’70)

Susan C. Watkins, professor emerita of sociology, SAS (’82)

Note: The year in parentheses is the year the professors joined the Penn faculty ranks.

Almanac - May 27, 2008 , Volume 54, No. 34