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January AT PENN
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December 19, 2006, Volume 53, No. 16
Unless otherwise noted, all events are open to the general public as well as to members of the University.
For building locations, call (215) 898-5000 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. or see www.facilities.upenn.edu/ or the University’s website, www.upenn.edu. Listing of a phone number normally means tickets, reservations or registration required.
Academic Calendar Children's Activities Conferences Exhibits Films Fitness/ Learning MLK
Meetings Music On Stage Readings/ Signings Special Events Sports Talks

Upcoming Exhibits

Modern Indian Works on Paper-Post-Independence Art from a Private Collection,
Female Gender Stereotypes in North America and South America
The Listening Station Project
On January 13, the Arthur Ross Gallery opens its new exhibit, Modern Indian Works on Paper-Post-Independence Art from a Private Collection, featuring 64 modern and contemporary works owned by Umesh and Sunanda Gaur, who were featured on the cover of the March 2003 Art and Antiques “Top 100 collectors” issue; Madhvi Parekh, On Way to My Home, 1999. Photo courtesy of Arthur Ross Gallery.

Female Gender Stereotypes in North America and South Africa will open at the International House on January 2 and run through February 2. On display will be a quilt assembled from many beaded panels that were sewn by local students and meant to illustrate a positive emotion or action that can help society rise above harmful attitudes towards females. The quilt will be donated in 2007 to Cape Town Child Welfare, a grass roots organization in South Africa that aids children and families affected by HIV/AIDS. Photo courtesy of I-House.

January 11 through February 2, The Listening Station Project, will be exhibited. Conceived and presented by Philadelphia artist Zoe Cohen, the Listening Station is meant to be used by two people who face each other and take turns listening to each other for equal amounts of time. Afterward, participants will be asked to fill out a questionnaire on the experience. Photo courtesy of I-House.
Nicole Cherubini
Locally Localized Gravity
Carlos Garaicoa
ICA - Nicole Cherubini’s ceramics reflect on both history and popular culture.The constant attention to affluence and the importance of material wealth that is endemic to American culture is reflected in the size, surface and color of her ceramic pieces. (G-Pot, Vanitas #3, 2006; ceramic, terracotta, luster, yellow and crystal ice, fake gold and silver jewelry, chain, purple rabbit fur, plywood, polyurethane, enamel and red plexi-glass). Through March 25. Photo courtesy of ICA.
ICA - Locally Localized Gravity will include over 100 artists, musicians, designers, lecturers, performers, and creators, and will be one non-stop event on view in ICA’s first floor galleries and terrace; (Sundown Salon #29, Dancing Convention, 2006). Photo by Fritz Haeg. Through March 25.
ICA - Carlos Garaicoa has been working since the early 1990s using a multidisciplinary approach that includes architecture and urbanism, narrative, history and politics. His works are charged with provocative commentary on issues such as architecture’s ability to alter the course of history, the failure of modernism as a catalyst for social change, and the frustration and decay of 20th-century utopias; (from the Series New Architectures, 2003, rice paper, steel, electric wires and bulbs). Photo courtesy Galleria Continua, San Gimignano-Beijing. Through March 25.
2006 Nikon's Small World
Ron Cardillo
Top photographs through the microscope combine art and science at the Wistar Institute’s upcoming exhibit, Nikon’s Small World Competition, opening January 15; Seed of a Clematis vitalba shrub (2x), 7th place photo by Viktor Sykora, Charles University Institute of Pathophysiology, Czech Republic. Photo by Viktor Sykora.
On January 7, Morris Arboretum opens a new exhibit, Great Gardens of the Philadelphia Region, an inspired photographic tour of the Delaware Valley’s rich and diverse horticultural legacy by photographer Rob Cardillo. From the majestic estates of Delaware, to the vital community gardens of Center City, this exhibit reveals why Philadelphia and its surrounding towns, suburbs and countryside are considered the horticultural epicenter of the United States. Based on the forthcoming book, A Guide to the Great Gardens of the Philadelphia Region by Adam Levine with photographs by Rob Cardillo, this exhibit is free with regular admission and will be on display through May 13; (Balustrade surrounding the iconic Rose Garden at the Morris Arboretum). Photo by Rob Cardillo.


8 Spring Semester Classes Begin.
15 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Observed (no classes).
19 Course Selection Period Ends.   


6 Fine Featherwork; create your own or your family’s shield or wall hanging, while listening to Native American legends and stories; ages 7+; $10, $5/members; 10 a.m.; Penn Museum; ; register by January 3: (215) 898-4016 (Museum).

Peanut Butter and Jams: World Cafe Live
Shows begin 11:30 a.m.; $10/adults, $7/children. Info.: www.worldcafelive.com.

6 Louie; bilingual family entertainer; Subanda; spontaneous and hip blend of sounds.
13 The Terrible Twos; alternative-country/Americana-pop for kids.

conferences Index 

19 Founder’s Day Symposium:  Changing the World? Penn Confronts Global Challenges; a conversation with the Provost and interdisciplinary scholars in celebration of Ben Franklin’s 301st birthday; 3-5 p.m.; Colloquium Room, 8th floor, Jon M. Huntsman Hall; info: www.upenn.edu/faculty_senate/announcements.html (Faculty Senate).
26 Stress &  Injury: Integrating Environment, Biology and Behavior; Andrew Newberg, radiology, psychiatry, and religious studies; Lawrence Sherman, criminology; Heather Strang, Jerry Lee Center of Criminology; 1:30-3:30 p.m.; Terrace Room, Logan Hall; info.: www.uphs.upenn.edu/ficap (FICAP).

exhibits Index 

Admission Donations and Hours
Arthur Ross Gallery, Fisher Fine Arts Library: free; Tues.-Fri., 10 a.m.-5 p.m.; Sat.-Sun., noon-5 p.m.
Charles Addams Fine Arts Gallery, Charles Addams Fine Arts Hall: free; Mon.-Fri., 10 a.m.-5 p.m.
Esther M. Klein Art Gallery: free; Mon.-Sat., 9 a.m.-5 p.m.
Graduate School of Education (GSE), Student Lounge: free; Mon.-Fri., 9 a.m.-5 p.m.
ICA: $6, $3/artists, seniors, students over 12; free/members, children 12 & under, w/PennCard; Sun., 11 a.m.-1 p.m.; Wed.-Fri., noon-8 p.m.; Sat.-Sun., 11 a.m.-5 p.m.
International House; free; for hours call (215) 387-5125.
Kelly Writers House Gallery: free; Mon.-Thurs., 10 a.m.-10:30 p.m.; Fri., 10 a.m.-5 p.m.; Sat., noon-11 p.m.; Sun., 6-11 p.m.
Kroiz Gallery, Fisher Fine Arts Library: free; Mon.-Fri., 9 a.m.-5 p.m.; Sat.-Sun., appointment only.
Meyerson Gallery, Meyerson Hall: free; Mon.-Fri., 9 a.m.-5 p.m.
Morris Arboretum: $10, $8/seniors, $5/students & youth 3-18, free w/ PennCard, children under 3; daily, 10 a.m.-4 p.m.   
Penn Museum: $8, $5/seniors, children 6-17, full-time students w/ID, free/members, w/PennCard, children under 6; Tues.-Sat., 10 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
Van Pelt-Dietrich Library: free; for hours see: http://events.library.upenn.edu/cgi-bin/calendar.cgi.
Wistar Institute: free; Mon.-Fri.,9 a.m.-5 p.m.


2 Female Gender Stereotypes in North America and South Africa; beaded fabric panels sewn by local youth and assembled into a quilt illustrating a positive emotion or action that can help society rise above harmful attitudes towards females; reception: January 4, 6 p.m.; International House. Through February 2. See January AT PENN Extras!
7 Great Gardens of the Philadelphia Region; photographs of Delaware Valley’s diverse horticulture by Rob Cardillo; Upper Gallery, Morris Arboretum. Through May 13. See January AT PENN Extras!
8 Photography by Didier Clain; reception: January 10, 6 p.m.; Kelly Writers House Gallery. Through February 10. See January AT PENN Extras!
  Undergraduate Juried Exhibition; reception: January 9, 5 p.m.; Charles Addams Fine Arts Gallery. Through January 27.
11 The Listening Station Project—Zoe Cohen; public participatory object for two people to sit on taking turns listening to each other for equal amounts of time after which they will be asked to complete a questionnaire; reception: 5 p.m.; International House. Through February 2. See January AT PENN Extras!
12 Panoramas and Other Circular Stories; multi-media works by Roderick Coover that challenge the traditional borders of documentary form through experiments in motion, montage and multi-linearity; reception: 5:30 p.m.; Esther M. Klein Art Gallery. Through March 31. See January AT PENN Extras!
13 Modern Indian Works on Paper-Post-Independence Art from a Private Collection; 64 contemporary works owned by Umesh and Sunanda Gaur, who were featured on the cover of the March 2003 Art and Antiques “Top 100 collectors” issue; Arthur Ross Gallery. Through March 11. See January AT PENN Extras!
15 Nikon’s Small World: Photography Through the Microscope; art meets science with these winning photos from Nikon’s 2006 competition; Wistar Institute. Through March 2. See January AT PENN Extras!
16 First Year MFA Exhibition; Meyerson Lower Gallery. Through February 16.
  The Art of Reinvention: Travel, Exile, and Recuperation; political exile of artists Franz Werfel and Kinga Araya; reception: January 30, 5 p.m.; Rosenwald Gallery, Van Pelt-Dietrich Library. Through April 13. See January AT PENN Extras!
20 Carlos Garaicoa; works that address Cuba’s politics and ideologies through the examination of modern architecture; reception: January 19, 6 p.m.; ICA. Through March 25. See January AT PENN Extras!
  Locally Localized Gravity; exhibits and events from over 100 artists, musicians, designers, lecturers, performers, and creators; reception: January 19, 6 p.m.; ICA. Through March 25. See January AT PENN Extras!
  Nicole Cherubini; clay art forms reflecting on history and popular culture; reception: January 19, 6 p.m.; ICA. Through March 25. See January AT PENN Extras!
  Ramp Project: Luca Buvoli; exploring aviation through mediums of drawing, sculpture, animated films and the artist’s books; reception: January 19, 6 p.m.; ICA. Through March 25. See January AT PENN Extras!

Penn Museum Tours
Meet at Trescher Main Entrance; free w/admission. Info.: www.museum.upenn.edu.

13 Year of Egypt: Mummies and the Afterlife; 11:30 a.m.


Francisco Goya y Lucientes: Los Caprichos: An Early Edition from the Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Ross; celebrates the 25th anniversary of association between the Arthur Ross Foundation and Penn; Arthur Ross Gallery. Through January 7. See January AT PENN Extras!
Literae Humaniores: Treasures from the University of Pennsylvania Library; books & manuscripts; Kamin Gallery, Van Pelt-Dietrich Library. Through February 16. See January AT PENN Extras!
Under European Eyes: Conquistadors & Arts of the New World; artifacts that reveal how Europeans perceived the arts of their newly conquered subjects; Penn Museum. Through February 26. See January AT PENN Extras!
Butabu: Adobe Architecture of West Africa; British photographer James Morris’ visual survey, from monumental mosques to family homes; Penn Museum. Through March 3. See January AT PENN Extras!
The Architect’s Eye: Master Drawings From the Collection of the Architectural Archives; original sketches and renderings by Louis I. Kahn, Robert Venturi and Frank Lloyd Wright; Kroiz Gallery. Through March 30.
Amarna, Ancient Egypt’s Place in the Sun; artifacts from the period of King Tutankhamun and from the 1920s excavations of Amarna; Penn Museum. Through October. See January AT PENN Extras!
Coming to the Small Screen: Ormandy & Television; Eugene Ormandy Gallery, Van Pelt-Dietrich Library. Ongoing. See January AT PENN Extras!
meta Metasequoia; see the world from among a canopy of celestialwood limbs; Morris Arboretum. Ongoing. See January AT PENN Extras!
A Wonderful Life: A Daughter’s Tribute to a Family of Educators; Joan Myerson Shrager’s digital art; Student Lounge, GSE. Ongoing. See January AT PENN Extras!

Ongoing at the Penn Museum

Worlds Intertwined: Etruscans, Greeks and Romans; Canaan & Ancient Israel; Living in Balance: The Universe of the Hopi, Zuni, Navajo and Apache; Mesoamerica; The Egyptian Mummy: Secrets & Science; Raven’s Journey: The World of Alaska’s Native People; Buddhism: History & Diversity of a Great Tradition; Africa: The Cradle of Humankind; Polynesia: ‘ahu’ula + lei niho palaoa.

films Index 

7 Year of Egypt: Hollywood on the Nile Free Film Series: Land of the Pharaohs (1955); 1:30 p.m.; Penn Museum (Museum).

Cinema Studies
Info.: http://cinemastudies.sas.upenn.edu.

23 The Rape of Europa; 7 p.m.; International House.
30 From Paradise to Paradise: A Hypertext About Love followed by Jesus de Buenos Aires; 6 p.m.; Arts Café, Kelly Writers House.

International House
With English subtitles: 7 p.m.; $7, $5/members, students, seniors unless otherwise noted.
Info.: www.ihousephilly.org.

10 Miles From Home.
11 Wholly Communion followed by Tonight Let’s All Make Love in London.
13 Pop Films followed by Led Zeppelin: Live at Royal Albert Hall.
14 Nothing to Do with Me followed by The Fall.
17 Paris Belongs to Us.
18 The Nun.
19 Out 1: Spectre.
20 Twhylight; 2 p.m.
  Los Lonely Boys Cotton Fields and Crossroads.
21 Jean Renoir, Le Patron followed by Jacques Rivette, Le Veilleur; 2 p.m.
  Love on the Ground.
25 Films and Their Makers.
28 Buster Keaton’s The General with Live Score by Relache; 3 p.m.; $20, $15/students & seniors, $10/members.
31 Switch Off.

fitness / learning Index 

Class of 1923 Arena; 3130 Walnut St.; admission: weekday $5.50, weekend $6.50, $1 off w/PennCard; skate rental $2.50; public skating: Mon.-Thurs., 1-3 p.m.; Sat. 7:30-9:30 p.m.; Sun. 1-2:30 p.m.; group rates and skating lessons offered; info.: www.upenn.edu/icerink.

Jazzercise; 5:30-6:30 p.m.; Tuesdays & Thursdays; Newman Center; first class free; $7/class, $5/students; contact Carolyn Hamilton: (215) 662-3293 (days) or (610) 446-1983 (evenings).

18 Rape Aggression Defense Program (RAD);12-hour sessions give hands-on physical defense training for women; Session I: Thursdays through February 1,6-9 p.m.; 4040 Chestnut St. Session II: January 20 & 27, 9 a.m.-3 p.m.; free/students, faculty, staff; register: (215) 898-3590; Spring 2007 schedule see: www.publicsafety.upenn.edu/ (UPPD).

Christian Association
Info: www.upennca.org.

9 SLANGuage; learn English and U.S. culture through the eyes of faith; 3 p.m. Also January 16, 23 & 30.
12 Christian Activist Power Lunch; share initiatives and build a more powerful network; noon. Also January 19 & 26.
17 Queer Christian Fellowship; conversation with dinner; 6 p.m. Also January 31.
21 And the People Wept: White Privilege, Guilt and Racial Justice; Beverly Dale; 10 a.m.; Tabernacle United Church.
23 Christians in Dialogue: Islam, Judaism, & Christianity; noon. Also January 30.

ELP Online Courses
7-week Courses through February 23. $700/course. Register by January 15: (215) 898-8681.

8 Writing for Professional Purposes.
  Writing that Works.
  Grammar for Writers.
  TOEFL Essay.
  University Application Essay.
  GMAT/GRE Analytical Essay.

14-week Courses through April 20.
$825/course, $650/Penn registrants.
Register by January 22: (215) 898-8681.

15 Grammar for Biomedical Professionals.
  Writing for Biomedical Professionals.

ELP Evening Courses

Through week of February 9; $340/course; TOEFL Prep: $665; $15 registration fee.
Intermediate and advanced courses unless otherwise noted. Register by January 2.

8 Grammar Practice.
  TOEFL/TWE Preparation.
9 Conversation Practice; beginner.
  Conversational Interactions.
  Pronunciation Improvement.
10 Oral Presentation.
11 Listening & Speaking with Confidence.
  Vocabulary Expansion.

Morris Arboretum
Free w/admission. Info.: (215) 247-5777.

7 Great Plants for Your Home Garden Tour; Sundays through January 28; 1 p.m.
28 The Art of the Garden: Collecting Antique Botanical Prints; 2 p.m.; RSVP.

Learning and Education: HR
Open to faculty and staff. Register: www.hr.upenn.edu/training_coursecatalog/.

16 Essentials of Management Certification Program Kickoff Session; 9 a.m.-10:30 a.m.; 5-month program; see website for all session dates and times.
18 AMA’s Strategies for Developing Effective Presentation Skills; 9 a.m.-5 p.m.; $60.
30 Brown Bag Matinee—Focus Your Vision; noon-1.

PennFit: Department of Recreation
Free to Penn students, faculty & staff.
Events take place at Pottruck Health and Fitness Center, noon-1 p.m.
Register: www.upenn.edu/recreation or (215) 898-6100.

8 Instructional Class Demo Week; registration not required. Through January 14.
12 Body Composition Measurements.
17 History of Pilates—Who is the Man Behind the Method?
23 Spinning 101.

Penn Museum
Register: (215) 898-4890.

13 La Corona; Marcello Canuto, Yale University; 1:30 p.m.; rm. 345, Academic Wing; free w/admission.
19 Dealing with Decapitation in Ancient Egypt: Spare Heads for the Afterlife; Nicholas Picardo, Ph.D. candidate, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations; 6 p.m.; $5.
27 Year of Egypt: Tut 101; overview of the life of Pharaoh Tutankhamun; 9 a.m.-4 p.m.; $75, $60/members.
31 Ancient Maya: Travel and Discovery of an Ancient American Culture; Richard Leventhal, anthropology; 5 p.m.; free; register: (215) 573-8280.

Technology Training Services
Classes at ISC labs, 3650 Chestnut St., 9 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
Open to faculty, staff & students.
Register: www.tts.isc.upenn.edu.

4 Word Introduction; $250.
8 Windows XP Introduction; $250.
9 Excel Introduction; $250.
  FilemakerPro Introduction; $460.
  Visio Intermediate; $295.
  Word Intermediate; $250.
16 Outlook 2003 Introduction; $250.
17 Excel Intermediate; $250.
18 PowerPoint Introduction; $250.
19 Business Objects Introduction; $495.
22 PowerPoint Intermediate; $250.
23 Dreamweaver 8: Introduction; $750. Continues January 24.
25 Access Introduction; $470. Continues January 26.
29 FilemakerPro Intermediate; $460.
30 Excel Advanced; $250.
31 Visio Introduction; $295.

Meetings Index 

31 University Council; 4-6 p.m.; Bodek Lounge, Houston Hall; RSVP: (215) 898-7005.
  WXPN Policy Board; noon; 3025 Walnut St.

music Index 

12 David S. Ware Unit; jazz ensemble; 8 p.m.; International House; $30, $24/members & seniors, $22.50/students (I-House).

World Cafe Live
Performances daily.  For a complete listing, see www.worldcafelive.com.


Penn Presents
Info./tickets: www.pennpresents.org.

18 Richard Alston Dance Company; contemporary dance performance to the ragtime music of Scott Joplin; 7:30 p.m.; Zellerbach Theatre; Annenberg Center; $32-$44. Also January 19, 8 p.m. and January 20, 2 & 8 p.m.  See January AT PENN Extras! Audio Video Extras
23 Amajuba: Like Doves We Rise; portrayal of growing up in apartheid South Africa based on the real-life stories of the five men and women who make up the cast; 7:30 p.m.; Harold Prince Theatre, Annenberg Center; $38-$44. Also January 24 & 25, 7:30 p.m.; January 26 & 27, 8 p.m. & January 28, 3 p.m.  See January AT PENN Extras! Audio Video Extras

readings / signings Index 

28 The Art of the Garden: Collecting Antique Botanical Prints—Denise DeLaurentis & Hollie Powers Holt; 2 p.m.; Morris Arboretum; RSVP: (215) 247-5777.

Kelly Writers House
Events in the Arts Café unless otherwise noted. RSVP where noted: wh@writing.upenn.edu.
Info.: www.writing.upenn.edu/~wh/.

9 Book Release Party: Bob Perelman—Iflife; 6 p.m.
10 David Zucchino—Writing from Hot Spots; noon.
11 The Jazz Avant-Garde and Jelly Roll Morton; with John Szwed, Yale University; Dave Burrell, pianist/composer; 6 p.m.
16 Poetry Reading by Brian Kim Stefans & Juliette Lee; 6 p.m.
17 Speakeasy: Poetry, Prose and Anything Goes!; 8 p.m.
22 Live at the Writers House with 88.5 WXPN; 7 p.m.
23 Constance Bridges—Lions Don’t Eat Us; 6 p.m.
24 A Celebration of Hart Crane; 6 p.m.
25 50th Anniversary Celebration of Jack Kerouac’s On The Road; 4 p.m.; RSVP.
29 Michael McKeon—The Secret History of Domesticity: Public, Private, and the Division of Knowledge; 6 p.m.

Penn Bookstore
Info.: www.upenn.edu/bookstore.

17 Lynnette Khalfani—The Money Coach’s Guide to Your First Million; 12:30 p.m.
18 Pauline Chen—Final Exam: A Surgeon’s Reflection on Mortality; 7 p.m.
23 Ken Kalfus—A Disorder Peculiar to the Country; 7 p.m.
30 Veronica Chambers— Kickboxing Geishas: How Modern Japanese Women are Changing Their Nation; 7 p.m.

special events Index 

5 Winterfest; a night of public ice skating and holiday treats; $1; free skate rentals; 5-8 p.m.; Class of 1923 Ice Rink (University City District).  
9 Blood Drive; 10 a.m.-4 p.m.; Hall of Flags, Houston Hall; also January 25; 10 a.m.-4 p.m.; Bodek Lounge, Houston Hall (Red Cross).  
11 Dining Days; various University City restaurants participate in dinner promotion: 3 courses for $20, $25, or $30; info.: www.ucityphila.org/. Through January 18.  
20 World Culture Day: Chinese New Year Celebration; Chinese culture and New Year music and dance performances, children’s activities, storytelling, arts & crafts, fortune-telling, and martial and healing arts tradition workshops, culminating in the grand finale: the Lion Dance parade; 11 a.m.-4 p.m.; Penn Museum; free w/admission; info.: www.museum.upenn.edu (Museum).  

The new Vernon and Shirley Hill Pavilion welcomes the Penn community during an Open House to be held on Friday, January 5, 2-4 p.m. The building is the most state-of-the-art veterinary teaching and research facility in the world and contains surgery centers, teaching and library space, research laboratories and a vivarium (Vet Med). Photo by Marguerite Miller.

Hill Pavilion




sports Index 

Info./tickets: www.pennathletics.com.

6 (M) Alumni Fencing Meet; 1 p.m.   20 (M&W) Swimming vs. Dartmouth; 1 p.m.
  Wrestling vs. York College; 1 p.m.     (M&W) Swimming vs. Yale; 1 p.m.
  (W) Basketball vs. Princeton; 7 p.m.     (W) Gymnastics vs. Yale; 1 p.m.
  (W) Alumni Fencing Meet; 1 p.m.   24 (M) Basketball vs. Temple; 8 p.m.
10 (M) Squash vs. Navy; 5 p.m.   26 Wrestling vs. Hofstra; 7 p.m.
12 (W) Basketball vs. Cornell; 7 p.m.   27 (M) Swimming vs. Navy; noon.
13 (M) Squash vs. Amherst; 11 a.m.     (W) Gymnastics vs. Temple; 1 p.m.
  (M&W) Squash vs. Williams; 4 p.m.     (W) Swimming vs. Navy; 3 p.m.
  (W) Basketball vs. Columbia; 7 p.m.     (M) Basketball vs. St. Joseph’s; 7 p.m.
  (M&W) Swimming vs. Brown; noon.   28 (W) Squash vs. Trinity; 2 p.m.
14 (M&W) Swimming vs. Colgate; 1 p.m.   31 (M) Tennis vs. St. Joseph’s; 3 p.m.

Talks Index 

10 Emergency Preparedness, Older Adult and Health Disparities; Risa Lavizzo-Mourey, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation; 2 p.m.; Flyers/76ers Surgery Theatre; Ground Floor, White Bldg., HUP (Institute on Aging).
  Meiotic DNA Double-Strand Break Repair (Homologous Recombination) in Mice and Humans; R. Daniel Camerini-Otero, National Institutes of Health; noon; rm. 252, BRB II/III (CRRWH).
  Proteomic Mapping of Endothelium and Its Caveolae for Antibody Penetration Into Solid Tumors; Jan Schnitzer, Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center; 4 p.m.; Grossman Auditorium (Wistar).
17 The Genres of Ambivalence: Revolution, Assimilation, and the Cold War in Luis Perez’s El Coyote, the Rebel; Amparo Yolanda Padilla, English; noon; Suite 331A, 3401 Walnut St. (Latin American and Latino Studies).
  Regulating Mammalian Sperm-egg Membrane Interactions:  The Membrane Block to Polyspermy; Janice Evans, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health; noon; rm. 252, BRB II/III (CRRWH).
  Beyond Watson and Crick: Translesion DNA Synthesis in Eukaryotes; Aneel Aggarwal; Mount Sinai University; 4 p.m.; Grossman Auditorium (Wistar).
18 Innate Partnership Between HLA-B and KIR3DL1 Subtypes Against HIV; Mary Carrington, National Cancer Institute; 1 p.m.; auditorium, BRB II/III (Center for AIDS Research).
19 Title tba; Marko Vujicic, The World Bank; noon; auditorium, Colonial Penn Center; info.: (215) 898-5611 (LDI).
  What the Railways Did for Us: A Reassessment of the Passenger Social Savings from Victorian British Railways; Timothy Leunig, London School of Economics; 2 p.m.; Lea Library, Van Pelt-Dietrich Library (History).
  Confessions of a Troglodyte: Cappadoccia Demythologized; Robert Ousterhout, history of art; Rich Seminar Room, Jaffe Bldg. (History of Art).
24 Ooplasm-Nucleus Interactions Controlling Early Development; Keith Latham, Fels Institute for Cancer Research and Molecular Biology; noon; rm. 252, BRB II/III (CRRWH).
25 Impudence’s Just Reward: Philo-sophical Innovation from the Spirit of Satire; Martin Mulsow, Rutgers University; 4:30 p.m.; rm. 209, College Hall (History).
26 Title tba; Somnath Saha, Oregon University; noon; auditorium, Colonial Penn Center; info.: (215) 898-5611 (LDI).
  Rivals and Partners: Competition and Collaboration in Ukiyo-e; Julie Davis; history of art; Rich Seminar Room, Jaffe Bldg. (History of Art).
31 Endometrial Gene Expression in a Baboon Model of Endometriosis; Asgi Fazleabas, University of Illinois-Chicago; noon; rm. 252, BRB II/III (CRRWH).
  Dissecting Cell Fate Regulation in Stem Cells; Ihor Lemischka, Princeton University; 4 p.m.; Grossman Auditorium (Wistar).

MLK EventsPenn’s Commitment to the Legacy:
Mobilizing for Peace & Social Justice

The following are among the many events for the 2007 MLK Symposium.
For a complete list of programs and the latest information,
visit: www.upenn.edu/aarc/mlk.

2 Winter Clothing Drive; collecting hats, coats, gloves and other winter wear; see MLK website for drop-off locations. Through January 11.
14 21st Annual Dinner in Honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.; discussion of King’s work in today’s society featuring southern-style dinner & gospel music; 6 p.m.; $28, $20/students, seniors & community activists; reservations: (215) 386-9224 (White Dog Café).
15 Day of Service Breakfast; Kofi Asante; 8-9 a.m.; Hall of Flags, Houston Hall; volunteers are asked to bring a new hat, scarf, gloves or multicultural book for children, to be donated to West Philadelphia community organizations (BGAPSA; UMC; MLK Service Committee).
  Children’s Banner and Poster Painting at Houston Hall; 10 a.m.-noon (MLK Service Committee).
  Helping Hands at Houston Hall; create gifts to be donated to area shelters, nursing homes and other charities; 10 a.m.-noon (MLK Service Committee).
  Philadelphia Reads Literacy Project at Houston Hall; create books on tape to promote literacy for Philadelphia youth; 10 a.m.-noon (MLK Service Committee).
  Spruce Up Project; West Philadelphia High School and other sites; 10 a.m.-2 pm; pre-register at MLK website; transportation will be provided from Houston Hall (MLK Service Committee).
  Celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday; enjoy a special birthday cake and watch a documentary about the life and works of King; 5-7 p.m.; Michael Murray Lounge, Samson Place East (GPSP).
  Candlelight Vigil; reflect on Dr. King’s life and legacy; marching from DuBois, the Quad and Hill College Houses to Houston Hall; 7 p.m. (Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority).
16 Portrayals of Responses to Racism in Film: A Look at Scenes from American Movies; open discussion about racial injustice and social activism in America as represented through films such as Do The Right Thing, A Time to Kill, and Higher Learning; 6:30 p.m.; Common Room, Graduate Student Center; RSVP: www.gsc.upenn.edu/programs/film.php (GSC).
17 HUP Celebrates Dr. King; special keynote and performance by the Penn Inspiration Choir; 11:30 a.m.; Medical Alumni Hall, 1 Maloney Bldg.
  Interactive Program: “Keeping Colours True...”; Valarie Swain-Cade McCoullum, VPUL; noon-2 p.m.; Bishop White Room, Houston Hall (WOCAP).
  The Future of Black Leadership in America; Sean Vereen & Marc Hill, Center for Africana Studies; Herman Beavers, English; moderated by Penn students: Shakirah Simley (UMC), Jason Saunders (BSL); 7-9 p.m.; Bodek Lounge, Houston Hall.
18 MLK Interfaith Program; music, readings, remarks from President Amy Gutmann and special guest speaker; Presentation of Community Involvement Awards with reception to follow; 6:30 p.m.; Bodek Lounge, Houston Hall (Office of the Chaplin).
19 Prepare Meals with MANNA; help prepare meals for people living with HIV/AIDS, cancer and other life threatening illnesses; departs from Civic House; 5-8 p.m.; RSVP: niblick@sas.upenn.edu or (215) 898-4831 (Civic House).
  The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Lecture in Social Justice: A Conversation with Harry Belafonte and Mary Francis Berry; moderated by Tukufu Zuberi; 5:30 p.m.; Irvine Auditorium (Africana Studies).
20 Making Movements Through Media; screenings, workshops & panel discussion on the media’s effect on social justice movements, moderated by Marc Lammont Hill; noon-4 p.m.; location tba; info.: www.geoclan.com.
22 Project PEACE Information Session; learn the basics of implementing peer mediation/conflict resolution in K-8 schools; noon-2 p.m.; Silverman 245A, Law School (Law; Greenfield Intercultural Center).
  Apartheid and Beyond: South African Writers and the Politics of Place;Rita Barnard offers readings of South African literary culture, explore how Apartheid functioned in its day-to-day operations; 5 p.m.; Penn Bookstore (Alice Paul Center).
23 The Nine Things Every Writer Must Know: Seminar; Tonya Evans-Walls, publishing/intellectual property lawyer; learn how copyright is created and protected, fair use and public domain laws, trademark, patent and other legal issues; 12:30 p.m.; Penn Bookstore (Bookstore).
  Civil Rights, LGBT Rights: Dr. King’s Legacy in the Queer Community; Mary Francis Berry, former Chair of The Civil Rights Commission, distinguished scholar and activist, will reflect on King’s impact on contemporary movements for LGBT rights, with responses from campus leaders; reception to follow; 5:30 p.m.; LGBT Center, Carriage House (LGBT).
24 Men of Color Networking Lunch; learn about Penn’s newest networking and support group geared towards men of color at Penn, featuring brief remarks, live performances and lunch; noon-2 p.m.; location tba (MOCNS).
  Reverend Dr. Wilson Goode: The Future of Philadelphia; the African-American elected to Mayor of Philadelphia, and former Deputy Secretary of Education under former President Clinton, Goode will speak on Philadelphia’s future; 12:30 p.m.; Seminar Room, Fels School of Government (Fels).
25 Philadelphia Police Commissioner Sylvester Johnson; Commissioner Johnson will give reflection and insight on Philadelphia’s current crime problems and initiatives for change; 6 p.m.; Hillel (AARC).
  In King’s Shadow: LGBT Leaders for Civil Rights;special invitation is extended to local high school students and GSA for viewing of “Brother Outsider: The Life of Bayard Rustin”, the architect behind the March on Washington; discussion on LGBT leadership in and outside of the LGBT community to follow; 5-7 p.m.; LGBT Center, Carriage House (QPOC; GIC; LGBT; Mazzoni Center).
26 Jazz for King Celebration; annual Jazz event and poetry reading featuring Dr. Guy’s MusiQology, poets Traci Poe, a.k.a. Lady Poet, Pat McLean and other performers; 6-8 p.m.; Dubois College House (MLK Planning Committee).
28 Building Stronger Cross-Class Alliances; examine the role that class plays within organizations trying to make social change; learn how to facilitate cross-class collaborations in your own activism, work and life; featured lecturer: Ms. Leondar-Wright, www.classmatters.org; 2-5 p.m.; Carriage House (Race Dialogue Project).