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Penn's Way 2006
October 3, 2006, Volume 53, No. 6
Penn's Way 2006

Dear Colleagues:

The Penn Community is truly inspiring!  We would like to extend our sincere gratitude for making last year’s workplace charitable giving campaign an unparalleled success. Through your generosity and spirit of giving, along with the important work of the many charitable organizations in our region, we’ll be able to continue to send a resounding message of hope and support to our community organizations and the vulnerable populations these agencies serve. Thank you!  

Strengthening neighborhoods and communities is an aim that we all share and this year will mark an exciting collaboration: we proudly announce that this year’s workplace charitable giving campaign will see the efforts of both the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Pennsylvania Health System combined into one exceptional Penn’s Way 2007 Campaign. As the largest employer in Philadelphia, the leveraging of our collective energies will make us STRONGER TOGETHER and the strength of our combined generosities will catapult us towards reaching our goal of raising $1,000,000 for the communities in which we live!  

This powerful union will provide an immediate impact towards making a broader difference in our region.  It will also afford you with a wider variety of charitable outlets to which to give. The Penn’s Way 2007 campaign has partnered with three organizations, each of which utilizes their expertise to approach the challenges facing our community today. They are:

•  The Center for Responsible Funding
•  Penn Medicine
•  United Way

Please review the materials to learn more about the campaign, and then go to www.upenn.edu/pennsway/ to enter your pledge and view the raffle prizes for each week. Pledging online is secure, convenient and time-saving. You can also watch for updates on the campaign in Almanac and the Penn’s Way Campaign web site.

Inspire us once again! Please help make the unified Penn’s Way 2007 campaign STRONGER TOGETHER by pledging your support today. With your generosity and our combined commitment to helping people, we will build stronger neighborhoods, improve communities and provide healthier lives for all!

Please accept our sincere appreciation for your continued generosity!

Maureen S. Rush
Vice President, Public Safety, Penn
Penn’s Way 2007 Co-Chair
Susan E. Phillips
Senior Vice President, Public Affairs, UPHS
Penn’s Way 2007 Co-Chair
Larry Gladney
Professor of Physics, Penn
Penn’s Way 2007 Faculty Advisor
David Kennedy
Vice Dean for Professional Services, UPHS
Penn’s Way 2007 Faculty Advisor     


Penn 2007 Penn’s Way Campaign—Coordinators

If you have questions about the campaign or the pledging process, please contact a Campaign Coordinator from your School or Center, listed below. We strongly urge you to utilize our online giving system at www.upenn.edu/pennsway. If you prefer to use a paper pledge form, please contact a coordinator from your School/Center: forms will be available upon request.

For all other Penn’s Way campaign questions or concerns please contact: Rob Eich at (215) 898-4483 or reich@publicsafety.upenn.edu; or Lissa Kapustin at (215) 898-7515 or lkapustin@publicsafety.upenn.edu.


UPHS 2007 Penn’s Way Campaign—Coordinators

If you have questions about the campaign or the pledging process, please contact the Campaign Coordinator for your  entity (see www.upenn.edu/almanac/volumes/v53/n06/pennsway-UPHS.html). All paper pledge forms should be collected by your department Campaign Captain or can be sent directly to the Campaign Coordinator for your entity.

For all other Penn’s Way campaign questions or concerns please contact: Alyson Cole, UPHS Penn’s Way Operations Chair, (215) 662-6371 or colea@uphs.upenn.edu. 

For the Raffle, see article.


University of Pennsylvania 2007 Penn’s Way Campaign—Coordinators

SCHOOL/CENTER 2007 Volunteers SCHOOL/CENTER 2007 Volunteers
Annenberg School Julie Sheehan School of Dental Medicine Jerry Friel, Sue Conroy, Barbara Del Regino, Lauren Rocca
Athletics and Recreation James Mesisca, Elizabeth Griffin, Donna Rollins SEAS Megan Doherty, Kathy Wohlschlaeger, Vukan Vuchic, Tara Betterbid
Business Services Maria Chaney, Ron Ward, Phyllis Vizzachero, Brian Caputo, Denise Scriven, Bryan Isola, Rachel Chandler, Laurel Grady, Erica Hildegrand, Katrina Terrell, Larry Bell, Natalie Subeh School of Medicine Bob Dugan, Gina Barrett, Karen Barnes, Ryan Frasch
Center for Technology Transfer Jackie Miraglia School of Nursing Trudi Sippola, Adam Sherr, Karen Keith-Ford, Cherry Sturdivant, Karen Gaffney, Viveca Holmes, Deborah Womack, and Beatrice Green, Patricia Adams, David Idun, Brian McDevitt, Rachael Meade,  Heather Kelley,  Suzanne Leimkuhler,  Lorna McGonigal
Development and Alumni Relations Lisa Vaccarelli, Sabree Barnes School of Social Policy & Practice Lisa Brown
Executive Vice President Rae Goodman School of Veterinary Medicine Fatema Mookhtiar, Anita Kolsky, Valerie Robinson
Facilities Debbie Stokes, Tonya Banks School of Veterinary Medicine/New Bolton Center Linda Lewis, Carol Sheets, Elizabeth Groves, Pam Salsbury, Pat Bodek, Trish Michener, Kim Sprout, Pat Hall, Lisa DeWald, and Joanne Mitchell
Finance Megan Carr, Janet Ansert, Sally Buonadonna, Ellen Solvibile, Tina Nemetz, Clarissa Darby, Cheryl Pringle, Tamika Thomas University Communications Blake Cole
General Counsel Holli Sands-Arrison, Jeannie Williams Penn Museum Maureen Goldsmith, Tena Thomason
Graduate School of Education (215) 746-0216 Vice Provost for University Life Lisa Payakovich, Debra Smiley-Koita, Christine Davis, Pam Edwards, Pat Ravenell, Robin Read
School of Design Chris Cataldo, Tom Daniels Wharton Lynn Krage,  Kristi Aiello
Human Resources Hilary Lopez WXPN Robert Drake
Information Systems and Computing Mel Benson, Doris Pate, Flossie Scalia, Kathy Ritchie, Reshma Tanna, and Angela Harris Henry, Josephine Mercer, Cynthia DuFour, Margaret Smith, Joseph McLaurin International Programs Sharon Liu
Law School Silvana Burgese, Julie Colleluori Audit and Compliance Sohia Husain
Libraries Valerie Peña Morris Arboretum Flo Freeman
Office of the Secretary Alison McGhie Institute of Contemporary Art Elysa Voshell
President’s Center Afi Roberson, Carol Defries, Monica Jones, Leslie Mellet, Natalie Woulard College Houses and Academic Svcs. Leslie Delauter
Provost Linda Koons University Archives and Records Mark Frazier Lloyd
Public Safety Lissa Kapustin, Robert Eich, Tracey  Napolitano Annenberg Center Jessica Anderson
School of Arts and Sciences Dyan Anderson, Allison Rose    


Almanac - October 3, 2006, Volume 53, No. 6