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Penn's Way 2006
October 3, 2006, Volume 53, No. 6
Penn's Way 2006 

Penn's Way 2007

University of Pennsylvania Health System
2007 Penn’s Way Campaign – Administrators and Coordinators

                  If you have questions about the campaign or the pledging process, please contact the Campaign Coordinator for your entity.  All paper pledge forms should be collected by your department Campaign Captain or can be sent directly to the Campaign Coordinator for your entity. 


Clinical Care Associates (CCA)
Campaign Coordinator Dorinda Carolina dorinda.carolina@uphs.upenn.edu (610) 902-1712
Clinical Practices of the University of Pennsylvania (CPUP)
Campaign Coordinator Rosellen Tarraborelli tarrborr@mail.med.upenn.edu (215) 662-.2899
Campaign Coordinator Ken Brown brownk@uphs.upenn.edu (610) 341-9812
Corporate Administration    
Campaign Coordinator Mia Gonzales Dean mia.gonzales@upenn.upenn.edu (215) 349-5127
Campaign Coordinator Nadine Porter nadine.porter@uphs.upenn.edu (215) 615-2646
Corporate Finance    
Campaign Coordinator Wayne Smith wayne.smith@uphs.upenn.edu (215) 615-0691
Home Care and Hospice Services (HCHS)
Campaign Coordinator Denise Mariotti denise.mariotti@uphs.upenn.edu (610) 747-3406
Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania (HUP)
Campaign Administrator Sandra Jost josts@uphs.upenn.edu (215) 615-4102
Campaign Administrator Maryellen Reilly maryellen.reilly@uphs.upenn.edu (215) 349-8239
Campaign Coordinator Donna Griffith donna.griffith@uphs.upenn.edu (215) 662-2576
Campaign Coordinator Brooke Wollenberg wollenbb@uphs.upenn.edu (215) 614-1950
Campaign Coordinator (Nursing) Tilly Heggs tilly.heggs@uphs.upenn.edu (215) 662.6186
Campaign Coordinator (Nursing) Joan Torbet joan.torbet@uphs.upenn.edu (215) 615-3807
Campaign Coordinator (Nursing) Nancy Williams nancy.williams@uphs.upenn.edu (215) 614-0333
Penn Presbyterian Medical Center (PPMC)
Campaign Administrator Michael Sheerin michael.sheerin@uphs.upenn.edu 856.616-.2740
Campaign Coordinator (Ancillary) Kimberly Deppert kim.deppert@uphs.upenn.edu (215) 662-.9643
Campaign Coordinator Alys Nawawi alys.nawawi@uphs.upenn.edu (215) 662-8627
Campaign Coordinator (Nursing) Denise Gilanelli denise_gilanelli@uphs.upenn.edu (215) 662-8610
Penn Medicine at Radnor (PMR)
Campaign Coordinator Debbie Pierre debbie.pierre@uphs.upenn.edu (610) 902-5610
Pennsylvania Hospital (PAH)    
Campaign Administrator Deb Staples debbie.staples@uphs.upenn.edu (215) 829-7030
Campaign Coordinator Danielle Heffner danielle.heffner@uphs.upenn.edu (215) 829-5723

For all other Penn’s Way campaign questions or concerns please contact: Alyson Cole, UPHS Penn’s Way Operations Chair, (215) 662-6371, colea@uphs.upenn.edu.

Almanac - October 3, 2006, Volume 53, No. 6