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The Katrina Guest Student Project

On April 4, many staff members from across the University were honored for their extraordinary achievements at the Models of Excellence Award Ceremony and Reception.  Included in the celebration were this year’s Commitment to Excellence award winners.  The Commitment to Excellence program recognizes extra commitment and effort in response to highly unusual circumstances identified by campus leaders, such as the work done in preparation for Y2K or following 9/11. 

When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans in August 2005, the institutions of higher education in the region faced massive devastation and were unable to begin their regular fall semesters. To aid in the relief effort, Penn sponsored a program for Philadelphia-area students who would have attended a college or university in New Orleans. Penn invited these students to apply to attend as guest students for the fall semester.

A group of staff members from the College of General Studies (CGS), the Vice Provost for University Life (VPUL), the University Communications Division, the School of Arts and Sciences (SAS) offices, the Chaplain’s Office, the Graduate Student Center, and the Provost’s Office came together to design a process for quickly and effectively reviewing applications, admitting students, and integrating them into our environment in a way that would support their many complex needs.

The number of people nominated for this award reflects just how many were committed to this cause and the extent of the team effort that was required. In acknowledgement of their outstanding commitment to excellence in the face of extraordinary, unprecedented conditions, we are very pleased to award these staff members with Commitment to Excellence recognition.


Commitment to Excellence

Commitment to Excellence Award Winners

Suzanne Bellan, Associate Director, PennCard Center, Business Services

Kristine Billmeyer, Associate Dean, Continuing Education, CGS

Peggy Bishop Lane, Deputy Vice Dean, Wharton Graduate Division

Michael Bonanno, IT Support Specialist, SAS

Michael Brosnan, Associate Senior Director, SRFS, Student Financial Services

Miriam Burwasser, Administrative Assistant, SAS

Lisa Campeau, Senior Data Analyst, ISC

John Ceccatti, Assistant Dean/Advisor for Life Sciences, CGS

Kirsten Chalfen, Course Data Manager, SAS

Terry Conn, Associate Vice Provost, VPUL

Flora Campos Cornfield, Assistant Dean for Advising and Study Abroad,
College of Arts and Sciences

Laurie Cousart, Director, Business Services, Business Services

Janice Curington, Assistant Dean for Multicultural Affairs & Advising, SAS

Diana D. Dadachanji, Administrative Assistant for Records, SAS

Nadia Daniel, Manager for Professional & Enrichment Programs, SAS

Kristin Davidson, Director of Administrative Affairs, SAS

Marlayne Dundovich, Director, PennCard Center, Business Services

Camille Durocher, Administrative Assistant, CGS

Jackie Eschbach, Web Editor, University Communications

Mihaela Farcas, Director, Off Campus Living

Hocine Fetni, Assistant Dean for Advising, SAS

Godlove Fonjweng, Assistant Dean for Advising, SAS

Diane Frey, Director of Academic Services, SAS

Srilata Gangulee, Assistant Dean for Advising, SAS

Anita Gelburd, Assistant to the Deputy Provost, Office of the Provost

Katrina Glanzer, Assistant Director of Freshman Services, SAS

Michele Grab, House Dean, Stouffer College House

Rosalie Guzofsky, Director of Professional Programs and Summer Sessions,

Philippa Harris, Coordinator, Special Projects, CGS

Heather Haseley, Administrative Assistant, CGS

Victoria Hewitt, Administrative Coordinator, VPUL

Lynne Hunter, Associate Dean/Associate Dir. for Pre-Medical Prog, CGS

Stephanie R. Jones, Admin. Coordinator, SAS

Naomi F. Kaminsky, Publication Manager, SAS

Janna Kane, Administrative Assistant, SAS

Deni Kasrel, Dir. Web & Publishing Services, University Communications

Alice van Buren Kelley, Assistant Director of Academic Advising & Assistant
Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

Mary Kononenko, Office Manager, SAS

John Krebs, Assistant Dean/Associate Dir. for Summer Sessions, SAS

Robert Lane, Assistant Dean, CGS

Eleni Litt, Assistant Dean, CGS

Shannon T. Lowe, Administrative Assistant, SAS

Jennifer Q. Mahar, Administrative Assistant to Dean of Freshman, SAS

Marsha Mallet, Director of Finance and Administration, CGS

Donald Manigly, Director, Student Accounts, Student Financial Services

Liv Mansfield, Director of Marketing, CGS

Marco A. Manzo, Coordinator of Academic & Student Affairs, Graduate
Division of Arts and Sciences

Ted Marvel, Senior IT Support Specialist, SAS

Anita Mastroieni, Director, Graduate Student Center

Justin C. Mazur, Associate Director for Admissions & External Affairs, SAS

Niel McDowell, Assistant Dean for Advising, College of Arts and Sciences

Doris J. McLeod, Exec. Secretary to Dean, SAS

Guna Mundheim, Assistant Dean for Advising, College of Arts and Sciences

Nancy Nicely, Executive Director of External Affairs, Office of the Provost

Ada Obrea, Assistant Director for Advising Communications, SAS

Kent Peterman, Director of Academic Affairs, SAS

Kristine Rabberman, Director of Liberal Arts Programs, CGS

Patricia Rea, Coordinator of Admissions, Graduate Division of Arts and Sciences

Ilene C. Rosenstein, Director, Counseling and Psychological Services

Ron Sanders, University Registrar

Eric C. Schneider, Associate Director for Academic Affairs, SAS

Leah Smith, Director of Communications and External Affairs, VPUL

Nathaniel Smith, House Dean, Ware College House

Sharon Smith, Director, Student Intervention Services, VPUL

Parker Snowe, Associate Director, International Programs, Wharton Graduate Division

Douglas P. Stuart, Administrative Assistant, SAS

Joe Sun, Director of Academic Affairs, SEAS

Margaret Mary Thomas, Administrative Assistant for Reception, College of Arts and Sciences

Janet Tighe, Dean of Freshman and Director of Academic Advising, SAS

Danielle L. Venit, Administrative Assistant, SAS

Karen Weidel, Associate Dean/Advisor, SAS

Joan Weston, Director of Admissions & Financial Aid, School of Design

Ira Winston, IT Executive Director, SEAS

Barbara Woodford, Administrative Assistant for Reception, College of Arts and Sciences


  Almanac, Vol. 52, No. 32, May 2, 2006


May 2, 2006
Volume 52 Number 32


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