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Summary WPSA By-laws changes (2006 revision):
Board leadership: Addition of Vice-Chairperson Elect—redistribute duties of  Vice-Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson Elect.
2006 Amendment—for the purposes of implementation of the above by-law addition, the election for Vice-Chairperson Elect will be held May 11, 2006.
A call for nomination is on page 8 and distributed to all WPSA members via email.

Weekly-paid Professional Staff Assembly By-laws


The name of this organization shall be Weekly-paid Professional Staff Assembly (WPSA).

ARTICLE II—Membership

Members of this organization shall be all Weekly-paid (non-exempt) (non-union) University of Pennsylvania employees.


The purpose of this organization is to:

Provide opportunities for Weekly-paid Professional Staff to become involved in the discussion of and contribution to various University issues, through appointed positions on university committees as WPSA representatives.

Inform staff about programs or speakers from the University and the community that may:

Enhance and develop employees’ professional and/or personal lives, or

Address the needs and concerns of Weekly-paid Professional Staff through examples of motivation, leadership, expertise and humanitarianism.

Provide a forum for which Weekly-paid Professional Staff can express issues or concerns facing the University and convey these notions to members of the University at large.

ARTICLE IV—Election of the Executive Board

A. Composition of the Board

The Executive Board, hereinafter referred to as the Board, is comprised of no more than a total of 20 elected individuals. These individuals are elected in accordance with the principles and procedures as stated in Article V of this Constitution and the purpose, principles and procedures by which it is governed are outlined in Article VI.

ARTICLE V—Principles and Procedures Governing Election of the Executive Board

A. Elections    

Timing: Election for membership on the Executive Board will be held in April–May of each year for all upcoming vacant positions.

Nominations: A call for nominations shall be constructed by the current Board members and published for advertisement to all weekly-paid employees.

The call for nominations shall be published in  Almanac and, with notice, sent to all individual weekly-paid employees by all available University vehicles of communication.

This notice shall include the following items:

•    an established deadline

•    the intended publication date of the list of nominees

•    contact information to which to send nominations and the rules               of eligibility as outlined in Section VI

The intended deadline date should be within two weeks of the nomination deadline.       

Nominations are to be sent to the Secretary of the Board and/or other designated Board member by the established deadline.

All nominations received and accepted by the nominee shall be published in  Almanac on the intended issue date. This notice shall include the names, University affiliations and a brief biographical sketch of each of the nominees and shall also include the date, location and procedures of the election.

• Eligibility for nomination and election: All full-time, weekly-paid University designated A-3 employees are eligible to run for elected membership on the Board for positions described above in Article IV.

• Eligibility to vote in elections: All full-time, weekly-paid University-designated A-3 employees are eligible to cast vote for Elected membership on the Board.

• Election procedures: Elections will take place on the date and at the time and location stated in the published announcements. Voting will be conducted by secret ballot and coordinated by the current officers. In the case where the "call for nominations" does not yield enough nominees to fill all the vacant Board membership positions, the nominees that have been nominated will automatically be declared elected to the Board as unopposed candidates, providing they meet all the other eligibility requirements.

• Results of the election: The results of the election with names and University affiliation of the newly elected Board members shall be published in  Almanac and other University vehicles of communication within two weeks of the Election Day or in the next available issue.

ARTICLE VI—Purpose, Principles and Procedures Governing the Executive Board

A. Nature and purpose of the Executive Board

The Executive Board shall be the elected official voice of the WPSA. The Board is the decision-making body representing the Assembly in University matters and will act in a manner that serves in accordance with the principles and procedures in this Constitution and execute the mission of the   Assembly with integrity while honoring the spirit of the Assembly. At least half of the elected Board must be present at a Board Meeting before business can be conducted.

•The Board shall consist of the general membership as well as five officers. These five positions are the Chairperson, the Vice-Chairperson, the Vice-Chairperson Elect, the Secretary and the Treasurer. In the event of any vacancies of these officers, a replacement shall be elected to the Board.

• The outgoing Chairperson will notify all new Board Members of their election and will convene a meeting of the entire Board for the purpose of electing new officers within two (2) weeks of the Board's election.

•The sole authority and responsibility to revise and amend this Constitution is entrusted to the Board and all such changes shall require a two-thirds majority vote of the Board.

B. The Office of Chairperson

•The Chairperson is the WPSA’s primary executive officer and principal representative who will speak on behalf of the Assembly. The Chairperson should be knowledgeable and able to speak on all aspects of Assembly issues

• The term of office for the Chairperson shall be one year with an option to serve, if nominated, for two years.

• The Chairperson shall prepare the agenda and preside over the bi-monthly meetings of the Board as well as the monthly open forum meetings which are open to all weekly-paid employees. The Chairperson’s signature shall appear on all Assembly correspondences. The Chairperson holds a seat and is required to attend all meetings of University Council and the University Council Steering Committee.

C. The Office of Vice-Chairperson

• The Vice-Chairperson is the second executive officer of the WPSA. The Vice-Chairperson shall be an advisor to the Chairperson in University matters.

• In the temporary absence of the Chairperson, the Vice-Chairperson shall assume all duties and responsibilities otherwise handled by the Chairperson.

D. The Office of Vice-Chairperson Elect

• The Vice-Chairperson is the third executive officer of the WPSA. The Vice-Chairperson Elect shall be an advisor to the Chairperson in University matters.

• In the temporary absence of the Vice-Chairperson, the Vice-Chairperson Elect shall assume all duties and responsibilities otherwise handled by the Vice-Chairperson.

• After one year of service, the Vice-Chairperson Elect shall serve as Vice-Chairperson.

E. The Office of the Secretary

• The Secretary is the fourth executive officer of the WPSA. The Secretary is responsible for all routine correspondence of the Board.

• The Secretary shall be responsible for the recording and reporting of the Board meeting minutes. Such minutes should be available to any weekly-paid employee upon request.

• The Secretary shall be responsible for notifying members of the date, time and location of all meetings and functions pertaining to the Board and Assembly in collaboration with the Chairperson.

• The Secretary should be responsible for the publicity and dissemination of all correspondence.

F. The Office of the Treasurer

• The Treasurer is the fifth executive officer of the WPSA.  The Treasurer shall be held accountable and responsible for handling the finances and maintaining all financial records of the Board. Such records should be made available for audit upon request from the Board.

ARTICLE VII—Resignations

• Board members shall tender their resignations, giving at least one month notice to the Executive Board, of such intent, in writing.



  Almanac, Vol. 52, No. 31, April 25, 2006


April 25, 2006
Volume 52 Number 31


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