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Call for Nominations and Committee Representatives for the Weekly-Paid Professional Staff Assembly 2006-2007

To all members of the WPSA:

We invite any eligible person to nominate one or more weekly-paid non-union employees for the following vacancies:

•     Vice-Chairperson ElectThe Vice-Chairperson is the third executive officer of the WPSA. The Vice-Chairperson Elect shall be an advisor to the Chairperson in University matters.  In the temporary absence of the Vice-Chairperson, the Vice-Chairperson Elect shall assume all duties and responsibilities otherwise handled by the Vice-Chairperson. After one year of service, the Vice-Chairperson Elect shall serve as Vice-Chairperson.

•   Member of the Executive BoardOur present Constitution of the Weekly-paid Staff Assembly indicates that the Board may contain up to 20 members, each elected for a two-year term. The Board is the decision-making body of the Assembly.

Who is eligible? Any weekly-paid University staff member (which is defined as any full-time, weekly-paid employee not covered by a collective bargaining agreement) is eligible to vote and run for office in the Assembly.

A Call for Nominations: You may nominate one or more weekly-paid employees or nominate yourself. If you are nominating someone else, your nomination letter should contain a statement that the nominee has agreed to serve if elected. Nomination letters should contain the name and place of work of the person being nominated as well as a brief statement indicating why you think he/she would make a good Board member. In publication, we may edit statements that are substantially longer than 25 words because of space.

Nominations should be sent to Marcia Dotson, via e-mail at  mdotson@sas.upenn.edu.

Information about the Candidates and the Election: The list of nominees and their information will go out over the listserv the same week. Election day is scheduled for Thursday, May 18 from 1-2 p.m. Voting will be by secret ballot and the results will be published in Almanac. For more information on this or any other WPSA information, please visit our website at www.upenn.edu/wpsa/.

WPSA Committee Representatives

We currently have the following openings for Committee Representatives:

Committee on Personnel Benefits—Need 2 representatives

• The Committee on Personnel Benefits shall have cognizance over the benefits programs for all University personnel.

Committee on Pluralism—Need 1 representative

• The Committee on Pluralism shall advise the offices of the president, provost, the executive vice president, and the vice provost for university life on ways to develop and maintain a supportive atmosphere on campus for the inclusion and appreciation of pluralism among all members of the University community. The Committee will also address specific diversity issues that may arise on campus.

Committee on Honorary Degrees—Need 1 representative

• The Committee on Honorary Degrees solicits nominations from faculty and staff members and students for honorary degrees to be awarded by the University at Commencement and at special convocations and submits a slate of nominees for action by the trustees. It may make recommendations to the president regarding Commencement speakers and the conduct of special convocations.

Committee on Manufacturer Responsibility—Need 1 representative

• The Committee on Manufacturer Responsibility will review the Code of Conduct annually; review the effectiveness of monitoring, once we have settled the question of a monitoring organization or organizations; review the state of compliance of our apparel licensees; and review any alleged violations of the University's Code of Conduct. I would also call on the Committee to consider related issues as appropriate.

If interested, please contact Candice Milbourne Cozart at candicem@pobox.upenn.edu.

—Candice Milbourne Cozart, Chair, WPSA



  Almanac, Vol. 52, No. 31, April 25, 2006


April 25, 2006
Volume 52 Number 31


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