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December AT PENN
December AT PENN Extras! Extras!

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Children's Activities

World Culture Family Afternoon:
10th Annual Peace Around the World
Sunday, December 4, 1 to 4 p.m.

Women's Sekere Ensemble
This FREE joyous, family-oriented afternoon features performances by Curio Theatre Company, the Women's Sekere Ensemble (above), the Gwendolyn Bye Dance Center, Two of a Kind, and Sandy Taylor of Rainbow Child International, along with choral music and fun surprises throughout the day. Information: (215) 898-4890.


Zizek and the Public Intellectual Craze
Slought Foundation
December 1, 6:30-9:00 p.m.
Free admission (Reservation not required)


Special Events

Holiday Shopping Days: Express Yourself!
Thursday through Sunday, December 1-4

Holiday Shopping Days
Penn Museum's three shops - the Museum Shop, the Second Site shop and the Pyramid Shop for children - stocked for the holidays with a wide assortment of gift possibilities from around the world - offer four days of special discounts and special activities, with a focus on self-expression and body adornment. Each day, the shops host special artists, offering opportunities to experience mehndi (the art of body painting with henna) and learn about tattooing, watch a bead-making artist at work, and meet with jewelry vendors participating in a "trunk show" of their art. Distinctive face-painting is available for kids and the young-at-heart in the Pyramid Shop. For a complete schedule of the special artists and activities visit www.museum.upenn.edu.


Penn Presents

Measure For Measure

Measure for Measure


Ronald K. Brown/Evidence

Ronald K. Brown/Evidence

Cherish The Ladies

Cherish The Ladies

Dianne Reeves

Dianne Reeves


My Words Are Multiplying Like Cells:
Paintings by Sibylla Shekerdjiska-Benatova
Burrison Gallery
December 4 Through January 27

Words Multiplying Like Cells

My Words Are Multiplying Like Cells
by Sibylla Shekerdjiska-Benatova


Color Fields: A Tribute Robert Slutzky and Neil Welliver
Charles Addams Gallery
Through December 31

Untitled by Robert Slutzky


Untitled by Robert Slutzky

Bear Hole by Neil Welliver

Stump and Ferns by Neil Welliver



CONFLICT: Perspectives, Positive, Realities in Central European Art
Slought Foundation
Through December 31

Marina Abramovic, Cutting the Star, 1997
(video, installation at Studio Miscetti, Roma)


Photographic Compositions by Soliman Lawrence
Burrison Gallery
Through December 2

Soliman Lawrence

Photograph, Untitled by Soliman Lawrence



Exhibits at the Van Pelt-Dietrich Library



(Classical) landscape, n. a stand of concepts by Ian Hamilton Finlay with Kathleen Lindsley, Little Sparta: Wild Hawthorn Press, 1966, folded card. Shown in the exhibit From Book to Garden and Back: Works of Ian Hamilton Finlay at the Van Pelt-Dietrich Library. Through December 17.


Nikon’s Small World 2005
Wistar Institute
Through December 18


Bacteria growth in petri dish
Photo by Neil J. Egan


Crystalline formations from evaporated contact lens solution
Photo by Donald W. Pottle


Geranium Flower

Geranium flower
Photo by Shumel Silberman


Phenyl threonine
Photo by Margaret N. Oechsli



Chaetomorpha antennina (seaweed)
Photo by John M. Huisman


Crystallized vitamin A
Photo by Stefan Eberhard



Travels in the Interior of North America:
The Maximilian-Bodmer Expedition
Penn Museum
Through December 31

Bison-Dance of the Mandan Indians in front of their Medicine Lodge by Karl Bodmer. Image courtesy of the Joslyn Art Museum.

Karl Bodmer's Pehriska-Ruhpa, Moennitarri Warrior, in the Costume of the Dog Danse is based on drawings made during his stay in Fort Clark (North Dakota), November 1833-April 1834. The leggings in the image closely resemble a pair of Mandan leggings, also from North Dakota (ca. 1830), in Penn Museum's collections. These leggings, along with other period pieces from the Museum, are included in the exhibit. Bodmer print image courtesy of the Joslyn Art Museum. Artifact image courtesy of the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology.



Mapping the Pacific Coast: Coronado to Lewis and Clark
Arthur Ross Gallery

Through January 9

pacific Features early maps and prints, dating from 1544 to 1801, that illustrate the discovers that led up to commission of the Lewis and Clark expedition. Above, Maris Pacific by Abraham Ortelius, 1589.


Morris Arboretum Exhibits

Holiday Garden Railway

The Holiday Garden Railway 2005 is an exhibit of seven G-scale model train lines in the garden, surrounded by more than 40 miniature houses and buildings decorated for the holidays. The scale-model buildings include replicas of Independence Hall, Betsy Ross House, the Fisher Fine Arts Library at Penn and many other structures from the region, all constructed using natural materials. Acorns, moss, bark and twigs form the exterior décor, accented for the holidays with tiny decorations of tinsel and beads. Twinkling lights surround the display, which is set on about 1/8 of an acre. Through December 31.

Tree Peonies, by Phoebe Shih, is on display at the Morris Arboretum in the exhibit Plants for All Reasons. Featured are landscape paintings by students from the studio class of Phoebe Shih. Paintings will be on display through February 19.
tree peonies

african violets
African Violet, by Betty McLaughlin, is on display at the Morris Arboretum in the exhibit Plants for All Reasons. Featured are landscape paintings by students from the studio class of Phoebe Shih. Paintings will be on display through February 19.


A Wonderful Life: A Daughter's Tribute to a Family of Educators
Lobby, GSE


Pennsylvania Daughter

Pennsylvania Daughter by
Joan Myerson. Digital "painting" of the artist's mother as Penn student

Visit the artist's website for more images



  Almanac, Vol. 52, No. 13, November 22, 2005


November 22, 2005
Volume 52 Number 13


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