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Annual Holiday Gift Guide


Fabulous Finds for Those Fond of Facts or Fiction

Want a special gift for the book-lovers on your gift list?  Well, there are numerous books hot-off-the-press this year. The Penn Bookstore has many to choose from—factual and fictional, personal and pictorial, historical and innovative. These are some of the many new books by Penn authors—with selections from Penn's new president, Penn alumni, faculty and staff. Not only are there books from the Penn Press, but there are also options from the Penn Museum, the Morris Arboretum, and the newest publisher on campus, the Wharton School Publishing.

A number of these have a Philly flavor while several have an international angle.

For shoppers who want to preview the selection online, visit www.museum.upenn.edu for the Museum's collection, www.upenn.edu/pennpress for the Penn Press possibilities, www.business-services.upenn.edu/arboretum/giftshop2.html for the Arboretum's selectionand www.whartonsp.com for Wharton Publishing's just released titles.

Why Deliberative Democracy Why Deliberative Democracy?; Penn President Amy Gutmann, and Dennis Thompson. What exactly is deliberative democracy? Why is it more defensible than its rivals? By offering clear answers to these timely questions, they illuminate the theory and practice of justifying public policies in contemporary democracies. Paper $16.95, Cloth$55.
Historic Sacred Places of Philadelphia Historic Sacred Places of Philadelphia; Roger W. Moss (adjunct professor of architecture), with photographs by Tom Crane. This opulent volume will serve as a guide through the architectural and religious traditions of Philadelphia, complete with maps, telephone numbers, and websites, so the reader can visit these sacred places in person. Penn Press. Cloth $34.95.
University of Pennsylvania University of Pennsylvania (College History Series); Amey A. Hutchins, manuscripts cataloger, Rare Book & Manuscripts Library, with the University Archives. A unique photographic collection, focusing on the school's history at its present campus in West Philadelphia beginning shortly after the end of the Civil War and providing images of more than a century of student life inside and outside the classroom.Paper $19.99.
The Power of Impossible The Power of Impossible Thinking: Transform the Business of Your Life and the Life of Your Business; JerryWind, Robert Gunther, Colin Crook. Drawing on the latest neuroscientific research and their experience with corporate transformations  they explain how your mental models stand between you and reality, distorting all your perceptions ... and how they create both limits and opportunities.  Wharton School Publishing. Cloth $24.95.
Help Wanted, Desperately Help Wanted, Desperately; Ariel Horn, C '02. Determined to secure a job in New York City, Alexa Hoffman, the 21-year-old Penn senior at the center of Ariel Horn's debut novel, has got exactly seven months, three weeks and two days before her initiation into the real world. Blithe and fresh-voiced, this book covers almost every tribulation of entering adulthood, forging a career and falling in love, against the odds. Paper $12.95.
Museums of Philadelphia Museums of Philadelphia: A Guide for Residents and Visitors; Laura C. Waldron, Penn Press marketing director. Useful guide to the more than 100 permanent Philadelphia collections open to the public, including the largest number of historic-house museums in the country. Paper $14.95.
The Big Love The Big Love: A Novel; Sarah Dunn, C '91. A fresh and hilarious debut novel about commitment, competition, and the occasional joys of unencumbered sex, for readers of Pride and Prejudice to The Girls' Guide to Hunting and Fishing. Cloth $21.95.
Intimate Bicycle Tours Intimate Bicycle Tours of Philadelphia; Patricia Vance, research specialist, hematology department, School of Medicine. In a series of ten short, easy routes, she takes readers through vibrant Philadelphia neighborhoods, revealing a treasure trove of cultural riches normally missed when traveling by car. Penn Press. Paper $16.50.
Leaving Cecil Street Leaving Cecil Street; Diane McKinney-Whetstone, CW '75. As she did in her previous novels Tumbling and Blues Dancing, she once again renders time and place, character and emotional intensities. It is 1969 and Cecil Street is "feeling some kind of way," so the residents decide to have two block parties this year. These energetic, sensual street celebrations serve as backdrop to the stories of the people on the block. Cloth$24.95.
Mercy, Mercy Me Mercy, Mercy Me: The Art, Loves, and Demons of Marvin Gaye; Michael Eric Dyson, Avalon Foundation Professor in the Humanities. A widely acclaimed reassessment of the remarkable life, art, struggles, and death of an American icon, from the celebrated author of Holler If You Hear Me. Cloth $23.95.
Iraq's Marsh Arabs Iraq's Marsh Arabs in the Garden of Eden; Edward L. Ochsenschlager. Loaded with 150 illustrations, including rare 19th century glass plate prints from Museum's Archives and 32 contemporary color plates, this fascinating narrative chronicles life in the marshes before Saddam Hussein drained the wetlands, irrevocably changing tribal life. Penn Museum. Cloth $39.95.
This Man's Army This Man's Army: A Soldier's Story from the Frontlines of the War on Terrorism; Andrew Exum, C '00.When he returned to the United States, he struggled to come to terms with the intense media coverage and public misperceptions of the war, while seeking to make peace with the man he had become. This Man's Army is the story of that journey.Cloth $25.
The Afterlife of Gardens The Afterlife of Gardens; John Dixon Hunt, professor of the history and theory of landscape in the department of landscape architecture at School of Design. Provides a fresh approach to the study of designed landscapes that goes beyond their production and into how they exist and are understood by their users. Penn Press. Cloth $45.
Understanding Terror Networks Understanding Terror Networks; Marc Sageman, who teaches psychiatry and psychology, and at the Solomon Asch Center for the Study of Ethno-political Conflict, challenges conventional wisdom about terrorism in this unprecedented social study of the Global Salafi Jihad, observing that the key to mounting an effective defense against future attacks is a thorough understanding of the networks that allow these new terrorists to proliferate. Penn Press. Cloth $29.95.
New Ethics New Ethics: A Tour of the 21st Century Landscape; Anita L. Allen, Henry R. Silverman Professor of Law. Ethics professor Anita Allen, drawing from her own experiences as an African-American woman, a wife in a mixed-race marriage, a mother, a scholar, and a teacher, examines the new world we find ourselves in and the choices we make as we navigate through it. Cloth $23.95.
The Varieties of Political Experience The Varieties of Political Experience in Eighteenth-Century America; Richard R. Beeman, professor of history. This ambitious overview of political life in pre-Revolutionary America ranges from Virginia, Massachusetts, New York, South Carolina, and Pennsylvania to the backcountry regions of the South, the Mid-Atlantic, and northern New England. Penn Press. Cloth $39.95.
Cultural Intermediaries Cultural Intermediaries: Jewish Intellectuals in Early Modern Italy; edited by David B. Ruderman, Joseph Meyerhoff Professor of Modern Jewish History and director of the Center for Advanced Judaic Studies, and Giuseppe Veltri. Chronicles the lives and thinking of ten Jewish intellectuals of the Renaissance, nine of them from Italy and one a Portuguese exile who settled in the Ottoman empire after a long sojourn in Italy. Penn Press. Cloth $55.
Roberto Burle Marx in Caracas Roberto Burle Marx in Caracas, Parque del Este, 1956-1961; Anita Berrizbeitia, associate professor of landscape architecture and regional planning. The only in-depth study of this major site, a 200-acre urban park built between 1956-1961, and offers an approach for future studies of the Venezuelan and Latin American landscape. Penn Press. Cloth $39.95.
Topographical Stories Topographical Stories—Studies in Landscape and Architecture; David Leatherbarrow, professor of architecture and chairman of the Graduate Group in Architecture.  An entirely new way of thinking of architecture and landscape architecture. Moving beyond partisan arguments, he shows how the two disciplines rely upon one another to form a single framework of cultural meaning. Penn Press. Cloth $55.
Numbers Game Numbers Game: Baseball's Lifelong Fascination with Statistics; Alan Schwarz, C'90. In this unprecedented new book, he provides the first-ever history of baseball statistics, showing how baseball and its numbers have been inseparable ever since the pastime's birth in 1845. Cloth $24.95.



  Almanac, Vol. 51, No. 13, November 23, 2004


November 23, 2004
Volume 51 Number 13


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