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HONORS & Other Things


Dr. Anderson: Westerfield Award

Dr. Bernard E. Anderson, Whitney Young Term Professor, and Practice Professor of Management, has been award the 2002-2003 Samuel Z. Westerfield Award from the National Economic Association. The award was presented at the Allied Social Science Association (ASSA) meeting earlier this month. The Westerfield Award--named for the distinguished economist and former Ambassador to Liberia, Samuel Z. Westerfield, and established in 1973--acknowledges outstanding scholarly achievements and public service by an African American economist.

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Dr. Bonnell: Purdy Award

Dr. Dawn Bonnell, the Trustee Professor of Materials Science, and director of the Center for Science and Engineering of Nanoscale Systems, has been awarded the Ross Coffin Purdy Award from the American Ceramic Society. Dr. Bonnell received the award for her pioneering work on scanning impedance microscopy.

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Dr. Collins: Fleck Prize

Dr. Randall Collins, professor of sociology, has been awarded the Ludwik Fleck Prize for his book, The Sociology of Philosophies: A Global Theory of Intellectual Change. Awarded annually by the Society for Social Studies of Science, the Fleck Prize was created in 1992 to honor the best book in the area of science and technology studies. Dr. Collins came to Penn in 1997 from the University of California, Riverside. He is the author of 13 books and 100 articles.

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Dr. Gleitman: Two Awards

Dr. Lila R. Gleitman, professor of psychology, has recently received two awards. She received the John McGovern Award for the Behavioral and Social Sciences Area for 2003 from the American Association for Advancement of Science (AAAS). She also received the American Psychological Association's (APA) Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award for significant impact on the science of psychology, both in research and in training of graduate students.

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Dr. Joshi: Honorary Doctorate

Dr. Aravind K. Joshi, Henry Salvatori Professor of Computer and Cognitive Science, has been awarded an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Paris 7 for his contributions to computational linguistics and for the development of collaborative projects with the University of Paris 7.

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Dr. Barnes: President of ASA

Dr. Sandra Barnes, professor of anthropology, has been elected president of the African Studies Association (ASA). She began a three-year term in December as vice president, will become president in December 2003 and will serve as past president in 2004.

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Dr. Joullie: ACS Director

Dr. Madeleine M. Joullie, the Class of 1970 Professor of Chemistry, has been elected to the board of directors as a director of District III for the American Chemical Society. Dr. Joullie, an ACS member since 1948, has served on a wide variety of society committees at the local and national levels for more than 30 years. In addition to her long teaching career, she has won numerous honors, including being named "one of the 76 smartest people in Philadelphia" in 2001 by Philadelphia Magazine.

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Dr. Macones: Advisory Committee

Dr. George Macones, associate professor and director of Maternal Fetal Medicine in the department of obstetrics and gynecology, has been appointed to serve on the Advisory Committee for Reproductive Health Drugs of the FDA. The committee is charged with the evaluation of data on efficacy and safety of human drugs for obstetrics, gynecology, and related specialties. Dr. Macones was appointed for his expertise in pharmacopepidemiology and obstetrics. His term ends in 2005.

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Two Fulbright Specialists Grants

Dr. Frank Furstenberg, and Dr. Harry Rozmiarek have received Fulbright Senior Specialists Grants. Dr. Furstenberg, professor of sociology, participated in a conference and lectured at the Instituto de Economía in Uruguay.

Dr. Rozmiarek, professor of laboratory and animal medicine, will conduct research on laboratory animal medicine training, veterinary research and animal welfare assurance at the University of Cambridge, in the United Kingdom.

The Fulbright Senior Specialists Program offers two to six-week grants to U.S. academics and professionals to support curricular and faculty development and institutional planning at institutions in 140 countries around the world.

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Dr. Poggi: NEH Fellowship

Dr. Christine Poggi, associate professor of the history of art, has received a research fellowship from the National Endowment for the Humanities for her work, Modernity as Trauma: The Cultural Politics of Italian Futurism. She was one of 167 fellows chosen by the NEH.

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Three to Governor's Transition Teams

Three Penn people have been named to Governor-elect Ed Rendell's transition teams.

Dr. Robert P. Inman, the Miller-Sherrerd Professor of Finance at the Wharton School, has been named to the Budget Crisis Task Force.

Dr. Allen M. Kelly, Dean of the School of Veterinary Medicine, has been named to the Agriculture Transition Team.

Pedro Ramos, chief of staff to President Rodin, has been named to the Education Transition Team.

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Dr. Cohen: Honorary Faculty Member

Dr. D. Walter Cohen, emeritus professor of periodontics in the School of Dental Medicine, was elected an Honorary Faculty Member of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. This is the second time in the history of the Faculty of Dental Medicine of Hebrew University that this honor has been bestowed.

  Almanac, Vol. 49, No. 17, January 14, 2003