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Penn Presents: Annenberg Center

Compañia Nacional de Danza de España

Keiko Matsui

Hot Shiny Nights with
Joni Mitchell



"Gladiator Afternoon": UPM

Untitled Document

Etruscan crested helmet, 8th century B.C.

"Gladiator" Armour and Props.


The Roman Forum, seen from Capitoline Hill.


Art-in-Science XVII: Esther Klein Gallery

Untitled Document

Charlotte Yudis, Blood Series No. 40 Photopolymer Plate Etching, Chine Colle.


Charlotte Yudis, Blood Series No. 43 Photopolymer Plate Etching, Chine Colle.


Charlotte Yudis, Blood Series No. 36 Photopolymer Plate Etching, Chine Colle.

Charlotte Yudis, Blood Series No. 39, Photopolymer Plate Etching, Chine Colle.


MFA 2nd Year Exhibition: Meyerson Gallery

Untitled Document

Hilary Takiff, photograph, 2002.

Caleb Weintraub, oil on canvas, 2002.

Nisaluk Chantanakom, ink and watercolor on paper, 2002.

Suchitra Mattai, oil on canvas, 2002.


Holiday Railway: Morris Arboretum

Untitled Document


Antiquity Recovered: Pompeii and Herculaneum in Philadelphia Collections: Arthur Ross Gallery

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ICA Fall Exhibition

The exhibit Pictures, Patents, Monkeys and More...On Collecting, brings three private collections and the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology together in one ICA exhibit for the first time. The exhibit looks at collecting as both imagery and process in contemporary art. The ICA is also featuring works by three individual artists (right, from top to bottom): Amy Cutler, Dinner Party, 2002 (gouache on paper); Damian Ortega, Untitled; and Kimowan McLain, Without Ground, 2002 (mixed media).

An exhibition examining collecting as both imagery and process in contemporary art. Through December 15, 2002 .

Untitled Document

"supremely black" by artist Ham Steinbach, 1985. Plastic laminated wood shelf; ceramic pitchers' cardboard detergent boxes.


The locomotive as designed by George Sellers in New York, 1859.

The electric generator by Hiram S. Maxim in Brooklyn, 1880.

Pill coating machine designed by William Cairnes in 1875.

"Coffee Table Museum," 1989. Redwood burl, various antique and contemporary coffeepots, copper plumbing pipe, and brass fittings, welded steel, wheels, and mixed media.


Sock Monkeys from a private collection


Undercover, 1991 by Janine Antoni.


Sewing Machine Patent Model, James Perry, New York, NY, November 23, 1858, Patent No. 22148.2.


Shabti Figure of Maya Possibly from Deir el-Medina Dynasty 19 (1292-1190 B. C. E.). Courtesy of the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archeology and Anthropology


Courtesy of the artist, galería kurimanzutto and D’Amelio Terras


Courtesy of Leslie Tonkonow Artworks + Projects, NY


Off the Wall: Current Work by
Robinson Fredenthal
Kroiz Gallery, Architectural Archives

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Photographic Explorations:
A Century of Images in Archaeology and Anthropology: UPM

Untitled Document

Photo: James B. Pritchard, 1958.
James B. Pritchard excavated the site of Gibeon in modern-day Jordan, a site mentioned a number of times in the Bible. Pictured here is the spectacular pool of Gibeon.


Photo: Jane Goodale, 1954.
The Tiwi are an Australian Aboriginal group living on Melville Island. Jane Goodale, then a graduate student in Penn's Anthropology Department, spent most of 1954 living among them.


Photo: George F. Dales, 1969.
George F. Dales surveyed the Seistan region (pictured above) of southwestern Afghanistan in search of evidence of contact between the Indus and Mesopotamian civilizations.


Photo by John Henry Haynes, 1899.
Workers carry away baskets full of dirt in a stark, surreal landscape at Nippur in Iraq, 1899.


Closely Observed: Morris Arboretum

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Mammoth Scale: Wistar Institute

William Rush, model of the sphenoid bone, 1808.
Photo by Candace diCarlo.



  Almanac, Vol. 49, No. 10, October 29, 2002