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The following chronology of the past 50 years is reprinted with permission from Bellweather, the newsmagazine of the School of Veterinary Medicine. The magazine is available online from the School's homepage,

A New Bolton Center Chronology

1952 Purchase of 220 acres in southern Chester County announced by Dean Kelser.

Mark W. Allam, V'32, appointed acting dean upon Dr. Kelser's sudden death.

1953 Dr. Allam appointed eighth dean of School of Veterinary Medicine.

Cement block building constructed at New Bolton Center (NBC) to provide, exam room, surgery, recovery stall, pharmacy, diagnostic lab, and four research laboratories.

Field service moved to NBC from Media.

Department of Preventive Medicine and Hygiene created at New Bolton Center.

Poultry Diagnostic Laboratory opened at NBC with Dr. George Sperling as director.

1954 Dr. Charles Hollister appointed director of NBC

Official dedication of New Bolton Center.

1956 Robert R. Marshak, D.V.M. joins faculty.

Dr. Monica Reynolds receives School's first NIH grant.

1958 Major fundraising effort begins for dormitory and hospital buildings at New Bolton Center.

1961 Groundbreaking for hospital and dormitory building

1962 Murphy Laboratory for mastitis research dedicated.

1963 Comparative Leukemia Studies Unit established. Dr. Robert Marshak is principal investigator.

1964 Hospital for Large Animals dedicated.

1965 Vansant Dormitory dedicated.

Manor house on campus refurbished and named Allam House.

1966 Dr. William Donawick begins research on valve replacement surgery which later leads to interspecies heart transplantation to study mechanisms of rejection.

1967 Dr. Charles Raker named Lawrence Baker Sheppard Professor of Surgery -- first endowed professorship in any veterinary school.

1969 Georgia and Philip Hofmann Research Center for Animal Reproduction dedicated.

1970 Alarik Myrin Memorial Research Building dedicated.

1973 Mark W. Allam retires. Robert R. Marshak appointed dean.

1975 Dr. John T. Alexander used the arthroscope for diagnostic purposes.

Endometrial biopsy service in mares offered to horse owners by New Bolton Center.

1976 Pennsylvania Embryo Transfer Service (PETS) established at New Bolton Center.

Lynne Klunder in Dr. McFeely's laboratory sexes first bovine embryo shortly after conception.

C. Mahlon Kline Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Center dedicated.

1977 Allam House Fund established through the generosity of David George Jones.

1979 First swine unit opens.

1980 Major addition to hospital completed -- renamed George D. Widener Hospital for Large Animals.

1981 Virgil--first calf born as a result of in vitro fertilization.

1982 Dr. Nunamaker begins using the external fixator to stabilize fractures in horse's legs.

Parenteral nutrition for calves developed at New Bolton Center.

1983 World's first twin calves born in Lancaster County from in vitro fertilization at the New Bolton Center laboratory of Dr. Brackett.

Poultry Diagnostic Lab at New Bolton Center identifies virulent form of avian influenza virus in Pennsylvania flocks.

Pacemaker implanted in Bucky the horse.

1984 Equine embryo transfer service established at New Bolton Center.

Drs. Moyer and Nunamaker receive largest grant in Thoroughbred

Racing history from NY division of Horsemen's Benevolent and Protection Association to study bucked shins and relationship to track surfaces.

First neonatal unit opens at New Bolton Center.

1985 Diagnostic ultrasound introduced at New Bolton Center by Dr. Virginia Reef.

Ground is broken for the Connelly Intensive Care Unit/Graham French Neonatal Section.

Dr. Raker retires.

1986 Center for Animal Health and Productivity created at New Bolton Center.

External fixator receives a patent.

First paper on plate luting published -- an internal fixation technique to repair broken leg bones in horses.

1987 Robert R. Marshak retires as dean. Dr. Edwin J. Andrews, V'67, appointed dean.

Laser surgery introduced at NBC

Ground broken for Stubbs Laboratory

Connelly Intensive Care Unit/Graham French Neonatal Section dedicated.

1988 Stubbs Laboratory dedicated.

1989 Groundbreaking for addition to Center for Animal Health and Productivity building.

New Bolton Center at the Races in Saratoga

GORE-TEX™ vascular graft inserted in horse by Dr. Donawick.

1990 Connelly Intensive Care Unit/Graham French Neonatal Unit opens.

Crème Fraiche Nursing Station in Intensive Care Unit named.

1991 Tenant House renovated and Bruce Heim Antique Furniture Collection dedicated.

1992 Laboratory of Large Animal Pathology becomes part of the Pennsylvania Comprehensive Mammalian Diagnostic Laboratory System.

Jeffords Treadmill opens.

Laparoscopy added at New Bolton Center.

1993 Nuclear scintigraphy available at New Bolton Center.

"An Evening at Old Saratoga" benefit and carriages at Saratoga.

Dr. Boucher dies.

Dr. Edwin J. Andrews steps down as dean.

1994 Dr. Alan M. Kelly appointed interim dean.

Toxicology laboratory established.

1995 Construction begins on first solar dairy barn in Pennsylvania.

Dr. Kelly appointed dean.

Open House held at NBC after a hiatus of many years.

Tornado damages swine facility, house and machine shop in the farm compound and destroys barn .

New York Times calls New Bolton the "world's foremost equine center."

1996 Salmonella Reference Center established.

Dr. McFeely retires.

Leroy Bruce retires.

Marshak Dairy dedicated.

1997 NBC beneficiary of American Gold Cup held at Devon show grounds.

1998 Lila and Mark Allam die.

Dedication of The Richard S. Reynolds, Jr. Comparative Orthopedic Research Laboratory

Margaret McGrath Rockefeller Laboratories in Animal Reproduction and the Marion Dilley and David George Jones Laboratories in Animal reproduction dedicated.

Fish farming begins in Harnwell Pond.

2001 New swine unit opens.

Groundbreaking for Scott Equine Sports Medicine Building.

2002 Fairchild Aquaculture Laboratory dedicated.

Scott Center for Equine Sports Medicine dedicated.


Almanac, Vol. 49, No. 4, September 17, 2002


September 17, 2002
Volume 49 Number 4

The School of Veterinary Medicine invites the Penn community to celebrate 50 Years of Excellence with an Open House on September 21.
U.S. News & World Report ranks Penn #4 in it's annual Best national Universities survey.
The Penn Humanities Forum dedicates the 2002-2003 lectures, seminars, and exhibitions to the topic of The Book.
New Bioterrorism Legislation affects laboratories and clinical facilities.
Speaking Out about the conservation postcards.
Honors for faculty and staff
The 14th annual Career Conference for graduate students starts on September 17.
The 10th annual Penn Family Day is scheduled for October 5.
Research Roundup: Nurse Shortage; Alternate Tobacco Use; Immune Cells Fight Cancer; Head Start.
The Annual Crime Report from the Division of Public Safety.