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Several Networking & Telecommunications service and rate changes will go into effect starting July 1, 2002. Most of these changes are the result of recommendations made by the Network Planning Task Force, the cross-campus team made up of undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and staff that meets to discuss and resolve issues surrounding the planning and funding of PennNet (see

Networking and Telecommunications
New Services and Rates for FY 2003

Highlights of this Fiscal Year's rate changes include:

  • New Service Offerings

Several new services are being or will be offered this year including new full service video production, and streaming, automatic call distribution, and wireless.

  • Elimination of Legacy Services
- 10Base2 service discontinued after 12/31/02
- The Penn Express Modem Pool will be discontinued as planned on 6/30/02 as recommended by the NPTF and in consultation with IT management.
  • Lower Costs

In several areas rates have been reduced from FY02's rates.

The following table shows rates for existing and select new services for FY 2003

FY 2003 Rate Changes

Networking Rates Central Service Fee
(Network Infrastructure)
FY 2002 FY 2003
10Base2/10Base-T $ 9.55/month $ 9.80/month
100Base-T $22.75/month $20.00/month
(Port Rental/Connection Maintenance)
FY 2002 FY 2003
10Base2 $25.60/month $41.20/month
10Base-T $ 5.85/month $ 5.95/month
100Base-T $17.25/month $11.70/month
Wireless Local Area Networks FY 2003
Access Point Installation $2,500 per Access Point. (estimated)
Monthly Fee $37.28 per Access Point/Per Month

Notes: Access Point Installation Fee is only an estimate for budgeting purposes. Departments will be billed actual installation costs. Monthly Wireless Fee does not include connection port rental/connection maintenance fee.

New Domain Name Fee

Setup $150
Annual Costs $300
Expedite Cost $300

See for details.


E-mail/Pobox Accounts $28/year $28/year
Large Electronic Mailings $.05/e-mail address $.05/e-mail address
Large E-mail List Management $50/list $50/list
SMTP Relay $50/six months $50/six months per host per host
Premium Web Services See
for rate details.

Telecommunications Rates

Administrative Telephone Rates FY 2002 FY 2003
Centrex Lines
Analog Line
Meridian Business Set
$12/month $12/month
Primary Line $12/month $12/month
ISDN Line 2B+DCentrex Line
(for 2 numbers)
$35/month $35/month
Mailbox A (12 messages, 3 minutes each, 10 days archive)
$7.50/month $7.50/month
Mailbox B (24 messages, 5 minutes each, 20 days archive) $8.50/month $8.50/month
Mailbox C (40 messages, 10 minutes each, 30 days archive) $9.50/month $9.50/month

Long Distance

Long Distance direct dialed calls are charged at a flat per minute rate for all time periods of all days. Domestic direct dialed state to state long distance calls will be billed at $ .10/minute. International direct dialed calls will also be billed at a flat per minute rate for each country. Please see the website at for specific rates for each country. Note: Rates are subject to change. This flat rate does not apply to ISDN or Operator-assisted calls of any type e.g., credit card, third-party, collect, directory assistance, etc.

Allocated Costs

Allocated charges are the expenses of providing a unified telecommunications system for the University. These costs are shared by all those who use the system, and are evenly allocated as 30% of total monthly equipment (telephone lines, sets, and voice messaging) costs to each department or center.

Student Telephone Rates

Student rates are available at

Video Rates FY2002 FY2003

Active Video Outlet

$11/month $11.50/month
Video Encoding   $110/hour
Video Disk Space   $16/month per 100 megabytes of quota
Video Streaming
384 Kbps   $ 400/month
256 Kbps   $ 250/month
128 Kbps   $ 100/month
56 Kbps   $ 50/month

The new Penn Video Productions (Almanac February 19, 2002) group offers a full range of production and distribution services and videoconferencing facilitation. For a complete description of costs and available services, see

Labor Rates

A complete list of ISC Networking & Telecommunications Labor rates can be found at

If you have any questions or need assistance determining which services you require, please call ISC Networking & Telecommunications at (215) 898-2883.

Almanac, Vol. 48, No. 25, March 5, 2002


March 5, 2002
Volume 48 Number 25

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ISC Networking and Telecommunications service and rate changes go into effect July including the elimination of the Express Modem Pool.