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Recognizing Community Service

The Community Service Directory Awards recognize volunteers whose individual accomplishments epitomize the enormous community service enterprise that has developed at Penn and to embrace notable business leaders, clergy, community members, and elected officials who contribute to the success of the community service programs listed in the directory. The awards were given by President Judith Rodin at a February 15 ceremony and read as follows: "In Recognition of and Appreciation for your Extraordinary Service and Commitment to Enhancing the Quality of Life in Philadelphia Communities."

The recipients and how they were described:

Dr. Margaret Beale-Spencer, for her distinguished professional achievements in studies in human development and psychology. She is director of the Center for Health Achievement, Neighborhood Growth, and Ethnic Studies and an active volunteer with Start on Success and the DuBois Collective. Her "spirit and energy is contagious and clearly ignites all that have had the opportunity to work with her."

Dr. Lee Benson, an emeritus professor and a nationally recognized leader in shaping the foundation of academic based community service, "has an outstanding career of research and writing in social science, and continues to teach courses that prepare today's students with the tools to build a better society through community service. He has greatly advanced Penn's educational mission and commitment to successful community partnerships."

Robert Bogle, for his extraordinary commitment and work in the community, City and region. As President and CEO of The Philadelphia Tribune, the nation's oldest African-American newspaper, "Mr. Bogle worked closely with Penn to help establish working partnerships with area businesses and organizations to improve the economic vitality of the community and City."

Gilbert F. Casellas, Trustee and alumnus, has been a leader in Penn's efforts of engagement with the community. "He has dedicated enormous time and energy in guiding the University's West Philadelphia Initiatives as chair of the Neighborhood Initiatives Committee of the Trustees. His commitment and leadership to Penn's urban agenda has resulted in numerous successes helping Penn to become a national model for establishing successful institutional community engagement."

Dr. Robert F. Giegengack, for his outstanding work in promoting academically-based service learning since 1994. He is honored for his work with West Philadelphia public schools to reduce early childhood lead exposure, adolescent tobacco use, and asthma triggers. "His commitment to advancing awareness of social solutions in children and youth is recognized in the community, region and throughout the world."

Senior Dana Hork pioneered Penn's successful Change for Change. "We recognize her excellent work during her undergraduate term to demonstrate leadership among her peers in academics, student government, community relations, fund-raising, and volunteerism."

Reverend Bernard X. James, Sr., "for his distinguished service in the community and his work with the Center for Community Partnerships Community Advisory Board and for the nurturing guidance and leadership he provides at Metropolitan Baptist Church. He has worked with earnest devotion to shape effective faith-based community service initiatives."

Principal Florence Johnson, for her extraordinary work with Penn faculty, staff and students to create meaningful educational relationships with UCHS students. "Her ardent commitment to fostering demonstrations of service learning has simultaneously elevated the learning experiences of her high school students and Penn undergraduates. Her dedication and commitment to excellence in education has provided a renewed sense of purpose for the many students and families in our community."

Isabel Mapp, for her many years of community service and volunteerism. "As director of Penn's Volunteers in Public Service, she has organized numerous drives to support local community and social service programs throughout West Philadelphia and the City. Her successful efforts have helped Penn to strengthen its working relations with our neighbors. She was also instrumental in helping to create the newest version of the Community Service Directory."

Nkechinyere Nwaobasi, a senior in the College, "whose commitment to the Urban Nutrition Initiative links her anthropological research with successful efforts to improve the nutritional status of West Philadelphia students. Her level of commitment to her work has been exemplary and clearly has helped to make a difference in the quality of life for the youth and families of our community."

Max Paul, for his extraordinary commitment to West Philadelphia as a businessperson and a citizen. "Mr. Paul has provided support to countless organizations in West Philadelphia. His recent donation for the establishment of the Lea School library is just one of his wonderful efforts to help improve the quality of education in our community."

Representative James R. Roebuck, Jr., "for his vigorous and effective advocacy for the citizens of West Philadelphia. He has been instrumental in obtaining legislative grants for West Philadelphia schools and community organizations."

Majeedah Thomas, a masters in education student, "has distinguished herself as an outstanding coordinator for the Program in Universities, Communities of Faith, Schools, and Neighborhood Organizations. She played a central role in recruiting coordinators and volunteers to work in after school programs."

Kate Ward-Gaus, a Penn health educator and a West Philadelphia resident, "has demonstrated exemplary leadership in her volunteer role as chair of the PreK-8 school community planning committee. She continues to be on the front line in helping to improve town-gown relations."

Ms. Elsie Wise, on behalf of all community residents who devote countless hours in service to their neighborhoods by organizing and strengthening community associations to represent residential interests. "Ms. Wise, we appreciate your consistent willingness to work with Penn and all of your neighbors in improving the quality of life in West Powelton and West Philadelphia."

Councilwoman Jannie L. Blackwell, 3rd District and Majority Leader, a three-term councilperson "with a 30-year reputation of serving community members and the poor and underprivileged of our city." She recently received the "2002 Public Servant Award". Through her "West Philadelphia On the Move Initiative", she has "successfully built effective collaborations between Penn and other neighboring institutions, community organizations, and businesses to strengthen the quality of life in West Philadelphia."



Alice Paul, Lynda Hart, Lenore Williams
and Robert E. Davies Awards--
Deadline for Nominations: March 15

The Association of Women Faculty and Administrators (AWFA) invites you to nominate candidates for four annual awards to be presented at our April awards breakfast scheduled for Thursday, April 11, at 8 a.m. at the Sheraton University City Hotel. Nominations are invited for the following awards:

The Alice Paul Awards, named in honor of Dr. Alice Paul--suffragist leader, founder of the National Women's Party, author of the Equal Rights Amendment, and internationally known humanitarian--are presented to undergraduate or graduate women in recognition of their outstanding service to women. We particularly wish to honor those who made contributions to women in the Penn community.

The Lynda Hart Award was established in Spring 2001 in memory of Dr. Lynda Hart, professor of English, mentor to many, and a moving force behind the Women's Theater Festival. The award seeks to honor a woman student who has made an outstanding contribution to the artistic life of the campus.

The Lenore Williams Award, in 1984, AWFA received a bequest from Lenore Williams, wife of former provost Edwin B. Williams. In her honor, the Association established an award to be given each year to an outstanding female scholar or leader. Preference will be given to a distinguished woman, affiliated with the University of Pennsylvania, whose contributions extend within and beyond our campus.

The Robert E. Davies Award is in honor of the late feminist and distinguished Penn scholar. The award will be bestowed on an individual involved in social change.

With your nomination for a particular award, please include the following:

  • Specify award
  • Name of nominee
  • The nature of the nominee's achievement and why you consider the contribution to be meritorious
  • Position of nominee, mailing address, phone number, e-mail address
  • Your name, position, mailing address, phone number, e-mail address

Please submit nominations no later than March 15, 2002.

Send nominations to:

Linda Wiedmann, President, AWFA
CURF, Office of the Deputy Provost
3601 Locust Walk/6224,
(215) 898-7451

If your nominee is selected, we will invite you to say a few words of introduction on her behalf.
A history of prior award winners and more information about the awards themselves can be found at
If you have any questions, please call Nancy McCue, AWFA secretary, at (215) 898-6641.

--Linda Wiedmann, President, AWFA

Almanac, Vol. 48, No. 24, February 26, 2002


February 26, 2002
Volume 48 Number 24

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Community Service is recognized and appreciated with awards to some of the many volunteers from "town and gown."
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