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2002 Models of Excellence Awards

Dear Members of the Penn Community,

We are pleased to announce the 2002 Models of Excellence award winners. The Models of Excellence program honors, awards, and celebrates outstanding staff member achievements. Introduced in 1999 by Human Resources, this program highlights the values of the University and provides models of accomplishment to emulate.

This year's award winners are listed below with a brief description of the achievements that earned them this honor.

A committee of Penn leaders selected the award winners from among 112 staff members nominated by peers, colleagues, and managers.

Selections were based on significant contribution to the University--above and beyond job expectations--which embodied the following excellence criteria for this program:

  • Development and implementation of practices, procedures and policies that creatively support and further the University's mission,
  • Application of innovative and proactive leadership in challenging circumstances,
  • Extraordinary service to key constituencies,
  • Substantial cost-savings, and
  • Establishment of relationships within and/or outside of the immediate organization which enable goals to be met that would be impossible otherwise.

In April, we will distribute a publication providing more information about the winners and their achievements. Please take careful note of these achievements. Many can be replicated and we encourage you to consider applying them in your work area.

At the very least, we hope that the creativity, proactive leadership, service, cost-savings and relationship building demonstrated by these staff members will serve as models for your actions at Penn.

On April 15, an award ceremony and reception will be held in honor of the award winners. The "Models of Excellence" will receive a symbol of appreciation and a $500 monetary gift. Individuals identified for Honorable Mention will receive a symbol of appreciation and a $250 monetary gift.

Please join us in congratulating your colleagues.

--Judith Rodin, President
--Robert Barchi, Provost
-- John Fry, Executive Vice President

2002 Models of Excellence Award Winners

1. For development of hardware and software applications that revolutionized x-ray crystal structure analysis and reporting, dramatically enhancing research activities in the Department of Chemistry.

  • Patrick J. Carroll, Ph.D., Director, X-Ray Facility, Department of Chemistry

2. For designing and implementing a volunteer canine blood-donor program that overcomes significant challenges in the field of veterinary medicine, members of the Penn Animal Blood Bank Nursing Team:

  • Wendy L. Hatchett, Certified Veterinary Technician, School of Veterinary Medicine
  • Kym Marryott, Certified Veterinary Technician, School of Veterinary Medicine
  • Donna Oakley, Certified Veterinary Technician, School of Veterinary Medicine

3. For providing outstanding leadership in reviewing and enhancing directives, policies, procedures and training to enable the Penn Police to become the first campus law enforcement agency in Pennsylvania to attain national accreditation.

  • Deputy Chief Michael J. Fink, Deputy Chief of Operations, Division of Public Safety
  • Lieutenant Gary Heller, Commanding Officer, Accreditation and Training Unit, Public Safety

4. For applying vision in building on existing billing software to develop a cost-effective, user-friendly, web-based student tuition management system that serves the globally diverse, multi-payer conditions of our University environment, the members of the SFS "eBill" Team:

  • Dennis Dean, ISC Project Leader for Student Financial Services Systems, Information Systems and Computing
  • Regina Koch, Director, Systems Development, Student Financial Services Michael Merritt, Senior Director, Administrative Support, Student Financial Services
  • Yan Teresh, Senior Programmer Analyst, Information Systems and Computing
  • Robert Tisot, Assistant Director, Systems, Student Financial Services
  • Estha Venter, Senior Programmer, Information Systems and Computing
  • Berthilla Wiscount, Financial Counselor, Student Financial Services

Honorable Mention

1. For her leadership in directing the transformation of the existing nursing student instructional center to a cutting-edge, interactive training laboratory that dramatically enhances nurse training experiences and facilitating its integration into the traditional nursing educational curricula.

  • Angela Iorianni-Cimbak, MSN, RN, Director, The Mathias J. Brunner Instructional Technology Center, School of Nursing

2. For managing the welfare of the Penn Children Center's students and their parents during a tumultuous time of transitioning the center through multiple interim sites to a new facility, members of the Penn Children's Center Transition Team:

  • Denise Brooks, Pre-School Assistant Teacher, Penn Children's Center
  • Anjali Chawla, Director, Penn Children's Center
  • Diane Coleman, Assistant Teacher, Penn Children's Center
  • Elizabeth Gillard, Administrative Assistant, Penn Children's Center
  • Frances Jackson, Infant Teacher, Penn Children's Center
  • Rita Kelly, Toddler Assistant Teacher, Penn Children's Center
  • Dawn Klemash, Pre-School Teacher, Penn Children's Center
  • Constance Lydon, Toddler Teacher, Penn Children's Center
  • Marie Moses, Infant Assistant Teacher, Penn Children's Center
  • Chris Russell-Jordan, Infant Assistant Teacher, Penn Children's Center
  • Marie Witt, Associate Vice President, Business Services

3. For proactively collaborating in developing a central administrative team to support multiple SAS Departments, considering transition demands, cost restraints, and best skills of each of the team members, the members of the SAS Regional Office Team:

  • Maryellen Cook Malek, Departmental Administrator, Music Department, School of Arts & Sciences
  • Miriam Mann Guerrero, Manager, Administration and Finance, Bennett Hall Business Administration Services, School of Arts & Sciences
  • Elyse Saladoff, Business Administrator, Bennett Hall Business Administration Services, School of Arts & Sciences.
For more information about the Models of Excellence Program, see

Models of Excellence Selection Committee

  • Robert L. Barchi, Provost
  • John A. Fry, Executive Vice President
  • Robin Beck, Vice President, Information Systems and Computing
  • David B. Hackney, Chair, Faculty Senate Executive Committee; Professor of Neuroradiology, School of Medicine
  • Valerie O. Hayes, Executive Director, Office of Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Programs
  • Joseph D. Fischer, 2001 Models of Excellence Award Winner; Corporal, Penn Police, Division of Public Safety
  • John J. Heuer, Vice President for Human Resources
  • Amy R. Johnson, 2001 Models of Excellence Honorable Mention; Director, External Relations, Division of Business Services
  • Anna M. Loh, Director, Human Resources, The Wharton School
  • Troy Odom, Chair, A-3 Assembly; Administrative Coordinator,Office of Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Programs
  • Adam B. Sherr, Chair, Penn Professional Staff Assembly; Associate Director, Graduate Academic Affairs, School of Nursing
  • Harbir Singh, Edward H. Bowman Professor of Management; Chair, Management Department, The Wharton School
  • Lorraine Thomas, 2001 Models of Excellence Award Winner; Outreach Coordinator, Health Annex of the School of Nursing
  • Ira Winston, 2001 Models of Excellence Award Winner
  • Executive Director, Computing & Educational Technology Services, SAS/SEAS/GSFA
  • Ex Officio: Marilyn Kraut, Manager, Quality of Worklife Programs, Division of Human Resources

Almanac, Vol. 48, No. 22, February 12, 2002


February 12, 2002
Volume 48 Number 22

A new chair in gerontology for Dr. Naylor in Nursing.
A new chair in chemical engineering for Dr. Vohs.
The SAS Dean's Forum focuses on the Human Genome.
SEAS bridges the Digital Divide in Ghana with a grant from HP.
The Faculty Senate proposes a revision to procedures for the establishment, merger and closing of departments, divisions and similar entities.
The 2002 Models of Excellence Awards honor the contributions of staff achievements in a variety of settings across campus.
HR unveils a new Health and Wellness program for faculty and staff.
Time to plan for summer: Penn Camps for Children range from anthropology to volleyball.