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PENNCards and Security

The Division of Public Safety's Advisory Board has issued the following statement regarding PENNCard policies and the enforcement of these policies.

Acknowledging that building security is currently a School and Center responsibility, the Division of Public Safety (DPS) Advisory Board also recognizes that DPS must be prepared to undertake heightened security measures at specific buildings or across campus in the event of an emergency or high security risk. The Advisory Board reviewed the current policies governing the use of PENNCard identification cards, and wishes to acknowledge that there are currently two University of Pennsylvania policies governing their use:

The first policy is the University of Pennsylvania Human Resources Policy Number 119. This policy states, "Each faculty and regular staff member will be issued a photo identification card (PENNCard) while a member of the University community. The PENNCard is the property of the University of Pennsylvania and is not transferable. It should be carried at all times and presented upon request of any University official."

The second PENNCard policy is the University of Pennsylvania Security Policy for 24 Hour Academic Buildings (see Almanac Of Record, January 18, 2000). This policy requires faculty, staff and students utilizing Academic Buildings between the hours of 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. to prominently display their PENNCard identification.

The Advisory Board wishes to note that in the event of a heightened security risk, members of the Penn community must be prepared for the enforcement of these policies, as well as potentially greater restrictions on access to campus buildings and events. To that end, the DPS Advisory Board recommends that these policies be expanded to include a statement to the effect that "Faculty, staff and students of the University of Pennsylvania must carry their PENNCard identification cards with them, or risk being denied access to a University event or building." The DPS Advisory Board also wishes to acknowledge that some Schools and Centers may implement procedures regarding their individual building internal security that exceed those governing the general PENNCard policies adopted by the University.

--Dennis Culhane, Chair, DPS Advisory Board

DPS Advisory Board

Maureen Rush, Vice President, DPS
Dennis Culhane, Chair, DPS Advisory Board
Tom Rambo, Chief of Police,UPPD
Elijah Anderson, Sociology
Jeanne Arnold, African American Resource Center
William Baxt, Emergency Medicine
David Brownlee, College Houses &Academic Services
Glenn Bryan, City & Community Relations
Rev. William Gipson, Chaplain
Larry Gross, Annenberg School for Comm.
Odell Guyton,Corporate Compliance Officer
Barry Hilts, Facilities Operations
Dana Hork, UA Chair
Sean Kennedy, Anesthesia
Mike Krouse, UA
Peter Kuriloff, Education
Christopher Leahy, GAPSA Chair
Vivian Seltzer, SSW
Howard Stevenson, Pediatrics, GSE
Barry Stupine, Vet. Hospital
Wendy White, VP & General Counsel
Neil Weiner, CSYP
D. L. Wormley, Neighborhood Initiatives, UCD

Almanac, Vol. 48, No. 14, December 4, 2001


December 4, 2001
Volume 48 Number 14

President Rodin has named a Philadelphia lawyer and Penn alumnus as the new vice president and chief of staff.
The Gender Equity Committee's Report on the status of women faculty at Penn concludes that problems reside primarily in individual departments rather than at the University-wide level.
The President and Provost reply to the Gender Equity Report and indicate an effort to work more closely with the deans to correct departmental inequities.
The University Council Open Forum will include topics of concern to various constituencies including staff and students.
Fire and Emergency Services has a new director with decades of experience.
The Division of Public Safety's Advisory Board makes recommendations concerning enforcement of PENNCard policies.
Dr. Thomas McNair Scott, a pioneering pediatric researcher and professor, dies at the age of 100 after an extensive career.
The new Faculty/Staff Directory is out and its cover celebrates the 125 Years of Women at Penn.
The report of the Ombudsman compares the cases of conflict handled by that office over the past several years.
Retirement Seminars will be held this week for faculty and staff who want to prepare for the future.
Flu shots will be available to faculty and staff; registration is required.
Penn's Way weekly raffles are underway; the deadline for the next one is Friday