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Knowledge@Wharton: Survival Strategies for the Post-Attack Economy

Knowledge@Wharton is a free online resource that offers the latest business insights, information and research. Sources include papers that analyze current trends, interviews with industry leaders and Wharton faculty.

There is a now a special section of the site that focuses on Survival Strategies for the Post-Attack Economy. It contains papers on:

  • What's in Store for the Capital Markets and the Economy?
  • No Crystal Ball--or Historical Precedent--Can Help Predict Consumer Confidence
  • Fear of Flying: Passengers and Airlines Can Expect Turbulent Times
  • How Will Insurers Deal With Their Most Expensive Catastrophe?
  • Look for High-Rises to be Shorter, More Secure and Still Anchored in Cities
  • Will Focus on Security and Reconstruction Help Some Industries Thrive?

The topics now on the site's main page are:

  • A New Approach to Valuing Biotech Stocks
  • James J. Cramer Finds Truth & Inspiration in the Shopping Habits of Americans
  • Should Hong Kong Worry When China Joins the WTO?
  • Behind the Telecom Meltdown: Too Much Money, Too Little Insight
  • Citigroup CFO Sees Economic Recovery in mid-2002
  • An Insider's Scathing Look at E-commerce Excesses

Almanac, Vol. 48, No. 11, November 6, 2001


November 6, 2001
Volume 48 Number 11

The Packard Foundation awards a fellowship to Dr. Max Tegmark of physics and astronomy.
Dr. Antonio Merlo is named director of the Penn Institute for Economic Research.
Dr. Jean Howard has been named the Catherine Bryson Professor.
Dr. Sheila Murnaghan has been named the Alfred Reginald Allen Memorial Professor in Greek.
A special section of Knowledge@Wharton, a Wharton web site, provides Survival Strategies for the Post -Attack Economy.
The University Council meets on Wednesday for the annual reports on the State of the University.
The Trustees approve resolutions and report on finances, facilities, external affairs, neighborhood initiatives, investments and more at their fall meetings.
The Code of Conduct for Penn Apparel Licensees is republished in accordance with its obligation for public accountability.
Respecting intellectual property rights is a responsibility taken seriously by Penn; allegations and infringements are investigated.
A Commitment to Our Community is the theme of the Penn's Way 2002 workplace charitable campaign which has a goal of raising $400,000.