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Responding to Terrorism Symposium

September 13, 2001

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SAS Symposium on Terrorism

The School of Arts and Sciences hosted a faculty symposium, Responding to Terrorism, in Irvine Auditorium last week, drawing a full house.

"We thought under the circumstances that it would be useful to bring some of the collective wisdom of the faculty to bear on the critically important events of the week. We will continue to have these kinds of discussions," said President Judith Rodin in opening the symposium.

She introduced the speakers: Brendan O'Leary, Department of Political Science, focusing on European precedents; Arthur Waldron, Department of History, focusing on international military and diplomatic issues; Seth Kreimer, Law School, focusing on civil liberties; Ian Lustick and Robert Vitalis, Department of Political Science, focusing on Middle Eastern politics in the international context. President Judith Rodin moderated the panel.

Questions they discussed included:

How should we, personally and collectively, respond to the recent tragedies in New York City and Washington, D.C.?

What can we do to prevent future events of this nature?

Are international covenants likely to be effective?

What can we learn from other countries' experience in dealing with terrorism?

What are the dangers to our society of overreaction? underreaction?

Terrorism Symposium Addresses:
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Brendan O'Leary
Arthur Waldron
Seth Kreimer
Ian Lustick
Robert Vitalis

Almanac, Vol. 48, No. 4, September 18, 2001


September 18, 2001
Volume 48 Number 4

A $10 million gift to the Wharton School from alumnus Al West Jr. creates a Learning Lab.
The Penn community gathers to remember the thousands of victims of the terrorist attacks.
The Penn community reaches out to help the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund and the Blood Drives.
Penn Police take extra precautions to secure the campus.
Counseling services for Penn faculty, staff and their families as well as group counseling through the EAP are provided free of charge.
Recovering from trauma, loss and disasters is complex, as explained in a booklet from CAPS. Emergency consultations are available.
The SAS Symposium on Responding to Terrorism includes the views of five Penn faculty members who discuss the various considerations of responding to the recent attacks.
A Penn student who expressed her views on WXPN shares them.
The 9th Annual Penn Family Day is set for October 20 with food, football, face painting and fun at the University Museum.